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Food stuck in the throat goes down easily after EFT

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

During lunch a friend of Dawn Norton's began choking on some meat that was stuck in her throat. She could neither swallow it nor cough it up and just kept gagging. Dawn used both direct and surrogate tapping and the meat was quickly swallowed. Note how she used some intuitive phrasing. Also, please consult physicians on all medical cases.

Hugs, Gary

By Dawn Norton EFT-ADV

You have pointed out clearly on your emergency page, what things can be done in true emergencies besides EFT. I recently had an opportunity to use EFT in what initially appeared to be a life threatening situation, but ended up being "only" a crisis.

I went with a group of ladies on a religious activity to another city. After the first part of the day, we had lunch together in the cafeteria. Within only a few minutes, at a nearby table, a friend of mine began choking on some meat. Interestingly, she could talk and breathe so it was obvious that the meat was not in her airway but lodged in her throat. Another friend at my table, a trained paramedic, said she was not allowed to touch her under that condition and that the Heimlich maneuver would not be helpful

She tried to drink some water and it came back up. She was having a difficult time and I followed her as she went out of the cafeteria into a hallway to sit on some chairs out of public observation, but there were people continually walking by on their way to the cafeteria, so we were moved into a private office with a security man and paramedics outside should they be needed.

Her symptoms were disturbing to her and hard to watch her go through, even though I found myself remaining calm. Some coughing, a lot of gagging, and wretching without success. To this point, I had been encouraging her to relax. Having her imagine her chest becoming very loose, and the food sliding down. Breathing through her nose and out through her mouth. A special prayer was given for her.

For over a half hour it did not even occur to me to use EFT, but when it did, I felt too self-conscious to offer it. But, I did decide to tap in my mind surrogately.

Even though this food is stuck...
Even though it wont go down...
Even though I am afraid...

She gave a big sigh. She had shared that this had happened to her on more than one other occasion, (2 or 3) and each time she had to go to the hospital to have the food removed. She began making comments like maybe she was going to have to go to the hospital. I took a deep breath and asked if she would like for me to share my relaxation technique with her. The security guy was very encouraging and thought she should. I went through three rounds and as I tapped, she was saying, "its not stuck, it's not stuck, it can go down."

Even though this food is stuck in my throat...
Even though I am hanging on to this...
Even though it wont go down...

Random intuitive thoughts at each point using shortcut (no fingers) ... this stuck feeling, it won't go down, this tightness, letting it go, relaxing...

After the third round she pulled her hand away and leaned over the garbage can. Success! But there was a little piece left and she seemed tired but relaxed. She did not want me to go on. We tried some water, it came back up. The others in the room stepped out for a minute and our party continued on with other plans. I just began tapping on myself surrogately and she knew what it was for. I tapped on random points that seemed right. I did not speak out loud, but used...

Even though I dont want to let go of things in my life...
Even though things are hard to swallow...
Even though I am stuck...

Can you guess? Up came the other part. She looked at me in suprise and gratitude and said as I tapped on my collarbone point, she could feel it on herself and that it all relaxed. She happened to mention that she had been worried about finances to get a new car (Could it be she was having a hard time swallowing that problem?) She became very tired suddenly and she was taken to lie down, while I connected with the rest of our party and updated them.

Shortly after, we made the 4 hr trip back home. She felt great and back to normal and consumed a shake. She shared with me that previous to lunch she had had a headache which was gone after tapping and that typically she would have very sore ribs after so much gagging, etc. But, she had no soreness and she was so grateful I was there with her. I was too. Medical intervention was averted and a simple technique that took only a few minutes, resolved a serious event. Try it on everything! I have to keep reminding myself of that.

Dawn Norton-ADV




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