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Other Emotional Issues

Panic And Anxiety

Husband relieves wife of major panic attack

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

This letter is written by "Milton" (name changed for privacy reasons) describing his use of EFT to relieve his wife's very intense panic attack. Milton is a relative newcomer to EFT and yet he applies the process quite professionally. He digs into aspects and provides a quality test to aid him in being thorough.

The results, while reasonably commonplace with EFT, are spectacular when compared to conventional methods. To assist in your understanding of EFT's fine points, I make several augmenting comments within Milton's message.

Hugs, Gary

by Milton

Dear Gary,

My wife, Sarah, has had panic attacks for almost three years. Until last night she has resisted my attempts to get her to use EFT.

I had a slight cold and went to bed early last night, before Sarah. Around 12:30 am Sarah burst into our bedroom in a state of total panic. I awoke, bolted upright, and asked her what was wrong. The only thing I could imagine was that there was a rat or a giant waterbug in the apartment that had frightened her.

I had never seen her like this before, even when frightened by a wayward insect or rodent. Her intensity was clearly at a 10 on a 0-10 intensity scale. Occasionally in the past I had witnessed Sarah's panic attacks. But, on these occasions, she had maintained an outward equilibrium, in part because our young son was also present and she did not wish to upset him.

Last night, however, she was in excruciating emotional pain. Sarah told me that the toilet water kept rising to the rim of the toilet bowl and she had spent hours trying to fix it. She jammed the toilet brush down the toilet drain and now it was stuck. She said she was having an awful panic attack and needed help.

So I tapped with her, setting up the tapping with, "Even though I am having this panic attack....." At first I tapped on her and had her repeat my words. Then I called out the points and she tapped on herself and repeated after me. I used the KC point for the setup and used the head and body points only for the reminder phrase. We did that a few times. Then I asked her how she was and she said a 4. We tapped on "stuck toilet brush" and "toilet water" and "toilet water rising."

GC COMMENT: Excellent procedure by Milton. Even though Sarah reported a low number (4 is low compared compared to her initial panic attack), this is still indicative of more aspects that needed to be addressed. To be thorough, these additional pieces need to be addressed and collapsed with EFT.

MILTON CONTINUES: Sarah came down to a 1 on all aspects and told me she was fine and I could go back to sleep.

I then instructed her to go back in the bathroom and see how she felt. She came back and said she was a 5 or 6.

GC COMMENT: Another quality move by Milton. Sarah's report of a being at a 1 is good but it doesn't necessarily mean the process is done. It is wise to test your work and that is what Milton does by asking Sarah to go back into the bathroom. As you saw above, this brings up more aspects (she reports being at a 5 or 6).

MILTON CONTINUES: So we tapped some more. I asked her what part of the trip to the bathroom bothered her. She said she didn't want to think about it. So we tapped on, "Even though I don't want to think about the bathroom . . ." until she was a 1. I asked her what she felt when she went in there. She told me she had had bad chest pain in the bathroom and that the chest pain was still a 6 even now. We tapped on chest pain for a few rounds and brought it down to a 1. The elimination of the chest pain astounded me, though I did not let on to Sarah that I was surprised. Her problems with chest pain have been long-standing and occurred years before the appearance of the panic attacks in 2001.

GC COMMENT: Please note that the release of emotional issues (such as panic attacks) often reduces physical ailments (such as chest pains). This is a frequent with occurrence with EFT that has, in my opinion, important healing implications.

MILTON CONTINUES: She went back to the bathroom and everything was fine. I asked her how she felt picturing the water rising in the bowl. She replied that it provoked no emotional intensity at all. Sarah then told me that she gets panic attacks when she uses the elevator in our apartment building. I asked her what it was about being in the elevator that bothered her. She said she was afraid of getting stuck. We then tapped on "getting stuck in the elevator" and then "the elevator doors closing."

Sarah was now sitting on the bed next to me quite relaxed. I asked her what level was she at when she first entered our bedroom with the panic attack. She laughed that she was a 20 on a scale of 1-10.

This was the first time that I have tried to help anyone who was in the middle of a panic attack. I had viewed and read transcripts of the EFT videos, however, so I felt an unexpected calm confidence as I led Sarah through the procedure. I just went by the book, so to speak, and the results were just the way you said they would be, Gary. I was amazed, nonetheless, to see how little effort and how little time it took to bring Sarah from a "20" to a 1. It's one thing to see EFT practiced by a master on video, it's quite another thing entirely to realize that potential oneself.


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