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About Voice Technology...

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

by Gary Craig

In April, 1993 I was the first to pay Dr. Roger Callahan $100,000 for his highly secretive Voice Technology (or VT as it is often called). For those not familiar with VT, it is advertised as the ultimate tool for diagnosing the body's energy system. I was told that it was precise and that it had pinpoint accuracy.

As always, I wish to commend Dr. Callahan for his diligence in bringing these energy related healing procedures to the public. He has made a superb contribution.

I am uncomfortable, however, with the inaccurate portrayal of VT. I do not find it as advertised and I grow increasingly ill at ease with the many questions I get from the public.

I signed secrecy agreements, as did other VT'ers, so I am limiting my discussion to those areas already brought up by Dr. Callahan or VT trainees. With these restrictions in mind, I make the following statements about Voice Technology in hopes that people will read this perspective on our web site before contacting me about it. This way I won't have to repeatedly explain my position.

VT is useful but, in my experience, it is not precise and it does not have pinpoint accuracy. It is no more accurate than muscle testing.

There is nothing encoded in the voice. It is Dr. Callahan's view that the voice carries within it the code for what is going on in the energy system and that he (through VT) has cracked the code. I have never seen this code nor have I ever seen any evidence that it exists. Further, I have done VT without the voice on many occasions. The voice is not necessary to do VT.

Dr. Callahan states that VT can be authenticated through the use of Fourier Transforms. I see no evidence of this whatsoever. Fourier Transforms are highly sophisticated mathematical formulas that are typically the domain of engineers and hard scientists. To claim Fourier Transforms have merit in verifying Voice Technology is simply inaccurate. I have asked Dr. Callahan to give me evidence of this and/or show me the calculations or tell me who did them. He has never done so.

The core "secret" behind VT is in the public domain and can be learned at a weekend workshop for a few hundred dollars. Many people reading this use VT routinely without knowing it. Had I known this when I first took VT, I would have objected strenuously. As it was, it took me quite awhile before I finally learned that I had spent $100,000 for something that I now know is used routinely by many practitioners in this profession.

EFT was born out of VT. Eventually, I questioned some of the rules about VT and proceeded to reverse the order in which the diagnosed points were to be tapped. I found no difference in the results. Later, I even threw out most of the diagnosed points and tapped other points instead. Again, I found no difference in the results. Eventually, I disregarded VT altogether and just began tapping on all the points. It worked beautifully. That's the essence of EFT. Just tap on all the points.

Interestingly, I found that VT brought up numerous tapping sequences for the same person with the same problem. This was a violation of the previous conclusion that there was only one properly diagnosed sequence.


Gary Craig


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