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EFT works for cellulitis on 3 separate occasions

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

In this article, Frances Songhurst from the UK uses EFT for her husband's cellulitis (a serious blood disease) and gets results well beyond what would normally be expected from medications.

Hugs, Gary

By Frances Songhurst

Hi Gary,

This article is about cellulitis - a serious blood infection.  My husband Tony gets this regularly every year because of a road accident he was in.  Basically he was run over and had serious damage to his leg, losing a lot of tissue and flesh in the process.  He has suffered ever since with regular bouts of cellulitis and gets it when he is very overworked, stressed and has a break in his skin.  It is a bacterial infection that causes a lot of pain and produces a high fever.  He usually requires painkillers and high doses of antibiotics.

The following are details of the last three times he has suffered from this complaint, and how we treated it using EFT.

First time
Tony woke up in pain, and had the usual symptoms of cellulitis coming on.  His leg will become very red and inflamed, will start to swell with the infection, and we can usually track this infection by seeing a vein get very red and gradually track up his leg towards his groin.

He had a couple of low-grade antibiotics and two paracetamol which usually wouldn't do anything for his condition, but Tony was reluctant to phone for the doctor.  He allowed me to do some EFT on him as he felt quite desperate for relief - he knows what I do can work, but is always very reluctant for me to work with him.

I decided to be as non-intrusive as possible knowing how he felt, and gently rubbed the points on his face and sometimes his hand.  I did not say words out loud but said the following phrases in my head - this poison attacking me … the accident was my fault … I stepped out into the road, without looking … body healing itself the best way it possibly can … fighting this infection … working too hard.  I started off each phrase with an "Even though" ending with "I accept myself."

I did this for about 20 minutes when he said he had enough of me tapping on him and talking.  He was tired and went back to sleep - usually this would not happen.  He stayed in bed resting and by the evening we realized the cellulitis was not going to get any worse - indeed his temperature was normal and the redness and swelling had reduced.  He only had two more doses of the low-grade antibiotics and one more paracetamol.  He would usually require paracetamol and high dose antibiotics for at least two weeks, and would be off sick for about three weeks.  He was back at work within three days, fully rested and well!

Second time
Just after dinner Tony said cellulitis was starting and he realized he had athlete’s foot - a usual way for the infection to enter his body.  He was much more willing for me to work with him this time so I did a combination of tapping and gently rubbing while I again said the phrases in my head:

I choose my body to heal the best way it possibly can, even though it's all my fault.
Lowering my body temperature.
Ask that I can heal myself without hurting anymore.
Feeling better.
I don't deserve this … I do deserve this.
Even though I've been working too hard again, I forgive myself.

After approximately 15 minutes of this Tony relaxed and fell asleep.  He rested the next day, but recovered very quickly.  The only medication he took this time was a couple of paracetamol.

Third time
Early evening was another onslaught of cellulitis.  Immediate tapping and this time I felt Tony would be okay with me saying the phrases out loud.  We tapped for the usual - High temperature … fighting infection … asking body to cope in the best way it possibly can … giving myself a rest without getting ill.

Later that evening, there were no-full blown symptoms at all and Tony was eating food!  He was up and about the next day feeling fine, however, he found lots of dry cracked skin on his foot, so after soaking this and treating with medicated cream, we did some more tapping - this time for Not looking after myself … need to take better care of my body … not get so stressed.  I literally tapped for only 30 seconds when he convulsed into fits of laughter!  Tears ran down his face and we both realized something had shifted.  This time, only two doses of paracetamol were given, again no antibiotics.

It was very unusual for him to get cellulitis repeatedly in such a short space of time, but he was going through an incredible amount of stress then.  He is now very happy to use EFT himself for lowering his stress levels, and for other things.  He is also happy for me to use his name, and to write this article in the hope that someone else may benefit from it.

Thank you Gary, for this wonderful gift!

Best Regards, Frances


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