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Other Emotional Issues


EFT, One Minute Wonders and Opening to Love

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

In this 2 part series, EFT Master Sue Beer from the UK shares her thoughts on topics such as What is EFT for, what is really happening with EFT, what is Psychological Reversal?

Hugs, Gary

Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2

By Sue Beer, EFT Master

Part 1 of 2

“Opening to Love is what inevitably happens as we release our negative energy – all that guilt, anger, resentment, pain…and so on. It is also the means by which this happens; and so it is the ends and the means, the beginning and the end.”

What is EFT for?

It’s hard to imagine life without EFT now. Discovering it has already changed so many people’s lives, opening up whole new ways of living and relating to one another, and the world; and because of it we have extended the boundaries of what we believe is possible. And, I am interested in where this is taking us.  We now have the means to make things possible that were previously only a fancy, a glimpse, an esoteric secret known to a few. Whatever you can conceive of you can create. The only limits are your willingness to continually see further, to acknowledge and release the blocks between yourself and your true power.

There are countless examples now of EFT One Minute Wonder  - phobias, cravings, dyslexia, troublesome memories, physical pain, love pain, problems big and small vanishing with EFT, on and on - miracles happening every where, to every one - sometimes even you or me! These miracles make us wonder, they grab our attention, make us pause and ask our selves:

 “So if that is possible what else might be possible for me (or another)? What else can I do or be? How much further can we go?”

Are you someone that never had a one minute wonder? First, realise you are not alone. Then stop and tap right now. That very thought might be getting in the way of your next step:

Brainstorm all your thoughts, envies, resentments, stuckness, confusion around this – then tap until you feel lighter – like this , for example:

“Even though it doesn’t work for me, however much I try,

“Even though I never had a One Minute Wonder (OMW), that’s only for others … I must be doing it all wrong … I’m just too damaged…bad.. I cant focus..get it right”

Tap each point with a different phrase from your setups rounds: “won’t work for me” “must be doing it wrong” “too damaged”

Say the setup with emphasis and especially give the “I deeply and completely love and accept myself” part your energy.

Whether or not you have ever experienced a OMW fades in to insignificance in the awe inspiring context of the possibilities for EFT. In fact when you are no longer hung up on that idea you are free to go further and further, piece by piece, step by step - seeing your life as a giant jigsaw of possibilities that gets bigger and bigger, and more and more fun to play with. You are so much more than you think! You have so much more to contribute.

Opening to Love is all about going further with  EFT (wherever you are now), daring to dream and living life purposefully. It is about using EFT beyond fixing problems whether they are OMWs or not, towards our dreams and on to Self or spiritual realisation. It’s about opening to true power. It is about discovering that Love and true power are the same thing.

What is your dream? – sport, business, relationships, science simply living with kindness and compassion? When we are aligned with Love we cannot help but succeed, whatever the form our dream may take.

What is really happening with EFT?

Its curious how something as apparently simple as EFT works.

The basics are very important: when we first learn we are encouraged to say out loud (whether we believe it or not) ‘I deeply and completely love and accept myself’, alongside the negative statement that describes the problem. In other words we hold in our minds these opposites. Why does that work so often even though we don’t believe it? Could it perhaps be because at a deeper level we do believe it, it is the Truth and briefly (psychological reversal comes and goes), we are in alignment with that?

I like to wonder about these things, and I wonder whether when we say these words we access universal intelligence, the truth taught by spiritual sages through the years, that transcends our limited fixed ideas about who we are.

If you want to supercharge your work on yourself just be open to the possibility that you really are not who you think – you are so much more than that. The energy of Love recognises your true reality beyond the limits of body, time and space and all your thoughts. By bringing the darkness - “this problem” - to the light, whether or not we believe what we are saying, and so often something happens, implies there must be another level of mind that is operating, and more powerful than our conscious awareness. 

It is as if the words resonate unconsciously and remind us who we really are, opening a portal to Love which is the reality that transcends normal awareness and allows us to heal.

The question is - what happens if we begin to be more conscious about this? Taking the phrase ‘I deeply and completely love and accept myself’ further? Begin to cultivate the awareness that every time you use EFT for yourself, or another, you are doing something very important, something sacred. If you are a practitioner be aware that holding that intention for your client’s healing, especially if they are weary, disillusioned and feel as if they have tried everything, may be the most helpful thing you do. Where there is suffering we have lost sight of Love, we are out of alignment with our Truth (another way of describing Psychological Reversal) and we need someone to see beyond our limited self perception for us.

In Part Two of this article – ‘Opening to Love and and Psychological Reversal’ we will look at ways to do this in our work with ourselves and others, expanding our ideas about Psychological Reversal and how we can move beyond it.

Sue Beer, EFT Master

Part 2 of 2 

Not everything is a One Minute Wonder

In the first part of this article we discussed the idea that not everyone will experience a One Minute Wonder with EFT. We also considered how something as apparently simple as EFT works, so often.

However, what really interests me is what is happening when EFT does not work – (it’s ironic that on the path to EFT Mastery it helps to develop a fascination with how and why it doesn’t work! – how are we stuck, how do we do become stuck: what are we believing, what is the difference between stuck and not?).

