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Other Emotional Issues


EFT heals a broken heart in rapid time

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

"Love pain" can be a heavy, even debilitating, emotional drain. Such was the case with Amit Singh's (from India) client. After EFT, however, Amit says, "His dramatic shift, however, surprised me ever so happily. He was saying how, if this release had not happened, he might have wasted years in mourning the loss!" Does EFT always work this fast?. No! But it does so often enough to get the attention of any skeptic.

Hugs, Gary

By Amit Singh

"Ram" came looking for me in the gym. He said he wanted to talk, and pulled me aside. He said he was going crazy. He had separated from his girlfriend who told him she no longer wanted a committed relationship with him. "Let's just be friends," she had offered, which completely crushed Ram. Ram had created a whole life-story around this girl to live happily ever after. They had been together for 3½ years.

"I can't focus. I am very restless, nothing feels good. I quit my job with an intention to get back to studies. But my new course starts only next year, so now I have all these months in which I plan to get some certifications. Presently though I have nothing to do and I find it impossible to get through the day. I have nothing to distract my mind and I am very upset."

He kept pacing around as I finished my gym routine. We stepped out and sat on a park bench. He said he wanted to talk. I asked if he'd rather resolve the matter. He said, whatever you do, help me get out of this state. He had very restless energy around him.

I asked him how he felt. His said his feeling of losing this relationship caused him anguish and pain up to an 8-9 on a scale of 0 to 10. We started tapping, and since this was so unplanned and on-the-run, I didn't take the time to explain what we were doing, although in hindsight I feel I could have.

Even though I feel crushed and very upset that I have separated with A (the girl's name)...

We did a full round of EFT. As we were doing so, he was totally enveloped in his thoughts, even though he found the tapping a bit weird. He further said, "I see all these guys walking around with their girls, I feel crushed. Once upon a time I too was as happy and together like them. I feel like a loser. I feel alone. I have no identity. Without her, I am nobody."

I sensed what he said was significant so I returned to the KC point and started again.
Even though I feel like I am a nobody, I have no identity without A, I deeply and completely accept my feelings of anguish and pain.

Even though I can't live without her, and I feel like a loser...

As we tapped the basic sequence, I started to ramble and told him to fill in his thoughts and feelings wherever he wanted. I also informed him that I might exaggerate his feelings as we tap so that whatever is hidden inside will surface.

So as we tapped, I said things like - "My life sucks. I feel like a loser. I hate being alone. I have to have A back in my life. I am nobody without her. This is a horrible way to live."

As I said the last part, he laughed in recognition because he indeed felt that way but would not have been able to say it in so many words (he confirmed this the next day).

He said it wasn't that he felt incomplete without a girlfriend, he felt so without A. We must have done half a round on that when he looked at his watch and suddenly realized he had to get to someplace.

We got up to leave and he apologized about having to end the session abruptly. I realized then that I should have set time expectations at the start. We did not even check to see if his emotional ratings had shifted or if his state had changed at all. All he said as he left was, I really do want to get out of this mess.

I asked him to call and come see me the next day, which he did not. I bumped into him again in the gym. He was smiling broadly and came to me to say, "See I am smiling. I am back again and it feels so good."

I was incredulous (which is funny, but now I know to be prepared for happy surprises!), so I asked him what happened. He said, "Whatever you did, worked. I am not upset anymore."

In order to test, I repeated some of his statements, to which he reported no reaction. It doesn't upset me anymore. I am not missing her.

Has his anguish cleared completely? We will know if, over time, any more negative feelings show up in him. His dramatic shift however surprised me ever so happily. He was saying how, if this release had not happened, he might have wasted years in mourning the loss!

With respect & love,

Amit Singh


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