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Resolving nightmares...and more

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Listen in as EFT Master Rehana Webster from New Zealand starts with her client's nightmare and locates a core issue. Then, both are resolved.

Hugs, Gary

By Rehana Webster, EFT Master

It’s amazing how many times a client cannot remember an event in childhood which is the imprint/core event and trigger for responses in adulthood.

Recently a young woman came in to see me because she was having nightmares.  The nightmares were ALWAYS the same dream.  Very scary!  She would awaken in a panic, thrashing  with her arms and legs and unable to breathe.  She felt a huge weight on her chest which would make it difficult to breath.  Since she recently married, this was becoming quite a problem for her husband and he was finding it hard to cope with this situation.  Judy was besides herself from fear.  She was so afraid of going to sleep and waking in this nightmare and it would take her hours to settle down and relax. 

The nightmares went like this:

Judy (not real name) would be aware of being in this room … same room every time, and it would remind her of an Indiana Jones movie.  The walls, floor and ceiling of the room would be slowing moving and compressing the space.  The escape route would be the door at the end of the room.  Judy would find herself at the end of a line of people and they would be running as fast as possible towards the exit.  Every one would get through the opening but when Judy would get to it, the walls, floor and ceiling would squash her and  even though the others would be trying to pull her out, she would end up waking and unable to breathe.

So we used my most favorite EFT technique.  The way I apply the tell the story/movie technique is very simple.  I don’t use a set-up statement.  I ask the client to tell me the story first and then make it into a movie with a beginning and an ending and title.  Then while the client is telling me the story or relating the movie to me I tap on their EFT points.  I ask them to see the movie in Black and White first and then rewind it.  Next I ask them to imagine hearing upbeat music while they view the movie and rewind it several times.   I ask them to make a cartoon of the movie and make sure it's in Technicolor and finally imagine the event with a different and more desirable ending. 

I tapped the EFT shortcut version on her while we did the technique.  After having rated the intensity several times and getting it to a zero, I asked the million dollar question, ‘so does it remind you of anything when you were young?’  

Yes, it did.  When she was about 6 years old the family were at a beach party.  The adults were at one end of the beach and the kids were frolicking around in the water and sandy beach.  Judy’s  brother who was a couple of years her senior, went up to her with two of his friends and said, ‘come over here, we’ve got to show you something’..  Judy went willingly and was feeling happy that her older brother was finally going to include her in play.  They walked up to this little dingy on the beach and the boys held Judy down while her brother put the dingy on top of her.  She was trapped under this dingy because she could not lift it off her as she was too little.  Judy heard the boys walking away laughing.  She could feel the weight of the dingy on her chest as she was pinned down under it.  Squashed under the dingy!  She cried out and screamed and kicked and scratched but they didn’t come back.  It seemed like hours later she heard her mother coming towards the dingy scolding the brother!  It was a silly childish prank and Judy had never given it another thought after the event.

Amazing how the nightmare and dingy event fit together!  So we did the movie technique and tapping on this event.  Judy was amazed because she had not remembered this incident until now.  I checked her intensity rating and it was down to zero.  Before leaving I asked her to keep a diary by her bedside and record if/when she has the nightmare again.    No more nightmares!

Rehana Webster


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