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EFT provides benefits using Future Tapping

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Peggy Lawson brings to our attention a technique that is certain to have wide appeal. By using EFT on our current upset over a future event we can collapse not only our current intensity about it but we can also collapse our intensity when the actual event happens. This is of extraordinary value for stage fright, pending lawsuits, funerals and an endless list of other future events that enter our personal Worry World.

By Peggy Lawson

Dear Gary:

About a year ago, I stumbled on a technique I use quite frequently that I call "Future Tapping". I utilize it when I worry about something that MIGHT happen in the future, but hasn't yet. It's very calming to me, it allows me to not become overwhelmed by worry and, if the situation does happen, I seem to be able to handle it. Almost as if I had practiced for it and now it's no big deal. I don't go looking for trouble, but I do have a tendency to project my fears into the future sometimes.

I used this idea with my 23 year-old daughter who had broken up with her boyfriend of 2 years. She was devastated and as a result, began to lose weight (she only weighed 115 lbs as it was), her eyes were swelling shut from crying all the time, and she couldn't sleep or eat. I begged her to let me use EFT on her, but to say she was a skeptic is putting it mildly. However, one night she called and said, "Mommy, help me." I immediately got in the car and drove to her place, and brought her home to my house. For three days, I tapped on all the pain and issues she had over the breakup. At first I handled the more immediate concerns and left the Future Tapping for later.

I tapped on:

How sad and then angry she was.
How could he do it the same week her beloved grandfather died, what a jerk
How could he fool around with another girl who was not even as pretty as she was while she was away at the funeral.
Her inability to sleep.
Her inability to eat, etc.

We cleared issue after issue, sometimes having to tap more than once to reduce it down to a zero.

Now here is the part where Future Tapping comes in. On the last day, I saw she was noticeably better, although something was still bothering her. She told me she felt more like her old self, but was worried about running into him again with or without the other girl. She didn't know how she would handle it and certainly didn't want to feel such terrible pain again, after the peace the EFT sessions had given her. So I had her imagine a situation where she would see him alone. (Kind of sneaking up on it.) Her intensity level shot up immediately. So we tapped:

Even though I see him now, I deeply, etc.
Even though I want to hurt him because he hurt me...
Even though I want an explanation why he did this...etc.

When I had her level to a zero on these issues, I asked her to imagine seeing him with the other girl. Oh my goodness!! She turned into someone I didn't even recognize. We started tapping right away:

Even though I want to pull her hair out...
Even though she isn't cute at all...
Even though she stole my boyfriend...etc.

And then eventually:
Even though I could choose to see this as a blessing, that I found out what kind of a person he was before we got married and had two kids...

It took some time, but we covered all the aspects and she was very calm. She yawned and then asked what was for dinner!

A few weeks later, when she was back at college, she did run into him, holding the other girl's hand. She said she looked at them, felt nothing, absolutely nothing, and looked away. She now feels so grateful that she is free of someone like him and so do I! A few months later, she met a wonderful boy and is enjoying a much healthier relationship. By the way, her original boyfriend dumped the other girl and has been calling my daughter to beg her to come back. We dealt with that scenario using EFT also. She's done with him! She is also back to her skeptical attitude towards EFT and epitomizes the "Apex Effect". Oh well! I still offer it.

This is taking longer than I had planned, but the point of the article is to imagine yourself in a situation that could upset you or that you're afraid of, even if it hasn't happened yet, and start tapping on it. Tap until you feel as if it's not a big deal anymore. I use it all the time and it keeps me centered in the present and not wasting my time worrying about the future.


Peggy Lawson


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