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The benefits of tapping along with our DVDs--core memories uncovered

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

For those having difficulty finding their core issues, try tapping along with our 5 Star DVDs. Patricia (Trish) Poole did this with striking benefits.

Hugs, Gary

By Patricia Poole, EFT-CC

Hi Gary-

I wanted to write to tell you my experience of tapping along with the Specialty Series of DVDs.  Although I am not much overweight, I tapped along with the DVD.  When we came to the reminder phrase; Even though I feel deprived and insatiable... I was surprised (to put it mildly) what came up for me.

GC COMMENT: You can get similar results by tapping along with ANY of numerous EFT sessions on our DVDs

TRISH CONTINUES: I've never consciously thought of myself as deprived in any way so I wasn't too convinced that this one applied to me but I knew that there are Borrowed Benefits so I tapped along.  After a tapping awhile, suddenly an age 17 memory jumped into my awareness.  It was a hugely emotional event.  You see, my dad died when I was 13 (5 years ago), and I would be turning 18 soon.  My Mom was explaining to me that the social security checks that the government had been sending us (because my dad was dead) would begin coming to me until I graduated high school at which time they would end.  I was so angry and had an argument with my Mom (poor thing) about it.  I was yelling about what?! … they think sending me that money will help me??? … are they nuts? … I just want my dad back. 

Of course, as a 41 year old adult I can listen to that and hear the "insanity" and illogical reasoning, but at that time it was just raw emotion.  So I started emoting all over the place and tapped on Even though I was confused and angry and wanted my dad, not money… 

I continued tapping on that topic until the level of intensity of the emotions got closer and closer to 0 on a scale of 0 to 10, which didn't take very long at all.  And as soon as that event left, I became aware of a thought … A thought that I had killed my dad.  How you might ask could a 13 year old kill her dad?  Well, at 13 I thought I should've been able to stop him from eating bacon grease on his toast, eggs every morning, stop him from smoking, (you get the picture).  But it was my thought so I tapped on it and got great good relief!

Since that time, tapping on that very intense event, those emotions and irrational beliefs; I've shared that story with my clients to help them understand the possibilities of what might happen as they tap on different topics and how to handle what comes up. 

I hadn't really understood WHY that event came back into my mind while tapping about weight-loss topics (deprived and insatiable) until about 2 months later, while I was explaining it to one of my clients, aha … I had felt deprived of my Dad and my Dad's love.  Duh!  Of course!!! 

But it had been too hurtful for me to even consider verbalizing to even myself!  As a little girl, my dad dutifully worked like crazy, oftentimes working on Saturdays and Sundays because he had 6 children and was a self-employed lawyer.  We would make plans for family activities for Sundays but he often would be delayed or cancel completely - and now, I can see, yes, I felt deprived.  I'm kind of embarrassed even admitting that because he worked so hard to help us have a good life (guess I'll tap on that aspect).

So I thought it might be interesting to see how when tapping on "weight-loss" topics, a person can end up in a totally different place because of the magic of the healing power of the mind.  It is not limited to the conscious focus of the goal; the deeper, higher mind reaches out beyond in such a wonderful helpful way.  I cannot even imagine how else I might have found that powerful event that has been stuck in my energy system, much less how I might have cleared it without the EFT method.

Many blessings to you and yours, and wishes of infinite miracles,


Twinkle like a star and be the gift that you are!!


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