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Other Emotional Issues

Anger Management

EFT for anger underlying ALS

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's Disease) is a crippling ailment for which the medical folks have yet to provide a drug or chemical cure. By contrast, EFT aims at emotional issues as a likely cause and that was the approach Sherri Lund provided for her client. Note the physical improvements as well as the cheerier outlook that evolved.

Hugs, Gary

By Sherri Lund

Hi Gary,

A woman emailed me and asked to set up an appointment and mentioned that her husband would have to bring her because she can’t walk.  We’ll call her “Phyllis.”  She said she had ALS and wanted to work with EFT.

When she came for her appointment, her husband wheeled her into my office and the session started.  We chatted for awhile and she began to express extreme anger over her situation, relationships in her life, and how some disreputable people were able to walk and function but she was confined to the wheelchair. 

Phyllis is a smart and well-accomplished woman, yet she was so angry she said she wanted to hit something or someone.  Her body was rigid, her actions jerky, and her eyes were piercing.  She said she has struggled with anger issues for some time. 

Prior to the wheelchair, she was well established at work, managing 65 people in her department.  She was also physically active and would use exercise and other physical activity such as yard work to vent off her anger.  In our session, she shared how frustrated she was at her lack of strength and her inability to release the anger she had inside.  Since she didn’t know of any other way, she stuffed her anger inside and over time it simmered and stewed.  By the time I met her she was boiling.

She was familiar with EFT, having read the newsletters and portions of the manual.  We talked and tapped on things that made her angry using phrases such as:

Even though I’m stuck in this wheelchair…

Even though feel worthless in this wheelchair…

Even though jerks can walk around and I can’t…

Even though I’m so angry with my situation…

We worked on her anger, tapping as she talked, and because she was so pent up, I recommended she come twice a week for several weeks.  She made another appointment.

During the next visit, she told me how much happier she was.  She was more relaxed, at ease, and smiling.  She told me about the funny things her husband had done and how her relationship with him had improved in just a few days since doing EFT.  Despite her newfound happiness, she still had quite a lot of anger so we used EFT to uncover the most pressing circumstances, the fear that there was a woman at her husband’s workplace that was flirting with him.  We tapped on:

Even though I can’t believe this woman has the nerve to come after my husband…

Even though I want to hit this woman because just the thought of her makes me sick…

Even though I’m angry because she can be attractive and I’m stuck in this wheelchair…

Even though she isn’t half the good employee I was…

Phyllis’ case was serious.  Her issues went beyond the chronic physical condition and the intense anger.  During one of the earlier sessions, Phyllis confided in me that she had given herself until the end of that month to feel better and if she wasn’t getting relief, she was going to “end it all.”  This session was three weeks away from the end of the month.  Needless to say, her comment caused me to do some tapping!

I’m not a trained counselor and several times I encouraged Phyllis to get help from a qualified counselor trained in EFT.  I even recommended one I know and set up a phone appointment.  She wanted me present to tap with her during her session with the counselor and I made arrangements to do that.  But she preferred working with me in person rather than managing the phone and tapping, so we continued our sessions twice a week.  In between sessions I would occasionally call her to see how she was doing.

At the end of that month we had a session.  We were chatting and enjoying each other’s company when the conversation lulled.  I looked at her and said, “Tomorrow’s the end of the month.  How are we doing?”  She looked at me and smiled.  She had turned the corner in less than three weeks.

Phyllis was transformed through the EFT work we did, despite the fact that I ’m not a licensed therapist.  Throughout our time together, she did notice strengthening in her limbs and was able to stand for longer periods of time.

There were days that she spent organizing her rooms, pulling things out from under the bed and pushing boxes around.  She talked about how she enjoyed having energy again.  In addition to her physical improvement, her mental outlook blossomed.  She discovered ways to forgive people that she didn’t think possible, she saw that people really cared for her just as she is, and she experienced joy despite her circumstances.

Phyllis and I worked together for three months and it was a pleasure – she taught me so much.  We worked on anger issues, depression, and the belief that her self-worth came from her ability to be productive in the workplace.

She was exploring the idea that she has value even while in the chair and that while her body has limitations at the moment, her heart and mind are not bound.  The last time we spoke she said she is back in physical therapy and her schedule is busy.  I look forward to checking in with her again.

Phyllis is a great example of how situations may or may not change but how someone’s outlook is vital to their emotional well-being.  Perspectives are key.  When we can eliminate the negative charge around an issue and step back from it we can see a bigger picture emerge.

Thank you, Gary, for sharing this technique with the world.  So many people are blessed by your gift.  You are correct when you say the procedure is simple and the results outstanding!

Sherri Lund


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