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EFT for the healing of our pets

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Marlene Marion shares her thoughts (and examples) for using EFT with pets.

Hugs, Gary

By Marlene Marion, EFT-ADV

Hi Gary,

This is an article I did for my newsletter I thought you might like to share.

EFT for the healing of our pets

I personally believe that our pets are the most wonderful creatures god has given us.  And now that I understand EFT and the spirit, I think that when an animal gets a condition, in some unintentional way we have created it for them. 

These are strong words, however I think that animals live in the now, and are love in and of themselves.  They love to love you and be with you.  And in trying to teach them and live with them we sometimes throw a lot of negativity towards our beloved pets.  I feel this damages their essence, aura, and vibration from being positive love to something lower.  A lower vibration brings in disease.  We need to raise our vibration to be healthy.

Caesar Milan, "The Dog Whisperer" on television never raises his voice, never threatens, never punishes, when training a dog.  He uses energy.  Pets also seem to heal faster than we do because they are so forgiving.  And EFT is a very powerful tool when used on our pets - the results can be dramatic!

Whatever condition your pet has - a growth, allergy, arthritis, diabetes - you can effectively correct this for them just by using EFT.  Although I talk about dogs, this works for any pet.

Duke, a Rottweiler had a bad leg and a limp and at times would just fall down and pull himself with his front legs.  Neither Maureen, the owner, nor her vet had been able to do anything for him.

I talked and tapped around Duke’s eyes, top of head and down the sides of his front legs all the way to the paws.  Then I tapped back up again towards the head and this time went down the back spine and then down the back legs to the paws.  Now you can do this tapping on just one side at a time or both sides at once.

Even though I have this bad back left leg and it makes me limp, I am loved and I am a good dog.

My leg is healing itself and I am a good dog.

Even though I fall down and can't run like I used to, I completely love myself and I am a good dog.

Even though my back left leg is hurting me, I am a good dog and my master/mommy loves me.

I have seen miracles with this simple method many times.  While tapping, other words sometimes come to me, and I throw them in.  You can do this too - just listen to what pops into your head – it is your intuition telling you something the dog needs to hear.

I spent half an hour with Duke and left instructions for Maureen to do what I did at least twice a day and watch for results.  Maureen tapped for 5 days and she noticed that each day his walk seemed to be better and stronger.  After 2 weeks her beloved Duke now runs and plays as he used to.

This should be something you do (depending on how severe) at least twice a day until all is well again.  Be persistent.  Get creative with your wording if change does not happen within a couple of days.

In another example, a dog with parvo was going to die within days.  Parvo is a viral disease that attacks the intestinal tract and immune system.  I instructed a client over the phone on how to tap and what to say and told her to do this at least 10 times a day and be persistent.  

Even though I can't hold food down, I am a good dog

Even though my immune system is not working well, I am a good dog

Even though my intestinal tract is sick, I am a good dog and I am greatly loved

Even though I have parvo, I am a great dog and my family loves me and I love me.

Say these things while continually tapping all around the eyes, nose and throat and coming around to the head and then down the front legs to the paws. Then coming back up and tapping down the back spine and going down the hind legs to the paw.  I also recommend tapping around the belly area.  I have to say that Corky is over her parvo and healthy again and it has been 2 months. How awesome is that!


I also strongly urge you to use a good quality pet food that is organic and has no wheat or corn in it which is very bad for pets and their liver.  And of course the pesticides and hormones are bad for us and I think even more so for them.  I use organic food for my dog and myself as much as possible.

Sending Lots of Love your way,

Marlene Marion


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