It can be when we are really stuck that we look more deeply into the concept of ‘Psychological Reversal’, and we start to find out more about EFT and how it works. As a beginner we will probably have grasped that PR can stop EFT in its tracks – we learn that saying the Set Up statement while tapping the Karate Chop Point or rubbing the Sore Spot is the correction or antidote for PR. Then we learn that if the process is not working the chances are we have not got past PR.

If you are working on your own and you have this experience it can be rather like reading a medical encyclopaedia and identifying with every symptom - interestingly these very thoughts are PR in action, limiting fear thoughts crowding in, maybe going something like this:

“Have I got ‘It’ and… worse still… Am I Massively Reversed!!?”

“Perhaps I am one of the people this won’t work for?  I’m so reversed (bad)…I knew it, I’m hopeless…”

“I’ve done the Set Up and everything and it still hasn’t worked, I knew something this weird couldn’t work!”

Of course, in this state of fear, anxiety and self-doubt we are a very long way from deeply and completely accepting ourselves. Sound familiar? Actually this phenomenon is so common I think it deserves its own name – perhaps ‘Reversology’: the belief or conviction of being irreversibly reversed, not able to be helped!

What is Psychological Reversal?

So what do we know about Psychological Reversal? The fact is nobody knows what it is for sure, we just have some ways of describing what appears to happen. I find it useful to keep remembering that PR is not a thing in its own right, rather an observation of a process. It is not, and can never be, a statement of identity - as in “I am Psychologically Reversed”. It is a process of interference created by our own thoughts and/or responses and relationship to our environment. In other words, it is something we do (rather than have or be).

We know some useful metaphors to describe it. It is AS IF we have our batteries in the wrong way round, giving rise to a situation where there is a literal polarity reversal of our energy system against ourselves, and the tapping will not work. Our thoughts, both conscious and unconscious are the batteries, and they can work for us and against us. Actually PR can be there, or not, as quickly as we change the way we see things, change our minds. What if we were more aware of what has to happen for it NOT to be there? What do we need to realign ourselves with and how do we do this?

The ‘I’ who experiences the problem is not the Self for whom the words “I deeply and completely love and accept myself” are forever true. When we are stuck we think that small ‘I’ is all we are, we have forgotten the sun is always there behind the clouds whether we can see it or not. We have turned against ourselves and there is interference to our true power, our connection to Love.

We have ways to get beyond this interference. Often simply saying the Set Up more emphatically - shouting it if necessary, will do the trick. We also know that sometimes drinking water will restore the flow. Another way is to break down PR into more specific thought forms, for example:

“Even if I never get over this problem, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway”.

“Even if I don’t deserve to get over this problem….”

“Even if I won’t/can’t do what I need to…”

“Even if it’s not safe for me/not safe for others…”

PR and Opening to Love

However we describe it, getting beyond our blocks and self sabotaging strategies is about opening to Love. Love heals. It is the antidote to fear.

My work with Opening To Love is about experiencing ways to get beyond fear in its many forms, developing our abilities to be more consciously able to switch our minds and align ourselves with our healing power.

From this place our hearts sing and our work with EFT has even more elegance and ease and joy. Perhaps psychological reversal is simply fear of Love.  And, although it takes many forms it has no real substance because ultimately, although we do a great job trying, we can not get away from the eternal truth that Love is who we are, and simply awaits our recognition.  

I believe there is a glimpse of recognition every time we set our intention through our thoughts or words such as “I deeply and completely love and accept myself”. When we are stuck we are unconsciously identified with ourselves at a bodily level, at the level of suffering and pain and limitation. When we are in alignment with our reality as Spirit, whether we are aware of it or even believe in it or not, healing happens.

If you think about your own experience of healing you may recognise feeling lighter, more loving, forgiving, peaceful -  qualities that transcend the awareness of our limited, isolated, separate selves.

Heart Connection Exercise

Can you imagine being able to make that connection to your healing power more often, more easily, more deliberately? My experience is that once we begin it gets easier and easier, we feel it in our hearts and it feels right, like coming Home. We realise how much effort it takes to work against ourselves.

Try the following Heart Connection Exercise – it is designed to strengthen the conscious connection between yourself and Love or your true power, and bypass psychological reversal. It only takes a minute or less to do, and when you have done it a few times you will start to feel a positive surge as soon as you put your hand to your heart, and then just by thinking of it. You can do this instead of a standard Set Up, as well as, or on its own:

1. Place your tapping hand on your heart area 

Close your eyes and wonder what it would be like to.. 

…really remember Oneness, perfect Love and safety – the most exquisite sense of being ok…what comes to mind? 

Was there ever a time, (when you felt the best you are capable of now)… a particular pleasant memory, a glimpse, a hint…of what it might be like to really remember?

Tap or rub your heart area as the positive feelings that go with these thoughts come through. 

2. When you feel your Heart Connection (however vaguely at first) practise popping any negative thoughts or feelings right into it, rather like dragging an old computer file to trash, and seeing, hearing and feeling it disappear or dissolve.

Practise this – at first if you notice any interference to doing the process stop and tap to clear it before coming back to it. Play with it. You can build a home to bring all your fears to and dissolve in to and, above all else – enjoy!

Sue Beer, EFT Master


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