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Other Emotional Issues


EFT to heal family relationships

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

It is so heartwarming to watch EFT collapse some old angers and hurts regarding family members. It is even more heartwarming to watch families knit back together when these unnecessary emotions are put to rest. This article by Dawn Murray shows how this can be done.

Hugs, Gary

By Dawn Murray, EFT-ADV

I am writing this story to tell other EFT readers about how remarkable EFT really is in healing the relationship with yourself and others.  It has brought a family back together again where there was no hope previously.

In my EFT practice I was doing a weekly Weight Loss class with a group of women.  One girl in particular, Elaine, showed interest in taking this to the next level.  What transpired was a small weight loss but a huge gain for her and her family.

The way I see EFT working is that with each round of tapping we are peeling off onionskin layers of energy disruptions that we have carried with us from long ago.  With the weight loss class, we tap on the energy disruptions everyone had from last week and tap on other issues relating to the reasons WHY we overeat or eat the wrong things.

We work towards getting to the "writing on our mental walls" that keeps us going back to the fridge or cookie jar.  When we can get to the core issue of why we go there, we are on our way to gaining control of what we put in to our body because the results of what we are doing today is there for all the world to see. 

We work on finding out what we are trying to tranquilize by eating (or drinking or drugs or Video Lottery Terminals).  Elaine followed instructions, did lots of tapping on her own, and didn't just wait for my instructions each week.  She came for private sessions when she felt really stuck or too frustrated.  What she discovered was quite amazing to her and it led to the most incredible outcome anyone could wish for.

We uncovered the core issue behind her obsession to overeat when she got home from work.  We looked at her "history" (I cannot stress this enough) and what had taken place some 18 years ago.  Elaine would wait for her unfaithful husband to call between 4 and 7 p.m. to say whether he would be coming home for dinner or not.  While waiting for the call, she was trying to tranquilize her anxiety about having an unfaithful husband with chips, chocolate bars and nibbling while she was cooking. 

This correlated with her current eating habits.  It is the same time of day that she goes for the chips and can't quit.  It took a few joint tapping sessions and lots of tapping on her own to realize that overeating after work is the same feeling she was trying to tranquilize 18 years ago and George doesn't even live there anymore.

Some of Elaine’s tapping went like this.

Even though I now realize why I start eating when I get home from work and it has now grown to eating until I go to bed, trying to tranquilize the anxiety over George…

Even though understanding why I overeat at that time has given me a new lease on my feelings and I am doing the best I can…

Even though I can now see how my feelings of fear of being alone to raise the kids kept me trapped in that same old anxiety so I could keep eating and not really look at myself.  The world could see what I had been doing and I thought it was well hidden inside me.  I kept it BOTTLED UP and guess what, it was showing no matter how much I believed I hid it, I have never weighed this much before and I deeply and completely love and accept myself despite what I may have done to create this.

Elaine tapped on some old wounds and anguish, and knew that her hatred for her ex-husband was a strain on her daughter, who now had 2 small children.  To keep peace with mom and dad she would have to have 2 birthday parties, 2 Christmas's, etc.  Until one day Elaine called her daughter to say, "Just have one party for John's 1st birthday; we will all come and it will be fine."

To say the least, her daughter thought her mom was having a serious melt down … but was pleased to only have to make one big meal and party.  It was a 2-hour drive to the party and Elaine tapped all the way out, saying:

Even though I have never let go of my hate for George and I don't know how I will react, it's time to let that crap go and make it easy on our daughter…

Even though it's only a few hours, I recall a time when we used to have fun with our kids and I truly would love to experience that peace again especially now with these precious grandchildren…

Even though I have carried this emotional crap too long, I have been suffering, our kids have been suffering and who knows if George has been.  I choose to enjoy our grandchildren despite his presence.

To her and her daughter's utter amazement when George arrived, Elaine met him and his new wife (of 17 years) at the door, took their coats and had an incredible, fun day that would have NEVER happened without EFT.  She was ecstatic!  For those of you in the situation of being or having an ex, this is monumental.

EFT removes the energy disruption that has been festering whether it's been a month, a year or a lifetime.  Please don't waste your energy on such emotional baggage, replace it with accepting yourself for who you are and let the rest fall back into the toilet.  Life is so worth living to its fullest and EFT allows that to happen, even to you.

In checking back with Elaine a year later, she reports that as a whole family they have had numerous gatherings with their daughter, son and families and everyone has come to a beautiful feeling of peace at last.  

Dawn Murray, EFT-ADV


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