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EFT reversed the cause of a 7 year chronic uterine infection in our mare!

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to peruse our Free Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tutorial™ for a more complete understanding.

Hi Everyone,

Kudos to Gayla Sanders for persistently using EFT on her mare's severe health problems. She says, "It's just amazing to think of all those years, pouring food into her, only for her to burn it up fighting a losing battle to the infection. And with something so simple (and FREE) as EFT, Tess is now well and fat, eating only 4 cups of feed a day (compared to 40 cups before EFT)."

Hugs, Gary

By Gayla Sanders

Hi Gary,

We bought Tess, a gorgeous black Shire, to breed American Drum Horses and serve as a valued member of our free Veteran's Equine Therapy Program.

Although Tess was significantly underweight and had been for at least the 4 previous years, the ultrasound showed no uterine issues, so our vet approved her for breed-ability and gave us the "okay" to buy her.

However, a series of biopsies revealed Tess had a chronic, "incurable", uterine infection and a tilted vagina, which was pouring urine and bacteria into her uterus when she cycled each month. After 3 months and over $3,000 of traditional vet care using shots, pills, uterine flushes, Tess was still filled with infection and could not be bred.

Instead of replacing Tess with a breedable mare, I insisted we continue searching for a solution and discovered a whole food vitamin combination that healed Tess' uterus completely in only 2 weeks. (Sadly, our vet refused to believe such a simple solution could work.) With the infection healed, Tess immediately began to gain weight, was bred the following season, and foaled a beautiful, healthy Drum colt, in 2006.

The upside - we'd found a way to keep Tess well. The downside - it cost a lot of money to feed her the vitamins, which did not cure the cause of the infection and, although the vitamins helped her gain weight, she still required 10 times the amount of feed her herd mates ate. The cause - the tilted vagina - needed to be re-tilted and/or her cervix needed to stay tight during her cycles in order to keep the bacteria from entering her uterus.

A year before writing this article, it occurred to me to use EFT to help reverse Tess' confirmation issues.

Just like talking to person, I explained to Tess, her situation and told her I was confident that she could change her body. I used surrogate tapping for her using only the KC, TH, EB, SE, UE, UN, CH, and CB. Note - I took a moment to pause and breathe deeply at various points, depending on my intuition.

These are some of the tapping themes I tapped for her (one theme per round):

1) to release her beliefs that she would always be ill and that her body would always be tilting the wrong direction;

2) to release the guilt and bad feelings about her health;

3) to give herself permission to be well;

4) to open up to the possibility of rearranging her body;

5) to believing she could reshape her body;

6) together, we imagined re-tilting her reproductive system - tapping as we slowly moved the parts into proper position and tightened lax muscles.

After the initial tapping, I tapped thanksgiving rounds for her over the next couple of weeks. Every day, I marveled to her how healthy she was becoming and thanked her for helping heal herself.

We stopped the vitamins upon that first day of tapping. Instead of dropping weight, Tess began to gain. Against all odds, she continued to gain throughout the harsh New York winter, while we were able to gradually drop her feed. Within 9 months, she was actually fat and eating 10 times LESS feed; the same amount her herd mates were eating! She had become a very economical and healthy horse; just like her herd mates.

Ten months after the EFT treatment, the pasture was so rich Tess, by choice (along with the entire herd), went 4 weeks straight without eating any feed and still maintained her healthy FAT body. This was significant in the life of a mare who had suffered with chronic infection for over 7 years and had been terribly underweight while on as many as 6 meals a day.

It's just amazing to think of all those years, pouring food into her, only for her to burn it up fighting a losing battle to the infection. And with something so simple (and FREE) as EFT, Tess is now well and fat, eating only 4 cups of feed a day (compared to 40 cups before EFT).

It has been a year since I began this work with Tess. Every day I tell her how marvelous and healthy she looks. Her eyes are bright. I know she likes feeling well.

Important side benefits of EFT:

1 - thousands of dollars saved in medical bills, vitamin supplements, and excess feed bills.

2 - the comfort of knowing our horse is well. EFT means peace of mind.

Thank you, Gary for encouraging us to use EFT on everything.

With hugs and appreciation,

Gayla Sanders


Hi Gary,

There were two ways to prove Tess' uterus was no longer infected, apart from the fact she was suddenly gaining weight for the first time in many years. The first way would be to have a culture taken. The second way would be for her to conceive and carry the foal full term. You see, with the presence of an infection, the uterus would disallow conception.

I was simply satisfied to see Tess gaining weight. Apparently, she conceived the foal 3 months after I had tapped for her healing and restoration of her vaginal tilt (the cause of her chronic infections). Tess gave birth to a sweet and beautiful colt.

Sadly, we did not realize the colt was in trouble until it was too late. He died within 24 hours and Tess was in danger of deadly infection from remnants of the placenta in her uterus.

I immediately began tapping for her to expel the pieces safely, to dry up her utter, and for her grief. Our mares love being moms. So while I tapped, I included gratitude and appreciation to her for her willingness to have a foal. As I surrogate tapped, I reminded her how much I admired her for healing herself in the first place. I told her how confident I was she could heal herself again. I lavished love, admiration, and appreciation upon her.

In the end, Tess never ran a fever, never got infected, her utter dried quickly and was back to normal within a month. All of this without any vitamins or drugs or uterine flushes.

Isn't EFT amazing?! It brings me great comfort to have such a powerful tool to keep my horses well.

With much gratitude,



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