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Other Emotional Issues


EFT Newcomer eliminates his own deep depression and anxiety disorder

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Greg Furtney, an EFT newcomer from Canada, experienced severe emotional disorders that were efficiently handled by his self-application of EFT. He says, "Something magical happened.  I began to feel physical changes in my arms and legs, like an energetic twitching.  I believe I was feeling the natural energy flow within me - once again."  Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Greg Furtney

Dear Gary,

I know this will not come as any surprise to you … but WOW! … What an initial experience I have had with EFT.  Here is my story. 

A major change in my workplace, including roles, responsibilities and location at the beginning of the year led to a major depression and anxiety disorder which started the beginning of May.  I have had two other such occurrences earlier in my life, but not nearly as difficult as this one. 

Using all the normal approaches including psychiatry, psychology and drugs, I was able to affect a very slow recovery over the next five months.  I was introduced to your website by an individual who had used EFT to recover from their own depression a few years earlier. 

I consider myself an open-minded skeptic, so I began to investigate this technique by reading everything you had provided on your site, including the reference manual.  It sure seemed simple enough, but I was having a hard time believing it could work on something as “deep” rooted as my depression. 

Recently I had one of the worst days of my recovery and was inches away from giving up again on the fight.  The day started out pretty normal for me but as it progressed, my mood continued to drop and all the cognitive work I applied did nothing to budge it.  By late afternoon, I had a raging headache, almost like a hangover and I could barely hold back the tears.  I was shaking and sweating and felt like I would just explode. 

When I finally realized I couldn’t maintain my grip any longer, I retired to my bedroom where I had decided I would just give in and cry it out.  That’s when the thought came to me, “Why don’t you give EFT a try?”  I tightened my grip on my emotions and dove in. 

I wasn’t convinced that I could do it on the depression, so I first focused on my headache.  Following your Basic Recipe, I completed one round of tapping and to my utter amazement my headache was completely gone. 

Now I had the fuel to attack the emotional disorder of my depression.  With deep focus I slowly and deliberately proceeded through the recipe again using one of the examples from your web site where I applied EFT to the general state of my depression.  Something magical happened.  I began to feel physical changes in my arms and legs, like an energetic twitching.  I believe I was feeling the natural energy flow within me - once again. 

When I completed tapping, I said to myself, “Now I give you permission to cry.”  Guess what?  The tears would not come.  I was astounded.  In fact, I couldn’t even coax them up with reflective thoughts on the same issues that had been stressing me out during the day.  I had performed something I thought was impossible. 

I continued to tap all week long on various issues including my anxiety about returning to work.  With amazement, my strength and energy began to return.  By the end of the week, I was able to contact the office about discussing a return to work plan, and unfortunately had my employment terminated (a different problem altogether).  However, on a very positive note I have not had any sensations of anxiety or depression as it relates to the termination.  My outlook on life is still very positive and I thank you and the EFT technique for opening a wonderful new doorway for me.

I am so excited about this energy method that I have already contacted a practitioner in my area and will be working with them to gain additional understanding and benefit from the use of EFT.  Your DVD’s arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to dive into them as well.  I am very happy to report that my depression is completely gone and I have not had any such emotional reactions in the past 11 days. 

I thank God for directing me to this healing method and I thank you, your staff and all the EFT practitioners for their efforts and articles on the use of this technique.  They have all been so very helpful.  I am just one more success story and a new branch of your outreach spreading the news of the healing benefits of EFT.

Greg Furtney

King City, ON, Canada


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