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Surrogate tapping brings peace to my filly, Rose!

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

LeAnn Fisher's horse, Rose, had traumatic experiences regarding her feet at an early age. As a result, Rose would panic and bolt for freedom every time the blacksmiths (farriers) would come around. However, with LeAnn's simple surrogate tapping the whole problem resolved itself. Note how LeAnn found herself automatically "tuning in" to Rose's issues. Fascinating concept.

By LeAnn Fisher

Hi, Gary!

I want to share a story about surrogate tapping for my filly, Rose. Rose was born with crooked front legs that required the farrier (blacksmith) to glue special shoes on her little feet when she was two months old and then again when she was four months old. Both events were very traumatic for her - and for me. She had to be sedated both times, and both times "came to" enough to be terrified and bolt for freedom. The first time, she stepped on my leg. The second time, she reared up and came down on top of my head. (Thank God she was a baby!)

When the farriers would return for follow-up work, she would freak out. I was the only one who could catch her, and she had to be sedated each time for a simple trim.

I am not a trainer, but tried all the tricks I knew for getting a horse to accept having her feet worked with - no luck. One day when she was almost two years old and the farriers were due that day, I decided to tap surrogately for her. Having limited experience with surrogate tapping, I decided to tap on the way to work and then again going home - Now, I don't recommend trying that!

I started by saying, "I am Rose." I used the obvious:

"Even though those men scare me, I'm a very good horse...."

"Even though I feel trapped when they work on my feet, I'm a good horse and a good spirit."

I was surprised at how quickly and intensely I connected with her, which is why I don't recommend trying this while driving. Suddenly, I was swept over by intense emotion, and tapped on the feelings:

"Even though I am afraid I might die if they hold my feet and don't let me run away, I trust Mom (me) and I trust myself."

"Even though my legs are my safety and these men drug me and hold my legs, I know my feet need to be trimmed and I'm okay."

"Even though I fear for my life, these men are always kind and Mom is always there. I know I will be okay."

More of these statements poured out until the intensity finally decreased and then went to zero. I should have pulled off the road, as I was feeling the panic up in to my throat.

When I got home, the farriers were already there. My daughter had put Rose in a large stall with her mother. I was amazed that she was quietly munching hay instead of crashing around wide eyed. She led quietly out of the stall and stood unconcerned while the farriers quickly trimmed all four feet. She even lifted the last forefoot for them!

Needless to say, they were dumfounded! They knew this filly and what we had been through with her, and to have her stand like a seasoned horse with no concern whatsoever for the work they were doing amazed them all! She now stands in the field and lets me pick up her feet without being haltered. What an amazing change!

I cannot thank you enough for EFT. Farrier work is needed every six to eight weeks to keep her feet healthy. Rose can now have this done without trauma.

LeAnn Fisher, PA-C


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