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Other Emotional Issues

Panic And Anxiety

Persistence and Panic Attacks - Quality results on a stubborn issue

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Panic attacks can often be handled readily with EFT, but not always. This is a case of "not always" and is written in the words of Rehana Webster's client.

Hugs, Gary

By Rehana Webster

Hi Gary,

Here is a very powerful testimonial from one of my clients.  I'm hoping you will post it on your website because the client has outlined how we systematically and persistently worked through his issues.  There were some weeks when both of us were ready to throw in the towel, but neither of us was willing to fail.  We left no stone unturned, looking for how and why he was experiencing these intense and ever increasing panic attacks. 

Please note how long we persisted with the application of EFT and there were numerous emails between us and a few phone sessions.  The main method I asked the client to use was the Movie Technique.   It is amazing how short a time it took to help him get over the panic attacks.  Yes, it was not a one-minute wonder, however in the history of panic attacks, it sure was. 

This is a very powerful learning for other people in his situation and for EFT practitioners working with people experiencing the same.  He has outlined in accurate detail how it was for him.  He also requests that his name and details are withheld from publication.

Hi Rehana,

I have outlined for you how I was experiencing 'panic attacks' and through the persistent use of EFT with you, was able to gain control back in my life.

I first started to notice issues when at work and could feel that my heart was racing in meetings, a burning in the top of my scalp and then over 12-18 months it gradually spread to become difficult to attend appointments for Dr etc with my heart rate noticeably increasing.

I resigned from that job, relocated interstates and became self employed and thought I just needed to relax more. Whilst being self employed I still had some stressful moments but I was still able to set aside more time to relax, although I was becoming more quick tempered with tension down the side of my face and heart palpitations and a sense of becoming totally consumed and tied in a knot from within.

I decided to go to the doctor to find out what was happening and my blood pressure was checked at 100 over 160 at the appointment. When I was at home it dropped to 70 over 120 (back to normal - using a 24hr blood pressure monitor) and then back to 100 over 160 to have the monitor removed at the doctors appointment the next day.

The doctor prescribed me with anti depressant drugs for the anxiety. My wife and I decided not to take the tablets as we found out what the side effects were. My wife had experienced similar Anxiety/Panic attacks for a short period of time earlier in her life which she had overcome herself naturally but she did not want to see me suffering the same pain in front of her eyes. She knew the pain and the feeling so she wanted me to overcome this problem, but we decided to try and do it naturally first.

Over the next 3months I tried some anxiety tablets from the health food shop and didn't find much change, on one occasion I was craving to try the anti-depressant drugs but then I started to have some harmful thoughts so I stopped taking them after the first day. I continued to try the natural herbs for another month till December 05 when I woke feeling nervous and then was sitting having breakfast on our deck where I should have felt relaxed but I was just consumed with tension and no feeling of being present although I could see breeze blowing leaves in the tree and the birds flying around. The smallest of things my wife did would aggravate me. A ringing in my ears at this time caused me, for the first time in my life, that if this was to continue I would consider suicide. I cried with my wife not telling her what I was thinking but telling her to get on with her life should something happen to me. (I felt at the time this was my lowest Point of feeling helpless).

That day I phoned a psychiatrists (Had to wait 2weeks for an appointment) and a hypnotherapist who could see me that day, I went and she introduced me to EFT and also gave me a Hypnotherapy CD to listen to. I tried the CD for the next month and went back for another appointment and received another Hypnotherapy CD to listen to.

We also bought from the USA a CD using a method called Suggestopedia designed for people to overcome Anxiety/Panic attacks which we listened to and still do listen to today but am unsure if it has helped or not.

I listened to the Hypnotherapy and the Suggestopedia CD's each day but still didn't have any improvement after 1 month, I was now becoming fearful of myself in mirrors and feared the onset of insomnia as I couldn't sleep as my heart was racing in bed and I was totally tense and moments of strong fear overwhelming me at night time in the silence of the bedroom so I would go for a walk around the block. During this time a few nights I had difficulty eating my food. With each mouthful I felt as though I would be sick because I was so tense.

My wife supported me and encouraged me and had to take over my work for me as I was becoming increasingly weaker, fearful, anxious and tense of things in my business that would have been done before with little hesitation. My wife was now looking after things so I could relax more, and by now I felt that the tension and anxiety was consuming me and if it persisted I couldn't stop doing anything else, as now I wasn't doing anything, but just trying to read books in the sun on our deck.

My wife learnt through her constant searching on the Internet that anxiety and other similar disorders are to do with the subconscious. My wife searched the net for treatments that work on the subconscious mind and found EFT and as we had been introduced by the Hypnotherapist to EFT she looked at it further and off we went from there.

