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Impressive surrogate work for ex-champion horse

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Laila del Monte is a professional animal communicator who has developed the ability to "speak through the silence" with our furry friends. In this case an aging ex-champion horse was "put out to pasture" to die and, just as humans might do, he developed many emotions that showed up in physical ailments. Please note that all of Laila's work here was done "in the silence" before ever physically meeting the horse. Obviously, this case is not just about EFT. It also points a loving finger towards the true connection we have with animals and with each other. This is an inspiring story. Spend some quality time with it.

By Laila Del Monte

Hello Gary,

This is the background on the horse. We'll name him Bello for privacy sake (he was very famous!)

Bello was a reserved world champion for about four years. After that he participated in horse shows for many years and won many competitions. My client got him six years ago after he had "been put out to pasture" at the barn.

They thought he would die because he had lost his will to live. My client gave him so much love that he got attached to her and decided to stay on planet earth for her. When she called me three months ago, Bello was a total mess. Now I had no idea what they do to world champion horses but when I heard the stories and saw what I got in communication my blood was boiling.

He had developed crippling arthritis in his left hip, feet and back and could hardly move without pain. His ankles were in agony. I found out (from the trainer ) that they used to put his feet on high wooden shoes and a product on the back of the ankles and the chains on him. That made it so painful to put his feet down that he had to extend his foot to get the "look " required. Vickie told me the vets said she would never be able to ride him again. She said she knew she would never be able to ride him but it didn't matter: all she wanted was for him to know he would never have to show again and just be happy. He was still terribly nervous and fearful.

But I was determined to get a miracle for him.

So I started healing (remote: combination of prayer and visualization) Not much luck. Very little progress. After a while (yes, I'm slow to learn) it dawned on me: "well maybe I should try EFT"!!!

I tapped on everything that came up about fear and running.

The tapping is done in the mind in communication. I tried a few times surrogately but I prefer in the mind. It goes faster and you can cover more ground. Anyone can do that, you don't have to be an animal communicator! .I do all the points except for fingers. I do go through the gamut point (on the hoof) and the happy birthday thing (it adds some fun).

This is what came up and we tapped for:

Even though I'm afraid she'll leave me if I run again....

Even though she won't love me anymore if I run again...

Even though I can't run anymore and am useless

Even though I was a champion, now I'm nothing...

Even though if I get well I will have to go back and run again...

We tapped on the whole championship thing:

Even though they will hurt me again, I don't want to go back...I will die

Even though I don't care about anything anymore but I do care about her...

I followed that session with a remote healing. Lo and behold I get a call saying there was a 30% improvement!

So I did more and went deeper:

A lot more came up about running and pain.

I was trying a few times a week. Then one day I tapped for loneliness: Even though I feel lonely and I'm afraid of being alone... and he cried. Now that tore at my guts! Everything in communication is very real. I had never felt a horse cry before. So we tapped on that fear and being alone put out to die:

Even though I was put out to pasture and left to die...

Even though she saved me it might happen again...and I'm afraid

Even though I might be all alone again (more crying)...

Still something was missing. I couldn't find the core. I kept listening and tapping and then finally it hit me:

Even though my pain keeps her here loving me....!!!!!

That was it, I tapped and I felt him melting! He actually needed the pain to feel safe.

Even though It's safe for me to have this pain...

Even though it's better to have this and be here with Vickie...

I ended with more healing. The next day she called and told me his head was totally dropped and relaxed like never before. His front legs were better and now "snapping". He was more affectionate, smelling and licking her hands and there was more improvement. She said she had never seen him like that.

That was our breakthrough.

From that point on I worked on him daily with healings and tapping often for pain and allowing himself to run and be well again. I had to constantly tap that over and over again with many variations. In Bello's case EFT is what opened the gates to allow the healing to go through. There was such emotional trauma from the abuse, everything was blocked. I also realized that EFT permits the animal to heal himself. He is not passive. It's us two figuring things out together with God.

Two months later:

I saw Bello yesterday (in real life) for the first time. He was able to extend his head (which the trainer said he couldn't do before), he walked normally, ran and frolicked with another horse in front of my (physical yet wet ) eyes and ate tangerines with much glee! (ever heard of a horse eating tangerines?)

And the best bonus is: Vickie can now ride him again!

The moral of this story is: Perseverance and EFT bring good fortune!

Blessings, Laila


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