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Using EFT

Using EFT to bring up core memories

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

This case is told from the client's point of view as he experiences an in-depth EFT session. Interestingly, the client is Dr. Tam Llewellyn-Edwards from the UK and the EFT practitioner is me. This session was conducted two months ago in my home in front of 14 other participants who came from across the oceans.

Tam's stated issue was his apparent inability to re-learn his native Welsh language. However, in trying to find his underlying issues he could only come up with a childhood memory that abruptly stopped at a certain point in the "movie." He described the experience as running into a "freeze frame." I considered this a potentially vital core issue and proceeded to use EFT to access it i.e., to get beyond the freeze frame.

Here is Tam's story...

Hugs, Gary

P.S. Since Tam and I did this together, I have made some augmenting comments within his message.

By Dr. Tam Llewellyn-Edwards

The following case study outlines a case which was treated by Gary Craig as the central case in a "Borrowing Benefits" Session. However, as it was a complete working of a problem, which stands without the rest of the "Borrowing Benefits" protocol, it will be reported as a standard EFT case. Also, as the session was videotaped and will eventually appear in one of Gary's video sets, it will become clear who the patient was. So I will admit it now - it was me.

The problem, as I perceived it at the start of the session, was that I could not re-learn the Welsh language. I was born to a Welsh speaking family and spoke only Welsh until I was sent to school in England at a very young age. I gradually lost my Welsh and now speak only English. I had made a number of attempts to regain my Welsh over the years but had always failed completely. In fact I was unable to retain Welsh vocabulary in my memory for more than a day or two.

I am not 'good at languages', but at one stage in my life I was required to learn to speak French in a short period of time when I was to represent the UK Government within a United Nations Agency. I succeeded in learning the language and became fluent in a couple of months, but was never happy using the language and quickly lost fluency when I no longer had a need for it.

At Gary's request I outlined the problem as above, but he insisted that I work first on a SPECIFIC EVENT relating to it. With this type of problem it is difficult to pick out a SPECIFIC EVENT. Every time I tried, I recovered a very vivid memory of me, as a very young child (about 4 years old) at school in the staff room with one of the school masters. Try as I could, I was unable to continue with this memory because, as soon as I entered the room in my mental image, the scene froze. It was like pressing the freeze frame on a video machine.

Of course this had nothing obviously to do with the 'Welsh Problem', but Gary decided to work on it anyway.

GC COMMENT: At this point Tam and I had different perspectives. While he felt that the SPECIFIC EVENT had nothing to do with the 'Welsh Problem', I was looking for just such a connection. Interestingly, his SPECIFIC EVENT involved a language frustration. As you will see, once this was resolved with EFT, Tam developed a much healthier attitude about learning foreign languages.

TAM CONTINUES: The problem did not come with an easily discernible 0-10 intensity. I felt no particular emotion about the 'Welsh Problem', and the scene at school did not evoke any particular emotion either. Gary invited me to judge the intensity using sub-modalities. In the scene, I was associated in that I was viewing the scene from inside my self and I was seeing it large, in colour and in sharp focus.

GC COMMENT: The term sub-modalities comes from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and involves the details with which you experience the movie in your mind (bright, close, clear/fuzzy, volume of sound and so on). These "movie details" tend to change as one successfully applies EFT.

TAM CONTINUES: Gary and I started the session using the 'Movie Technique', but he was tapping on me all the time even when I was not feeling any emotional charge. I ran the film up to the freeze point a number of times without much change while Gary tapped on both the karate chop point and the various tapping points. He was not using the standard 'Set Up' and 'Reminder' format, but was chatting on, all around the subject, as we tapped.

GC COMMENT: Tam refers here to my advanced techniques wherein I use the Setup to create reframes. This is demonstrated often in many of our training videos created after The EFT Course. See....

TAM CONTINUES: Then the film started rolling past the 'freeze point'. I could explain that, in the scene, I spoke little English and that the master involved spoke no Welsh. I was saying, insistently, "Nic llaeth" (Which translates either as "There is no milk" or "I will not have milk" depending upon the intonation) and the master was shouting something, in English, that I could not understand.

