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Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

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In this installment, Dr. Mercola outlines his thoughts about providing a large stream of referrals for masterful EFT'ers and, as you will see, he is not interested in the average or part-time EFT practitioner. Thus those whose training consists merely of reading the freely downloadable EFT manual OR attending an introductory workshop OR "learning it" from a friend, etc. will not qualify. If Dr. Mercola is going to provide a substantial paid referral stream, he wants only those who can produce results with a wide variety of issues.

Dr. Mercola's screening will be rigorous because he is serious about the quality of EFT help. So am I. I realize that not everyone cares to achieve mastery so that is why I have provided the public with various forms of exposure. However, this opportunity for the expert EFT'er is well worth the effort at achieving mastery.

To apply for consideration, you should join Dr. Mercola's email list for future announcements and/or write directly to....

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Hugs, Gary


Note: If you haven't already done so, I suggest you visit Dr. Mercola's comprehensive web site at and consider joining his informative twice-weekly email list at These are impressive information sources.

Dr. Mercola,

I know you are actively seeking EFT professionals for assistance with your patients. Can you fill us in on the details?

Best, Gary



Thanks for asking about a project that is very dear to my heart. My main vision and passion is to transform the health care system in the US.

When the largest medical journal in the world, JAMA, reports that physicians are the third leading cause of death in the US, we know the current system is fatally flawed. Eighty percent of Americans take at least one drug a week and they spent nearly $150 billion dollars on these drugs last year. That is no small amount of change. The sad tragedy is that the vast majority of these drugs are doing absolutely nothing to address the cause of the problem. They are merely symptomatic band-aids which increases the dependency the population has on the drug companies.

My strategy is to compile the largest source of natural health information in the world through my web site We will be deploying some very innovative software technology in the near future that will allow tens of thousands of professionals to collaboratively participate in this process. This collection of knowledge will allow the average individual to freely access how they can solve their specific health care problem. Once they have this information they will be aware that there are other options available to them than their traditional doctor (or drug paid advertisements that brainwash them when they watch TV).

Eventually, enough patients will empty out of the traditional doctors' waiting rooms that these physicians will have a strong economic incentive to finally understand the truth about health. Most physicians are seeking to do the best they can for patients, but most have been brainwashed in medical school. The key will be to allow the typical person to easily find competent health care professionals in their local area who can guide them in their healing journey.

I hope to develop some sort of process to identify not only health care practitioners but EFT practitioners to facilitate this process. The details of the EFT qualification process are only in development stages at this point, but I hope to enlist some of the major thinkers in this area to collaboratively devise a process that has high standards and assures a high level competence and a system that is trustworthy, fair and respected.

I fully believe that improvement from most chronic health care problems is not possible without addressing the bioenergy system. It is my observation that there is currently a sufficient number of naturally oriented health care clinicians, but there is a major shortage of bioenergy (EFT) therapists to work with them. It is my intention to have the qualification process identify EFT, and other skilled bioenergy therapists to be available to work with these health care clinicians. My web site will coordinate the matching system.

My current thought is to have the consumers make that choice by having each EFT therapist provide five visits at no charge and the price the consumer would have to pay for those visits would be to complete a comprehensive evaluation to qualify. Additionally there would be ongoing client evaluations to confirm that their care was of a high caliber. It is my hope to have qualified EFT therapists receive large numbers of paid referrals through this system. My guess is the system will be able to keep large numbers of EFT therapists very busy.

The web site referral system will have a built in quality assurance mechanism so if any therapist is not providing high service they will be promptly removed from the referral list.

The beautiful thing about EFT is that it can be done on the phone quite effectively, which will allow many health professionals to easily work with an EFT therapist. If any therapists are interested in participating in this process they will want to sign up for my twice weekly newsletter and keep posted to the announcements about this project which I hope to have available before summer starts. They could also send an email to....

Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

indicating their interest in participating in this process and we will file their names and email address to notify them when the qualification process is completed.

Dr. Joseph Mercola

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