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Persistent, quality EFT adds 5 inches to Gillian's bust line

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to peruse our Free Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tutorial™ for a more complete understanding.

Hi Everyone,

This fascinating article by Gillian Wightman from Scotland isn't just about enhancing one's figure. Rather, it highlights the many emotional issues that can have dramatic effects on us physically. The concepts involved here have wide applications.

Hugs, Gary

By Gillian Wightman, EFTCert-I

Hi Gary,

Some time ago you made a request for experiences of using EFT for bust-line growth and a couple were published.  I recently watched a TV show in the UK called 'How to Look Good Naked'.  The show was trying to help a woman come to terms with her body shape, as she hated her small breasts after breast feeding. I felt their techniques were rather drastic, including having her model naked in a shop window and parade in her underwear on a catwalk in a busy shopping mall.  Fortunately I had EFT and so I decided I really should share my own experience, as I know the misery this can cause!

After I finished breastfeeding my already modest 32B shrunk to a 32A and I felt very depressed about my figure, in fact it became an obsession with me over the years.  I had lost all breast tissue on the top half and I was so upset about it, I eventually resorted to expensive herbal supplements which we really could not afford. They promised miracles but did not work; just messed my hormones up a lot. 

A very low point came when I secretly bought an extremely expensive machine which promised to improve the situation and my husband discovered it and was very upset. Apart from spending so much money, which I didn't have, he was upset for me that I couldn't accept the way I looked and be happy with myself.  It was then that I broke down and admitted to him the depth of my feelings about how I looked, and no amount of assurance from him that he loved me as I am could console me.

I had read about someone who successfully used hypnotism to enhance her daughter’s cup size so we decided to try it with EFT. We focused on my 'beliefs' because my husband understood that it was important to me, although assuring me that he had no need for a positive outcome from this.

I was very surprised to find out how many strongly held beliefs I had.  My body shape and self image was a very complex issue and multilayered and it’s hard to know which is the one that did the trick.

The first piece of work I did with EFT was on the rejection I felt when my second and very much wanted son stopped breast-feeding at 5 months.  I had been infertile for 4 years between my kids and had issues during that time about not being a 'real' woman because of this.  When he stopped wanting to be fed I took this as a great rejection.  He was a difficult baby and I had bad postnatal depression and I did not fully bond with him at this time.

I tapped for my memories of not being allowed Barbie or Cindy dolls as a child as they had 'breasts' and were therefore unacceptable.  I also tapped for the fact that my mother always told us stories about how, when she had children, she lost her bust completely and that it would happen to us too, so I grew up with a belief that this would happen. 

I can remember reading a book when my children were little about a woman in her 40’s who had had two children admiring her body in the mirror and thinking 'That’s impossible, no woman with two children can have a body that good'. So I tapped on my beliefs about what a woman should expect from her body after having children. I did a lot of work looking at myself in the mirror and tapping on what I felt about myself and my body.

I noticed after this that my breast shape had changed, I was starting to develop new breast tissue on the top half and had a really nice shape and had recovered my pre-baby 32B and I was really happy with that and couldn't believe it.

The real and unexpected surprise was more recently though after tapping for more issues about my general feelings about being a woman and my role as a woman.

My parents wanted a boy, and for a while my dad believed I was a boy (he had been given wrong information by the hospital). I grew up hearing the 'funny' story about how dad had done cartwheels in the street when he heard he had a son, and then his disappointment when he found I was not 'Alexander' after all. They had to choose a name for me as they had only chosen a boy’s name. 

In fact they did the same with everyone of my 4 sisters and told everyone the reason they had 5 girls was because they wanted a boy.  I tapped for all the emotions that thinking about this brought up for me - very, very painful emotions. I truly believed my life would have been easier as a boy/man. My belief was that being an adult woman was undesirable, and I didn't want to be a 'grown up'!

Since I got married I have had 5 miscarriages (2 successful pregnancies), postnatal depression, anxiety disorder, fibromyalgia, and had to become caregiver for my mother, father, sister, uncle and grandfather. It’s been hard work and I realized I was carrying a belief that I didn't want to be a grown up woman, and a mother to all these people!  I had a belief that being a mum was very hard and still had issues with my second son.

I tapped for the trauma of their births and the effect that had on me. And I tapped on my fears and guilt about what it did to them and what years of having postnatal depression had done to them.  Like the other women that did this work on increasing their bust line with EFT, I started to feel very tender and even had a scare that I might be pregnant so I had to tap on the feelings that brought up, as I felt my life would be ruined by another baby. 

That got into very deep feelings about feeling my life was ruined when I had my second baby. Rather than be the 'cure' for my unhappiness, my depression intensified to the point that on the day of the Dunblane massacre in Scotland in 1996 I had a nervous breakdown and genuinely wished both of us were dead.  This day was the day when I knew I could go no further and woke up the next day determined to find a way to live my life without pain and depression and began the amazing journey of therapy that eventually led me to discover EFT and recover totally from fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety disorder and finally really live my life and do things I never dreamt I could possibly do.

The breast tenderness turned out not to be a pregnancy. It was the cumulative effect of all this deep work and it was simply that my breasts were growing again - so much so that people started to notice.  I mentioned the idea of writing this article to a friend, telling her for the first time about this work and she told me that all my friends had assumed I was either wearing very padded bras or had had some secret surgery, although they had ruled that out as I hadn't been away anywhere long enough to have surgery.

At first I wasn't sure if this was because I was putting on weight in general.  I had gained a few pounds.  But then I had a more direct result of tapping for my body shape.

I noticed my tummy was getting more and more rounded and one day I got sight of myself and thought 'You look like Mum'.  I was more than aware of the need to work on this belief as my mother died a year previously from early onset dementia at the age of 60 and I had stood at her grave and thought I only had 20 years left. So I had to do a lot of tapping on my fears that I would develop her illness and die by the age of 60.  My dad also died of early onset dementia at 60, so it was a very real fear, and one I do not live with now. 

One of the things that happened to my mother in the couple of years before she died is that she developed a very swollen belly and we never found out the medical cause.  Even with dementia she was distressed about this and kept asking for liposuction so I started to get some idea how body conscious she had been and was aware I had maybe picked up on some of her insecurities.

So I tapped on my belief I would develop this belly and that because I was now over 40 I was going to get fat!  I realized I had a belief that once you were 40 everything would explode and my metabolism would slow down. Literally within two days my tummy was flat and smooth again.  You could never tell I had had two children, I don't have stretch marks which is a great blessing.

When I look in the mirror now I see the woman that was described in the book I read.  My figure has totally changed and is better now at 42 than before I had children which I simply did not believe was possible.

And I discovered that recently I have actually lost the extra weight I had gained on the lower half and retained it on the top so I have gone from a 32, 27, 38 to now 37, 27, 38.  I don't  have to wear any padding in my bras as I feel ridiculous in them now.  I have toyed with the idea of trying EFT for even more growth but feel very happy just as I am now.  In fact yesterday when trying on a dress in a shop one of the other customers told me I had a 'fabulous' figure which really made my day!

This has been over about 4 years of EFT for the various issues at different times but the result with my stomach was astonishing and were almost instant and all this tapping for not wanting to be a woman has left me with a figure that is decidedly more 'womanly' and although by no means perfect, I love it and often catch myself in the mirror and smile!  I am also deeply contented with my role in life and love being a wife and mother in every sense which is an even more important result of all of this work.  The persistence in working through all these issues has definitely paid off in so many wonderful ways.

Gillian Wightman


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