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EFT for Speech Loss following a Stroke

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Christine Hines from the UK shows us how diligence can provide rewards for stroke victims.

By Christine Hines

Dear Gary,

I have been working with a lady who had a stroke about 4 years ago and her speech therapists had given up! She had 2 words ... hello and bye-bye. We worked at first on many emotions to do with having the stroke itself ... the shock, the trauma, the loss of movement and speech, the frustration, the sadness linked with not being able to speak with her daughter, the trouble and worry she 'was causing her daughter ... and so on. Surprisingly (to me anyway)... at that stage ... no anger.

We moved on to the second session ... again we worked on many of those emotions including the huge frustration that is there so much. Also, the loneliness ... lonely prison. I tapped for her while asking her brain to do whatever was needed to be done for her speech function centre to develop again ... probably on the right side of her brain ... the right side to get any and all information that it needed for that purpose from the left side which previously managed her speech... and I asked that this process carry on after I had left and through the following days.

Third session: I spoke with her about how many, many children were told to stay quiet and learned to stay quiet ... learned perhaps that it was not good to express themselves and their opinions ... she went straight in to her own childhood ... oh yes, now she found distress and anger ... lots of anger. Her father had been abusive in that he shouted at her a lot and hit her a good deal. she used to run upstairs and hide ... and stay very quiet ... she spent a lot of her childhood being frightened of him. He would go out to the pub and she would dread his return home. We had lots of tears and fury.

We also laughed ... about all this bad feeling ... and the tears that she was experiencing ... and she had asked me to be there!!

We did lots and lots of tapping throughout ... and also addressed the stiffness in her right hand ... right at the beginning of the 3rd session I had asked her to think and allow her intuition to choose the first word she was going to say ... she had to write it down ... she was nowhere near being able to say it. The word: apple. Writing it took some effort and the writing was spindly but legible. After the tapping on lots of those emotive issues we tapped directly on her hand and then I asked her to write the word again ... there was noticeable improvement.... to both of us.

Then while I was tapping for/on her ... I asked her just to imagine that word ... the word apple ... and to see a picture of a beautiful fruit bowl ... and any other things that went with that scene ... then I asked her to imagine, just to imagine saying the word ... and then: she said it!!! very clearly if a little slowly. The shine in her eyes was wonderful to see.

After a while I suggested to her that she choose another word ... she wrote :while. And then while tapping again I asked her just to imagine saying the word 'while' and then: she said it.

Fourth session: My client had retained and could say apple, and her hand had retained its slightly easier movement and writing was still better than it had been before we started our work. The word 'while' seemed evasive ... However, by the end of this session we had added the lady's own name, a single syllable name, and Chris ... the shortened version of my name. Oh, and 'while' returned too!

We addressed the anxiety that is there when she tries to say a word. Again we also addressed the frustration.

We have a long way to go ... but we have shown it is possible and the more I can encourage this lovely lady to tap on her own and for her daughter to tap with her, the more progress we will make.

One thing is certain: she is very determined. When she is on her own she taps on the crown of her head, her collarbone point and her wrists.

I always find it such a privilege to work with clients like this ... and yes, intuition always seems guide. It is not essential for the client to be able to speak for her feelings to be recognized.

I hope this is useful.

Warmest regards,

Christine Hines
Ilkley Therapies


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