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Other Emotional Issues

Panic And Anxiety

Anxiety, eating and more

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

by Gary Craig

Hi Everyone,

Here are some comments and responses regarding an e-letter I received. I think the anxiety/eating discussion is particularly useful because it is an excellent example of someone assuming EFT didn't work because they were too global in their approach.

Dear Gary,

LETTER: "I must tell you that I am very, very pleased with the EFT material. It is well done, cogent and thorough. I've been using it a lot with good results each time I use it. I have used it on myself, as well. It doesn't work for anxiety eating for me, which has been a problem of long standing. I do the protocol and then eat."

GC COMMENT: Chances are, it IS working for your anxiety eating. You just haven't seen the results yet. Anxiety eating, I find, is often multi-multi-multi aspected and you may well be approaching it too globally. I suspect all the self doubts, rejections, fears, etc. that have accumulated over a lifetime have resulted in a generalized emotion which you label anxiety. Your "anxiety eating" serves to tranquilize it. Applying EFT daily to any specific negative events (e.g. "my father ignored my graduation") in your life will begin chopping down the trees in that forest. Also, many of the issues involved are probably outside of your conscious recall (unknown) and can be addressed by a more generalized EFT routine aimed at "this eating anxiety." I would do two EFT rounds for it 5 times a day.

Please note, however, that your progress will likely be subtle (read powerful) and you will probably not notice it. Thus, persistence is required. Do it persistently over 5-10 weeks and you will find yourself "passing by the refrigerator" but not noticing it because it seems so normal. That's because now it is. Also, your general level of self image will rise and your friends will probably notice the change before you do. Finally, and this is me beating the EFT drum, this is one area where the comprehensive EFT algorithm is so useful. Since there are no individualized algorithms for some of the issues involved (particularly the unknown ones), they cannot be directly addressed. The comprehensive EFT algorithm, however, addresses them all.

LETTER CONTINUED: "A funny story is that I was doing it all day yesterday, showing clients how to do it and doing it on myself as an example. I noticed that a recurring argument with my husband around our air conditioning system didn't happen that night. I was mellow about it. It just didn't matter anymore. My husband is very grateful."

GC COMMENT: This happens a lot with EFT even though you didn't tap for this specific issue. Although I suspect this sort of "side benefit" will also occur from the persistent use of individualized algorithms, it is particularly prevalent with the persistent use of the comprehensive EFT algorithm.

LETTER CONTINUED: "I used it on a lady this a.m. who had a stillborn child one month ago. Her pain kept her from going to work and facing her co-workers. Through EFT we discovered that the pain, aside from the grieving, was from her sense of failure ("I can't have a normal baby," since she also had a miscarriage a year ago) as well as embarrassment that she couldn't sustain a full term pregnancy. Both of those "trees" went down to zero from a 9 the first pass through. She left smiling feeling she could face her co-workers on Monday."

GC COMMENT: Nice work on smoking out the aspects in this case.

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