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EFT helps remove "stuck ring"

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

EFT helps remove "stuck ring"

Here's an intriguing report from Lydia Campbell regarding the use of EFT to remove a VERY tightly fitting ring over her 11 year old daughter's swollen finger. This is yet another example of the EFT concept of "Try it on everything." Please note that "Try it on everything" does not include inexperienced people applying EFT on psychotic patients or otherwise "going where you don't belong."

By Lydia Campbell

Hi Gary,

I am just back from the Dallas workshop and was thinking that I would like to share an EFT success story about my eleven-year-old daughter that happened right before I went to the workshop. The application of EFT in this case wasn't anything life threatening or serious, but it does illustrate your insistence of "try it on everything".

One morning my daughter put on a ring that she told me later was a little hard to get on. That evening she came to me and said she couldn't get it off. I guess she had been trying for awhile as the knuckle was swollen and red.

I had her try lathering it with soap and then she tried some un-petroleum jelly, but it was visually clear that the ring was many sizes too little to fit over the hard swollen knuckle. I told her we may need to cut the ring off but she wanted to wait until morning and see if it would come off then. From looking at the ring I was almost positive we'd end up cutting it off, but I didn't want to upset her by saying so. I started to send her off to bed with an ice pack but as she was leaving I had an idea and asked her if she wanted to tap for the problem. She wanted to know how that could possibly help a stuck ring. I told her "who knows, Gary says try it on everything".

Some background here about my daughter. She had previously resisted any efforts on my part to tap with her about anything as in her words "I did it all wrong". (I did mention that she was eleven, right? She had seen nary a training video or manual.) Although very skeptical, she was willing to tap this time so we did one round on "my swollen finger" and one round on "my swollen finger and this stuck ring" and a choices trio round on "this stuck ring - I now choose to have this ring come off easily". I put a drop of lotion on her skin to keep from hurting her and then gently and easily slipped the ring off. It was quite amazing as the knuckle wasn't swollen anymore or red.

I think my daughter is converted for life. She wanted me to explain EXACTLY how that could happen. She has since asked me to help her tap for stage fright issues surrounding trying out for the school play.

With warmest regards,

Lydia Campbell


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