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Discovering the cause of humming in the ears

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Dr. Candan Esin from Turkey gets behind his client's humming in the ears and gives us the details. Note how he came upon an important question to ask while tapping himself. This sort of intuition often happens during EFT and is a form of "getting oneself out of the way." More on developing your intuition is given in our video set EFT-Beyond the Basics

Hugs, Gary

By Dr. Candan Esin

Dear EFT lovers,

This strange case occurred within the last month. My dearest lady friend was a newly wed and she was complaining about her husband for snoring during sleep and cigarette smoking. While chatting about this issue and my interests, the subject came for a visit for these complaints. Actually the newly wed husband is happy on his side but these were her complaints and she was pushing him terribly from the first day of their marriage.

The next day they came to my office and we started to talk about marriage, our old friends and smoking and some family matters. During this conversation she told her husband " Come on! What is wrong with you today. Your approach for every thing is in negative today. For example, you said - God help us! Something is going to happen badly because my ear is humming for two days- Why are you negative. This is just an ear humming. What so?"

As Gary always says; this was the point I had to jump in.

We first agreed that this is not a ringing noise but a kind of low decibel humming sensation. I asked him when the humming happened? He said last week. I asked him if he like to play a little game to get rid of this humming. He accepted and I started the EFT rounds very seriously by general aspects first ... "Even though there is a humming in my right ear...." .

He and his wife together did the rounds laughing to every step. This is my way of using EFT. First I use EFT very seriously without taking their smiling and laughing into consideration. I do not do a prior explanation. After two or three rounds shockingly people recognize that their complaints diminish in a subtle way, they stop being suspicious and got serious. This way their appreciation is doubled. Instead of explaining the process and background and getting consent, I directly start using EFT. This was almost always very effective. This is my way.

Anyhow his ear humming subsided only two points. After third round the score rose back to the beginning 8 points. I felt squeezed and bad, because this was the first time I was feeling hopeless with EFT.

I asked some questions to clarify the issue and to reach the core issue to be resolved. During the questioning I was tapping my collar bone point to resolve my block. Suddenly I heard my self asking, "which hand do you use during telephone conversations...RIGHT it was right hand." So it was the right ear wherein that core issue happened.

Then we started again...

"Even though there happened some stress during telephone conversations....",

"Even though there happened some business tension last week with my boss...",

"Even though my boss and Mr. Mehmet pushed me very hard to export the goods in two days...".

After the last round his eyes wide opened and said, "YEP! It is zero. My ear can hear the footsteps of the pet of your upper neighbor."

My thanks for this miracle treatment.

Regards - Dr. Candan Esin


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