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Other Emotional Issues


Depression and confusion about God

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Cynthia Kilchenstein briefly describes two cases regarding depression (including one with "miraculous" cancer healings) and asks about the confusion surrounding God and religious issues. My comments are interspersed within her message.

Hugs, Gary

by Cynthia Kilchenstein

Hello, Gary,

I have seen great successes with depression in the areas of unresolved traumas and undoing old belief systems. The more I use my intuition the better EFT works and the less I feel stuck with these cases.

I am confused about depression/sadness/grief that comes from a recurring problem that brings up beliefs about God, and purpose. Two patients that currently concern me are: (1) a male with ongoing ex-wife problems related to child support demands that has made him feel as though he can't get it right and (2) a woman with cancer who continues to feel "sick" from the chemo.

The woman was dx'd with breast cancer for the third time. It is "inflammatory breast cancer" and she has had a previous mastectomy with a recurrence. She has had a sister die very young (in her twenties). The patient is in her early 50's. We tapped on beliefs about death, the word cancer, her sister dying and other issues related to her body betraying her and being dependent. And there has been a great relief. She does continue to be depressed although her cancer is healing "miraculously" according to the MD. When I go back to check on the previous issues, the emotional charge is gone.

GC COMMENT: Apparently, EFT is doing its job in that previous issues are now without emotional charge. Did this contribute to the miraculously healing cancer? Who knows for sure. However, we see this sort of thing often enough to conclude that the odds of EFT being a big player here are substantial.

CYNTHIA CONTINUES: I have many questions, with both patients, many of which relate to EFT for spiritual crisis--or confusion in this case. In both patients their problems have brought up confusion about God and all they believed in. We did tap related to anger at God in the case of the man with ex-wife problems and the body's ability to heal themselves in the case of the woman with cancer using imagery. I am having some trouble being concrete as the issues are existential, ethereal or is this a function of my inexperience? I wonder how to measure whether the tapping works with the confusion brought up and if the person needs to articulate their grief and to what degree people need to actually feel and go through the grief???

GC COMMENT: Formal religions are indeed confusing. While there are some parallels among them, there are also some major differences. For example, some religions are considered uplifting while others are considered purveyors of guilt. Some think God is a benevolent father who is "constant love and forgiveness" while others think he is capable of vengeance and is out to get them. Some think humans are sinners who must repent while others consider "sin" as simply an error in one's spiritual profile.

These beliefs, and many others, are in obvious conflict. They can't all be right. Nonetheless, the beliefs are often held so firmly that wars are fought over them. wonder there is confusion regarding religion.

To me, EFT is a stepping stone to spiritual awareness. Each time we reduce one's fears, angers, traumas, etc. we are that much closer to being completely free of our emotional baggage and thus closer to being ready for a more spiritual experience. However, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in complete healing is this realization of our spiritual birthright. To overcome it, we must first relinquish old beliefs. It is not my place here to say which beliefs are the "right" ones (even though, of course, I have opinions on this). However, we can use EFT on the various fears and other perceived barriers to spiritual awareness. In other words, if a belief appears to be in the way of healing, tap on it.

Regarding the question regarding grief.....I use EFT on grief at any time I deem appropriate. Remember, EFT has a history of removing the UNNECESSARY level of emotions. Whether you tap 10 minutes after the death of someone or 10 years thereafter, you will likely be addressing only that part of the grief that is unnecessary at the time.

CYNTHIA CONTINUES: Thank you for any feedback.

Cynthia Kilchenstein RN, Ph.D.


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