My wife downloaded the free manual and tried on her physical ailments and she learnt EFT worked straight away. Soon enough we bought Gary Craig's DVDs and I tried the EFT using the basic recipe on all my issues but with no change, which was very disappointing as I had 130 issues to tap on and it took me about a week. I felt maybe I had done something wrong as on the DVDs it was working for people.

So I did it again for another one and a half weeks and still no improvement. I was angry and upset and wanted to give up but my wife was determined as she had also been tapping using the basic recipe and could get rid of her headaches and Lactose Intolerance etc. which she had for a long time. So she was convinced it works but still we couldn't understand why it wouldn't work on me.

So we decided to see if it was an energy toxin was blocking me. For the next 3 to 4weeks we cancelled out the food items that may be causing the toxin and I for the 3rd time tapped on my 130 issues, but still no improvement. My wife was still convinced it works due to her positive results. My wife wanted me to read other people's successes but I couldn't as I felt fear of reading other people's problems, the same as if someone said something to me or I heard something on TV etc it would make me feel intensely scared and it would play on my mind.

March 06 -So we decided to contact Rehana, I still was very sceptical about the whole thing but my wife had learnt that the most important thing was that the EFT practitioner that we would choose had to be knowledgeable in finding and identifying the core issues, which Rehana agreed was the most important thing and that she could do that. So for the next 3weeks we put together some information such as my history and Negative events and I asked my parents and older brother and sisters if they recalled anything that may have occurred that I couldn't remember. This period felt awkward having to talk to my family about such a thing but of course they wanted to do as much for me as they could which was wonderful and they put together another small list of negative events I could use.

April 06 -We had our 1st session and Rehana asked me to tap on my 130 issues but this time to use the Movie technique by visualising and talking out each event as a movie four times, the 1st being in B&W, 2nd B&W in Reverse, 3rd Cartoon Movie, 4th Cartoon to music.

During this I became anxious and tense as this was now the 4th time that I was going to tap on my 130 negative events, my wife and Rehana whom I stayed in close contact with via email encouraged me to continue. I finished all of them within 8 days spending on average 4hrs a day tapping but still didn't feel much change that I could clearly identify, but we felt that I seemed a bit calmer. One of the difficult things for me was that I didn't really have any strong emotion to any of my negative events but Rehana felt that it was many little trees of emotion that needed to be cut rather than just a few big ones.

Rehana suggested also using the movie technique and actually having the fearful thing occur and exaggerating it for current day issues of going to Doctor appointments and other places such as a regular event of ours on Tuesday going to the video and takeaway shops, other shops, fear of lashing out with a knife at dinner time etc which caused discomfort with aches of tension and anxiety.

We used the Movie technique and I found that it helped a little to reduce the fearful emotions, so each week I would use the movie technique before going to the video shop and tap using the basic recipe after in the car depending on what feelings came up and then again at home I would do the movie technique.

This was a process that I used on any appointments and I felt more confidence within myself and found I wasn't fighting the things I feared as much anymore.

Rehana suggested using it on the dreams that had emotion, I started and was using it on any dream I had where I thought it involved emotion and also on ones that were just strange. So I would wake up in the early hours and get up and record the dream and tap and then go back to bed. I used to try and record as much detail as possible such as feelings facial expressions etc and then 1st thing in the morning I would tap on them using the movie technique. Sometimes I got up 2 times in a night to record another dream. I felt happy every time I had a dream as Rehana had mentioned this is the mind doing its processing and therefore I felt that this is great to have so many more things to tap on.

During all this we had another session in mid May and then another in mid June with Rehana, during all this I was probably in contact with Rehana at first every few days asking questions about doing the tapping techniques and trying to understand what to do with new feelings, as time went on my wife understood more as well and between them both I had the encouragement and support keep on continuing as at times I felt like giving up.

There were many ups and downs through the process, some good days and some bad days but with the persistence of continuing to tap, and as things improved I just tapped on things as they came up using the Movie technique so I found I didn't have to tap as much!. I have had countless hours of tapping and wondered at the time what results if any there would be. Slowly my heart seemed to pump as I would expect and the anger caused by the tension also dropped off, whilst some tension remained I still felt happier within myself and even that tension subsided to be now very minor.

I want to thank Rehana for her persistence and patience to guide me through all of this extremely scary period of my life. With Rehana's constant assistance and support using EFT was made more understandable, and I thank Rehana being able to provide these techniques, and her returning my life back to me again. I am still tapping on things and have other issues which I would like gone which are of less significance but am I definitely more confident with a positive outcome with persistence of using EFT.

Name withheld for privacy purposes

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