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Stopping the flu in its early stages

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

What would it mean to you if you could stop those inevitable flu attacks from wiping you out for several days? No guarantees here, of course, but we get many reports where EFT has thwarted sickness in its early stages. Here is an example by Kathy Von Duyke.

By Kathy Von Duyke

Hey everyone!

I've been following these newsletters and educating myself about EFT ever since it was used on me in a counseling session for some emotional blocks. Here's one issue I was surprised it worked on so well, a flu virus!

I attended a concert recently after tending to my children for several days as a result of the flu but. As I settled in my seat, my abdomen bloated rapidly and painfully and I began to burp acid and sweat. A sure sign to me that I was about to have several days of the flu. I didn't know if I would have to run out of the concert and I didn't know if I could. I especially didn't know which part of me was going to get me in trouble!

I quickly scanned myself for my options, which would normally be homeopathy, and realized that with no remedies on hand I only had EFT. I've been working my way through the video courses all summer or I probably wouldn't have thought of it. (I should say cried all the way through, watching people heal is so moving). Since I was at a concert, I couldn't talk out loud or tap obviously. So I simply thought or centered in on each aspect as I rubbed each EFT spot. Every symptom that came up gave me my next clue.

So I tapped on:

Even though my stomach is bloated..
This acid burping.
This panic that I will have to run out and will collapse.
This sinking sensation.
This sudden sweat break out.
This gurgling in my stomach.
This sharp pain in my side.

Whatever came up, I tapped. By the end of the concert not only was I feeling better, but I was smiling and eating and walking around. The next day my energy was low and I might have had a slight fever, but unlike my children I had no other symptoms.

I couldn't believe how successful EFT could be on a virus. I'm wondering if it somehow brought my body's healing vital force to the areas I focused on in a similar fashion to homeopathy. How powerful I felt to be able to heal myself without anything but my own body. What economic medicine!

I also want to note that while I like the Personal Peace Procedure, I felt like I needed something more immediate for today's needs and yet as encompassing as the PPP. So I start each morning or end the day by EFTing down my body. Every health issue I'm working on, plus whatever emotions that come up or whatever "movies" pop into my head.

After EFT'ing for my body I then work on relationships, projects, and goals and in the same fashion any fears or mental movies that come up with that. It only takes about 15 minutes to do this self scan but I think that it lets me move forward with what is important to me today, and at the same time heal the past emotional blocks that underlie my stressors about achieving today's goals. I think this is working for me because I'm noticing that all of a sudden I have a different orientation towards money and can think more objectively about how I handle it than I could before.

One last story, I'm also EFTing with my husband and children. One child was afraid of the dark, and if took a few nights (because she is only 7) but we were able to work through what turned out to be many aspects of her fear. Just as we turned out the light, her little brother expressed fear. I said, "Heidi, you know how to handle this." and she hopped over to his bed and started asking and tapping expertly on each specific aspect.

I love EFT!

Kathy von Duyke


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