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EFT for past life issues

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to peruse our Free Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tutorial™ for a more complete understanding.

Hi Everyone,

Whether or not you believe in past lives, it is certain that some of your clients will. That's why these ideas on past lives by Alan Morison of the UK can be so helpful.

Hugs, Gary

By Alan Morison

Many of us have at least heard of or read about past lives - stories of people’s experiences from ‘the other side’ appear frequently in magazines and newspapers. They are easily dismissed as crackpot ideas, flights of fancy and so on but past lives and reincarnation form the backbone of several of the world’s religions and at the very least cannot be disproved.

Anyone who has read hypnotherapist Michael Newton’s book ‘Journey of Souls’, a series of case studies and commentaries on life between lives, will be fascinated and feel at the same time that it truly resonates somewhere deep down.

According to Newton’s clients, on passing over we shed the negative experiences we have had, but this is not successful every time. We can return to this world with vestiges of the impact of a previous life, or indeed previous lives and these can profoundly affect our behaviour in this life.

I have used EFT occasionally for what turns out to be a past life issue – I don’t set out to involve past life events – but even then it is a rarity as I find that past life experiences reflect in the present and can be tapped away in the present especially if the client is able to forgive for what has happened.

In one case, a friend of mine had suffered bad insomnia for the past 4 years. On returning to this city after a two year absence she sought me out and she was able to sleep well again after just 3 sessions. One of the major hurdles was an awareness of a past life where she had severely abused her powers, inflicting damage on many people. She just could not forgive herself for being so nasty and was several times reduced to tears at the memory of her inhumanity. The techniques I used appear below, as also for the following past life story.

The experiences carried forward from past lives may indeed be negative, but sometimes they have remained because they were so positive. The life or event may have been so good that it was difficult to shed it and it is carried over into the current life.  

A client of mine, ‘Joy’ was bothered by severe tinnitus with occasional attacks of Meniere’s disease and she was aware that they would be triggered especially by children’s shouting if she was passing by a playground. We resolved the tinnitus when she had a vision of herself as a child in a North American Indian village, playing with other children in the river by the camp. The shrieks of laughter and joy had remained etched in her psyche as one of the happiest memories she had ever had. A few short rounds of tapping later she realised the tinnitus had been reduced to an acceptable ‘swooshing’ sound.

Past life trauma can often be dealt with under three categories unless something quite specific emerges:

1 The worst you have ever been.
2 The worst you have suffered.
3 The very best life you had.

Following are sample setup phrases:

1. The worst I have been.

Even though I was so nasty/ such a brute/ so lacking in human decency I accept myself despite the way I was.

Even though I was shocked and horrified that I had so monumentally failed to achieve what I had set out to do that I couldn’t release it all when I passed over, I humbly ask for forgiveness from all whom I wronged and choose to finally be able to let it all go now.

Even though I tried hard to shed that life’s experiences but found I wasn’t able to, I forgive myself for allowing myself to be so swayed by the trappings of power for itself. I send my love with open heart to all those whom I wronged in the knowledge that it will be received in the same light as it is given. I ask for forgiveness from all whom I wronged and ask that any karmic contracts held against me be annulled if it be for our greatest good.

Reminder phrases while tapping the points:

I can’t believe I was like that
Failed so badly
Lured away by the trappings of power
Felt as if I had sold my soul
So shocked at what I had done
Appalled at my inhumanity
Couldn’t let it go
It became part of who I am now
But I can forgive myself (
Note: if forgiveness is not possible you must do a separate round or two for ‘Can’t forgive myself’) I choose to forgive myself I ask for forgiveness I ask for the cancellation of all contracts Etc

2. The worst I have suffered.

Even though I suffered so many blows/hardships/tortures…

Even though it was so hard / brutal I know I chose that life to learn from the hardships and make the breakthrough I knew I could do, but somehow failed…

Even though I couldn’t break through the severe limitations of that life and became bitter/twisted/angry that s/he/ they could do that to me and get away with it I forgive them and gladly and willingly cancel all karmic contracts I still hold against them.

Reminder phrases while tapping the points:

So painful
Such hardships
The agony
Etched into my psyche
Couldn’t let it go
Still can’t (tap for any specific details that may emerge) It may have been my karma to be there But it still doesn’t make it any better I choose to be able to release the pain I forgive myself for not being able to let go I forgive them I send my love to them I release them from all contracts

3. The very best life I had.

Even though that life was so good…

Even though s/he was there and we were so happy together and I have so many happy memories from that time …

Even though I was loved so deeply and loved her /him/ my friends/ people so much in return and it pains me so deeply to think of letting that time go, especially when I compare then to this life, that it ‘s impossible to let these feelings go…

Reminder phrases while tapping the points:

S/he was there with me
It was so beautiful
It was heaven on earth
I could have lived there for ever
Why did it have to end?
I miss her/him so much
I miss my friends/people so much
It pains me to even think of it
I wish I could be back there again
I forgive myself for holding on to that time I know we’ll meet again I choose to let that life go now That love is still in my heart but I know it’s for everyone now I have important work to do this time round I choose to concentrate on that.

I tapped myself for the best life and it brought up huge amounts of emotion.

‘She’ was there with me, I was surrounded by loving friends and it was truly majestic life. Nothing specific arose but that didn’t seem to matter. I regained a part of me I had ‘lost’ in the process. It took several rounds of tapping before I was anything like myself again but I did feel a lot better afterwards.

Alan Morison


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