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Other Emotional Issues

Panic And Anxiety

Febrile convulsions and related panic attacks subside--not one attack in the two years since she learned to use EFT

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Barbara Paz from Israel tells this touching story about her daughter's severe attacks and how they were overcome by EFT. She says, "She experiences the feeling of the onset of an attack so seldom now, and if so she can get rid of it immediately.  Naturally she has become a converted EFT'er and uses it for everything no matter who is around.  As a result, she has transformed into a much calmer, more self confident and gracious person."

Hugs, Gary

By Barbara Paz

Dear Gary,

This letter is for anyone dealing with panic attacks or fainting spells.  It's also for parents to know that EFT can be one of the most important gifts we can give our children.  I decided to write about the most important treatment I have ever administered which I have been grateful for almost every day for the past two years.

My daughter, Lisa (not her real name) was a baby who suffered from febrile convulsions which is high body temperature causing loss of consciousness and body convulsions.  The doctors explained it as some form of mild epilepsy.  In her early teens again she would lose consciousness, her body convulsing, but not related to any specific event.  Not only does the body convulse, it also loses control of bodily functions, so when she wakes up, she has usually wet her clothes and/or vomited.  This is in itself traumatic to wake up in this condition with friends or strangers around you staring. 

Lisa was in and out of the hospital for testing, though each time the doctors could find nothing wrong with her.  We were told that she would have to just learn to live with it.  At the age of 18 her situation became worse.  One night we were called to the hospital as Lisa had a bad and long attack at a beach party and was sent to the hospital by ambulance.  Just writing this now, I have to stop and tap in order to clear away so many tears and pain in my heart.  It's taking forever to finish this letter; so much tapping to do on this subject that I thought was only about her.

Lisa became more and more afraid to go out to public places or to stay away from the house for extended periods of time because of the fear of having an attack.  At this time I was studying EFT, using it on myself and friends, but my family wasn't interested in trying it out.  After about a year, Lisa came to me and asked if I would show her a little tapping even though she wasn't willing for me to "treat" her.  I went into this important opportunity with my daughter's stern warning, "Remember, you're my mom, not my therapist."

I felt like I had this one chance to help her, and I may not get another one for awhile, so I made the decision to teach her the technique and deal with the feelings surrounding the attacks along with the physical aspects only.  No delving into ancient core issues for this client!  So we tapped on:

Even though I'm so frustrated…

Even though I have this terrible disease that I don't know if I'll ever get over...

Even though it’s so frustrating…

Even though it’s frightening to leave the house…

Even though I don't know if I'll have an attack in front of my friends … I'm so afraid of having an attack in front of my friends I'm so embarrassed I have this problem I'm so embarrassed that I wet my pants.  (We stayed on this one for awhile) I'm embarrassed that my friends saw me like this.  What will be in the future?  Will I ever be done with this?

Even though I'm frightened that something may happen to me that I have no control over… Maybe it will get worse?  Maybe I'll hit my head.  Maybe I'll die.  I'm terrified.

The most important thing I did was teach her how to be in touch with the feelings and sensations she is feeling exactly when an attack is coming on.  I taught her to sit herself down and just tap using the whole routine.  Tap on everything that comes to mind, mostly fears of what is about to happen, and everything she felt physically and emotionally. 

I'll never forget the first time she tapped by herself.  It was amazing.  Just two nights after our "session" she was at a club with a group of friends and felt like an attack was in the making (sweating, weakness, nausea, shaking).  She quickly walked to the bathroom, sat down on the floor, and tapped for everything physical and emotional she was feeling at that moment.  And it passed!  She was amazed.  When she told me the next morning, I think I was happier than she was.  We both hugged and had a good cry.  With EFT she learned to nip it in the bud.  She has not had one attack for 2 whole years now.  Not even one!  

She experiences the feeling of the onset of an attack so seldom now, and if so she can get rid of it immediately.  Naturally she has become a converted EFT'er and uses it for everything no matter who is around.  As a result, she has transformed into a much calmer, more self confident and gracious person. 

The reason I am so indebted to EFT (and yes to you, Gary for keeping EFT open to the masses) is that during these last two years when my daughter was dealing with these attacks, she was not living at home where we could be there to help her out all the time.  She moved abroad to work. So basically all she had to deal with this horrendous problem was EFT and her strong desire to solve her problem by herself - not a bad combination.  It is so comforting for me to know she has EFT, literally at her fingertips, since I cannot be there to help her.  As a result she has learned that she can solve her own problems which has given her an internal confidence that I am again so thankful for.

Thank you Gary and the  wonderful EFT community.

With love and Gratitude,

Barbara Paz


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