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Paralysis finally overcome after everything else failed

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Listen to this remarkable story by Steve Morris from Singapore. He experienced severe paralysis on the tennis court and consulted a wide variety of healing practitioners.  He said, "A whole range of 'health professionals' couldn't seem to work out the problem. "After diligent use of EFT, however, he has almost completely recovered.  He says, "the doctors were stunned."

Hugs, Gary

By Steve Morris

It's been nearly two years since my paralysis and I am just shaking loose the last of the cold icy blocks from my hands and feet. I am heartened by the renewed rate of recovery but can' help but wonder why I had to wait so long. Traditional medicine failed to help. The bigger shame is that it could have helped me from the very beginning but to do so, it would have had to free itself from its biases. I believe it was EFT and other energy healing techniques that are responsible for my nearly complete recovery.

The onset of my paralysis came in August 2003 on a tennis court. When I returned a ball I started to feel electrical surges up my arm and into my neck. Holding the racket tighter only worsened the intensity of the shocks. Worse than the shocks was my inability to move with determination. For the life of me, I could not run. Even though I would want to run for a ball, my body stood frozen in place. Even walking was becoming a difficult task, as I had to consciously lift and lower my legs. Next thing I collapsed backwards and lost almost all control of my legs. I felt as though I had pinched a nerve in my back and that was binding my movements.

I started physiotherapy the very next day. My therapists recognized the knots in my back from previous stress-related sessions and sports injuries but try as she could, session after session, my legs failed to improve.

A whole range or 'health professionals' couldn't seem to work out the problem. Without being able to diagnose the problem the solution was also a mystery for them.

Finally after many visits to both traditional and holistic therapists I was told about a technique called EFT. Open to trying anything that might help I decided to explore it further. I went to one of Gary Craig's EFT workshops and from the first time I tried EFT in the class I felt a difference. Inspired by the results I went on to take higher level EFT classes both with Gary Craig in the US and Silvia Hartmann in Europe gaining the credentials EFT ADV and CP AMT. Through regular practice of EFT gradually my own paralysis eased up until I gained full use of my legs again (the doctors were stunned). I have even been back on the tennis court! Occasionally I get a small recurrence that affects my legs, but with a concentrated bout of tapping I can clear it up!

Wanting to share this incredible healing tool with as many others as I could I began running workshops and private consultations through my Leadership and Personal Development Consultancy. I have personally witnessed hundreds of success stories and been able to help many people get over there own personal issues, whether they be physical or emotional, through EFT. On behalf of myself and the others that have been helped by EFT I wish to pass on a heartfelt thanks to Gary for his undying commitment to EFT.

Steve Morris


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