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Other Emotional Issues


Relationship issue: A humorous approach

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Angela Treat Lyon uses a creative (and humorous) approach to her friend's relationship issue.  Note that the whole thing was done surrogately.

Hugs, Gary

By Angela Treat Lyon

Hi Gary,

I just have to tell you about the "secret surrogate sessions" I did with someone. I still have to laugh when I think about them.

I've had some great success with surrogate tapping on planes with crying babies and long-distance work with adults, so I was curious to read the recent articles by Ryan Kurczak about his innovative surrogate sessions. I thought I'd try surrogate tapping out on my long-time friend who I will call "Scotty," with whom I can talk about anything and everything under the sun - as long as I don't talk about EFT.  Huh? Let THAT one go!

Scotty's boyfriend is a bass guitar player in a very famous rock band that tours the country in a caravan of busses. He calls Scotty almost every day, and each time moans and groans about the poor food, everyone is stoned all the time, he's so tired, he's too old for this (64), his hands hurt, he misses their land and the house they're building... and on and on. Then SHE calls ME with all of that PLUS how she feels about it.

At one point I told her to shift or get off the pot, and she didn't call for a while. I thought maybe they had worked something out when she finally called me last last week. But no, she was about to do another bitch-and-moan session.

She likes to call on her long drive up a long, steep hill on the way from work to her home out in the desert boonies. She talks and talks, then gets out at her gate, unlocks it, goes through, locks it again, gets back in the truck and "we" drive up to her house where the cats all run out and greet "us." It's a sweet ritual, but had really gotten old for me.

By the time Scotty got half a mile up the hill, I was bored with the repetition - I could have said it all for her, word for word. I decided I had had it with that months ago, but I didn't want to hang up on her. So I thought I'd see what would happen if I quietly and unobtrusively started tapping on myself.

I wish I had recorded it. Each time she said something: "Oh, I hate it that Tom won't be home tonight like he said he would ..." I repeated it, tapping on my body. At first, it took her back, but she ignored it and kept on with her complaint litany. And I kept tapping. She yawned and sighed a lot (signs that EFT is providing emotional release), and I could hardly keep from laughing out loud as her body shifted before her mind even knew what was going on. She got to her front door, still sighing and yawning; I practically fell on the floor cracking up as soon as I hung up.

The second time she called with the complaints (couldn't stay away!), I did it again - this time as soon as she began the Old Script. It got to be so much fun that I got more and more dramatic each time I did a repetition - I couldn't help laughing out loud - I sounded like an addled high soprano with ululating voice, lamenting, "OOOOOHHH, I just Haaate it that he's always so faaar awaaaaay...." still tapping....

...and after a couple times, she started laughing, too. She'd say a sentence, in all seriousness, and I'd sing it: Scotty: "I get so lonely way out here....", then me in a high soprano, "OOOOH, why can't you see how lonely I get...." still tapping....

Then, getting inspired, I took HIS voice, and sang the counterpoint in a lower voice, in that dramatic, deep, male operatic really-rapid answer fashion - "I can't help it!" I don't want to leave them!" " "You know I have to work!" "It's for your own good!" "It's for us!" ...tapping....

By the end of her drive home, we were both in stitches, she (we!) felt better - and hasn't called to complain yet.

Of course this particular method won't be efficacious or appropriate for ALL clients - some need a bit more care, softness or priming before I transform into a shrieking opera character! - but with the couple of people with whom I have felt "right" it has worked wonders - and they have said how great it was that we could have fun as we worked through their "stuff," and what insights they got when I did the counterpoint of the person they were upset with!

Who said healing had to be grim and serious and hard? I think I've loosed a monster!

Much aloha -

Angela Treat Lyon


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