At the session, I was becoming quite emotional, and while Gary continued tapping the 'movie' rolled on. Suddenly the master hit me across the face. Gary said, "Was it like this", and, as a test, acted like he was going to hit me. I shied away from him in terror and became even more emotional (and the film froze again).

There followed some quite intensive tapping and some heavy emotion, but eventually I became calm and was able to discuss the scene and even was able to explain that Gary was threatening me with the wrong hand. It took some further tapping to re-start the film, but eventually it started again and I could relate how I had launched myself at the school master punching, kicking, biting and scratching all the time screaming, "Mochyn brwnt saes" (which I will not translate, but it was not very complementary to the master and was quite strong language for a four year old country boy!)

GC COMMENT: As I remember it, these Welsh words that Tam was recalling were blocked before this session. In other words he seemed to be remembering Welsh vocabulary that previously he couldn't remember.

TAM CONTINUES: The battle continued for some time, but it was a four year old child against a six foot grown man. Eventually I was picked up and thrown across the room hitting something hard. In relating this, I was showing a lot of emotion which was tapped away, but my emotion with the scene seemed to be centered not on the fact that a school master had beaten me up, but on my loosing my temper and hitting him back.

As I bounced off the hard object, another master entered the room. He picked me up and took me out of the room saying, "Sut dych 'i, cariad" ("Are you alright, little one"). This master was the only Welsh speaker in the school.

The session with Gary, continued with other recovered memories, which are not of great relevance here. Being encouraged by Gary to re-play the film and re-live the scenes, I found there was practically no emotion and that the sub-modalities had changed. I was no longer associated with the scenes, rather I was watching them from outside the frame, and the scene was small and grey and indistinct.

The recovered memories answered many questions about my school life. To my knowledge nothing was ever done about the incident, but I now think that it was reported and some action taken. I remember spending the next 12 years at school making that master's life hell - and I was allowed to get away with it. As a bigger boy, years later, I laid him out cold in the boxing ring (vindictively and intentionally, I suspect) and on graduation I managed to attain the amazing feat of being awarded zero marks in the final matriculation examination for that master's subject (I even spelled my name wrongly on the answer paper!)- a feat never managed before and, probably, never since. There were a host of other such instances.

Did all this help my learning Welsh? I am not sure as I have not tried again since. Certain Welsh words seem to be back in my mind unbidden, without my trying to learn them, but the big difference is in my attitude to foreign languages in general.

After Gary's session I travelled to a Conference in Mexico where I was immersed in the Spanish language. To my amazement I found I could easily remember common Spanish phrases I heard and was happy to try and use them together with the school boy Spanish that I had not used for 50 years. My Spanish was worse than poor, but the change was that I was prepared to use it. I had given myself permission to speak in a language other than English - and the sky did not fall in.

Currently, I am working on a Spanish language course and enjoying it. When I have mastered Spanish, Welsh will be next.

It is not often that the client in therapy gets to write up the session so I am going to add some of my thoughts on being Gary's client here. I went into the session unemotional, and without any real feeling of the problem being either serious or deep. Clearly it was much more of a problem than I thought and I must have been using considerable energy (for many years) holding it down. I must certainly be better without it.

During the session I became quite emotional and was considered by the group as being in some considerable distress at times. I have no significant memory of any such distress in the deep sense. I can recall being upset in relating parts of the story and I certainly was in tears at times, however I cannot remember feeling any emotional pain and recalling the session in detail to enable me to write it up causes me no stress or emotion.

After the session I was drained - physically, mentally and energetically. I felt disconnected and spaced out. At times I was disconnected with the scene - viewing it from outside. I was aware of the discussion taking place about the session and was aware of my being part of that discussion, but I seemed to be viewing the scene from outside. I was concerned that I would not be in a fit state to drive after the session and was worried in case my wife, who was not used to driving on the 'wrong' side of the road (we were at Gary's home in America) and had not driven the rented car, would be unable to drive it.

This feeling subsided quickly and after about 15 minutes I was feeling reconnected with my surroundings and no longer tired. In fact I felt more awake and alert than before and was well able to drive the car without any problems.

Dr Tam Llewellyn-Edwards, UK


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