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EFT calms down a "Spooking Horse"

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

To be most effective in difficult cases, I have often said that we must "get ourselves out of the way" and let the healing work "THROUGH us rather than BY us." This allows us to work at our intuitive best and often provides insights not normally available. Laila del Monte is an "animal communicator" who makes her living operating on this principle with animals. Her article shows what is possible in this realm.

Hugs, Gary

By Laila del Monte

First, a note that I received from the horse's owner, K.O. in California

"Monet, my 12 year old horse would shy terribly at things no one else could see. Doctors said her eyes were fine. Monet trained with one of the top dressage trainers on the West Coast but no one could get through the shying. Then I found Laila. She told me it was a difficult case and would promise nothing. Laila has healed a mare [Monet] that was not fun to ride. Not only do I love to ride her now, we have a new and loving relationship."

When I was called for Monet I didn't have my hopes up. Her behavior was unpredictable. She would suddenly "spook" at things and behave in the weirdest fashion. This was dangerous for the person riding her and so the owners were ready to sell her.

When I did the communication with her I found that she was a highly sensitive and nervous horse. She was very special in a way because of her highly developed senses but it was difficult for her to conform to a "normal" horse life. She also felt lonely and disconnected although she was very well taken care of. She could actually perceive things that no one else could, I'll call them energies.

But she would also see things that weren't really there. Especially when she was out on the trail. And that would scare her senseless. This was real fear, not just a behavioral issue. I had been told that the vet had checked her eyes and she was fine. I actually looked out of her eyes and found nothing wrong, it was all a distorted sense of reality. It's as if the line between her higher perception and her imagination were blurred. She was deeply sad and unhappy too and felt not good enough.

Before I started working with her I asked her person not to ride her, to just walk with her and gently whisper in her ear. She needed to develop a connection. She was also expected to do a lot of things in competition which she was not ready to do. So I asked that she be given "time out" so she could relax and we could focus on our work together.

I started tapping. All this is done in communication form, imagining the points on the horse. We tapped on all the things she could have seen on the trail and how it made her feel:

Even though I see these shadows...

Even though something is going to get me...

Even though I see these shapes on my left side and I don't know what they are...

Even though this THING is sitting in the middle of the trail and I'm so scared and I have to stop...

Even though I feel very nervous when I'm out...and I have to keep darting my eyes to make sure "they" aren't coming out again...

This part actually went pretty fast. I was surprised to see how easily we got down to the 0.Then I tapped on the relationship with K and the pressure of what was expected from her.

Even though I would like to do what K wants but it's not good enough ...

Even though I don't want to jump the obstacles...

Even though I'm tired of being stuck in this box...

Even though I feel lonely and nobody loves me (this one took a lot of time to get through. There was a lot of sadness, anxiety bordering on depression in her heart).

Even though I would like to please K but I want to give up...

Even though I can't understand why everyone is angry with me...

Also we tapped her on knowing that they wanted to sell her:

Even though I feel sad and all alone...

We managed to bring it all down to 0. I never found out why she saw those "things" or what they were. Since then the relationship has come along nicely.

When you start the tapping you end up going to deeper layers and you find heavier emotions, many times deep sadness or dejection, especially with horses. Sometimes these things are hard to put in words, I just feel them in my heart very strongly so I tap the horse for "this feeling" or "this specific pain" I don't know where the 0 is. I just know when the heavy feeling dissipates. I did that many times with Monet.

EFT, in my experience, has worked better on horses then any other animal. However, I find that the respect towards this splendid Animal Being is often lacking. People forget that they are free souls who used to roam freely with the full emotional support of a herd. We forget that they need to be talked to and above all loved and that they are stuck in a stall all day coming out maybe only once a day to do some exercises just to please us!

Laila del Monte


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