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Other Emotional Issues

Anger Management

Intuitional work with anger

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Those of you who have studied our EFT-Beyond the Basics (formerly Steps Toward Becoming the Ultimate Therapist) videos will recall my repeated demonstrations of "getting ourselves out of the way" and letting the process work "THROUGH us not BY us." This is the centerpiece of intuitional work, of course, and is an ability anyone can develop. in fact, it is essential to upper level mastery of these procedures. You will also recall from those tapes the "intuitional thermometer" I often see in my mind's eye. For me, it provides a first class guide to where the client is on a 0-10 intensity scale.

To those who consider this woo-woo, I send my apologies to your current belief systems and offer my humble smiles and best wishes. To those experienced in these matters, I applaud your achievements. To those in between I urge you to develop these important skills. A whole new level of proficiency awaits you.

I mention all this because I recently received the message below from Sharon Smallenberg. It displays a unique version of my "intuitional thermometer" (a red swirling mass) and clearly demonstrates what is possible with intuitional work.

Hugs to all, Gary

By Sharon Smallenberg

Hi Gary,

This story is rather dramatic and probably life changing for a young man. It is also a clear demonstration of divine intervention at it's best. I want to give you the whole story so you can appreciate the series of 'coincidences' leading to using and teaching EFT to this person.

2 weeks ago I was in the check-in line-up at the airport and struck up a conversation with the 6'6" tall young fellow in front of me. When it was my turn at the counter I asked for an aisle seat in the very front row - the bulkhead. It didn't even occur to me at the time that this was unusual, that I ALWAYS sit by the window, just in front of the wing.

There were 3 seats across and I'd been told the plane was full for this one hour flight to Calgary. I was surprised and pleased when the tall young fellow showed up and sat down in the window seat. Because the plane was to be full, it was odd that no one came and sat in the seat between us. The bulkhead has extra space so there were two windows beside him instead of one.

He (Mike) seemed eager to chat and told me all about his summer work and his college plans for a criminal justice diploma then into the RCMP (police). When he asked about my work, I said I specialize in stress reduction for individuals and business. He persisted in wanting to know more so I mentioned some of the emotions that contribute to stress and told him I use some non-traditional methods of dealing with them. Mike seemed to be 'unconsciously conscious' and asked a few very 'aware' questions and then almost insisted that I help him with something.

Mike appeared very calm and peaceful and said that although he remains calm through a lot of stress, he sometimes gets angry and it has been suggested that he take an anger management course. At this comment I knew his appearance was somewhat deceiving - I had no idea just how deceiving it was. By now we were getting close to our destination and I said we probably didn't have time but he insisted, so I asked on a scale of 1 - 10 how angry he was - he said 25 and was calling it 'anger'. I turned in my seat so I could face him and asked him to get in touch with a specific incident. When I work, I feel a person's emotions in my body (only when I ask for this information) and, in this case, I felt nothing. He seemed oblivious to the cabin attendants and other passengers and eagerly followed my instructions for "even tho...." and then the sequence.

We no sooner started when, in my peripheral vision to the right, the fluffy white clouds outside both windows, turned into a swirling red mass - just like looking through the glass door of a fireplace at the fire within. I instantly looked because I thought we were on fire and were going to crash - but the red disappeared and the clouds were white. As I looked toward him again, the swirling red re-appeared and once again I quickly looked, only to see white fluffy clouds.

After having this happen about 3 times, still calmly continuing the session, I realized we were not about to crash but my left brain was still searching for a way to rationalize this phenomenon. Ah, I thought, I have broken a blood vessel in my eye and it is causing this redness, so I checked and no, my eyes were fine. Finally I simply let go of the need to understand and allowed myself to just 'notice' the swirling red mass.

During this time, Mike had gone in increments from a 25 to a zero on that particular incident and I could see that the effectiveness of EFT, was impacting him profoundly. Although we were almost at the gate he was still intent on learning and I had a strong sense to teach him everything I could in those few remaining moments. I spoke of how he could use this for things he was even unaware of, like 'rage' and 'hate' and anything else he wanted to get rid of that came into his awareness. As we walked out together I gave him my card and told him he could call me whenever he needed help.

My intuition had by now taken over and I understood that what I had seen was his 'incendiary rage' - rage that he had masked so completely from himself that I could not sense it or feel it. So I had to be shown 'it' in order to understand its intensity.

Gary, here is a young man who has wonderful, ambitious plans for his life, plans which could easily have been destroyed in a split second of unconscious, reactive rage. Imagine a 6'6" policeman with a gun and hidden rage! The synchronistic events leading this fellow and I to meet smacks of divine intervention and, once again, puts EFT into a life that needed it.

Love, hugs and caring,



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