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Relief for Bashful Bladder

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Pete has suffered with "Bashful Bladder" for 32 years. This means that he is unable to urinate in public restrooms and thus, when he goes to movies or is involved in other social situations, he has to "hold it" and sometimes for a very long time. This is a huge burden for anyone with this problem. Pete describes the origins of this dilemma and thus displays for us the true "core issues." He also shows how he tests his impressive results under challenging circumstances.

By Pete

Hi Gary,

I'm fairly new to EFT. Although I have known about it for a couple of years, I've only recently started practicing it, making several corrections on myself before moving onto my kids and others. I read the EFT Manual over 2 years ago, but without seeing someone tap as a guide, I realized now I was doing it incorrectly. Well now that I'm doing it right, thanks to your wonderful DVDs, I thought I would share some of my successes with you.

So far I've been able to rid myself of "bashful bladder" (a 32 year old problem - I'm 39 now), a terrible spider phobia, fear of public speaking, and others like fear of success, fear of what others think of me, a very old problem with shyness, creative blockages, etc.

I'd like to share the "bashful bladder" (problem with peeing in public) story with you though. More than anything, that's the one that's been so difficult in my life.

I was a bedwetter up until age 12. As a result my visits to my grandparents were particularly stressful. They knew I was a bedwetter and so, to protect their beds and bedding, they would stand behind me in the doorway, door wide open, and wait until I relieved myself at the toilet before allowing me "passage" to my bed. Can you imagine the pressure? It was awful. And being the youngest of 5 kids, our home was always full people, including my siblings' friends. So someone was always trying to get into the bathroom and that didn't help either.

I can remember times when my sister (1.5 years older than me) would wait until I was just about to pee, and then she and her girlfriends would run up to the bathroom door, bang on it real hard to interrupt me, and run away. What all this resulted in was an inability to pee in public restrooms, or where I had to share space with any other person. Oh, on airplanes, I always felt that the other passengers "knew" I was in there and were judging me (or so I thought) and I hardly ever was able to go (pee) on flights as well. This made long flights very VERY uncomfortable.

Well, over the past week I have been using EFT for this problem.

GC COMMENT: While Pete doesn't give details on his tapping procedures, I would like to suggest for readers the following Setup phrases as lead-ins to the various issues...

Even though I get nervous when I pee in public and I can still hear my sister and her friends knocking at the door....

Even though my grandparents stood and watched me pee.....

Even though I thought the people on that airplane were judging me....

Even though my "pee muscle" tightens up and doesn't behave very well....

PETE CONTINUES: My father, a recently retired neurosurgeon had a retirement party the other day and I was able to make it home for it. Well it was during this time that I decided to test whether or not EFT had done the job. Normally the thought of even walking into a public restroom would tighten up my "Pee" muscle so much that I figured it would be crazy to even "try" to pee in the first place, so I ended up being able to hold it for a LONG time. Well, we went to a movie a couple days ago. While passing the men's room, I told my dad I'd make a pit-stop (and in my mind, trying standing at the stand-up urinals - unlike the stalls I'd always try to go in). He said "I'll join you!" This really freaked me out because I have so much respect for the man, and all he represents for me from my childhood and adult life, that it would be tougher than a "regular Joe" standing by me.

We both walked up to the stand up urinals and I was able to go freely. I stood their waiting for the fear and all to creep in, and was expecting it, only to find it not there. It was a wonderful feeling! This problem has been a huge burden on me and it has now been lifted. I cannot express my gratitude enough.




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