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The horse with many fears

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Horse owners will love this interesting approach to healing fears by Martina Becher of Germany.

Hugs, Gary

By Martina Becher, EFT-ADV

Dear Gary,

I am so happy to present my case study of a horse who suffered from extreme horsebox fear and fear of men for your newsletter. The result of the tapping seems like a miracle to me and to the horse’s owner alike. Thank you so much!

Lots of love from Germany


Dear Gary,

I successfully use surrogate EFT to help horses overcome their fear of getting onto a trailer.  Recently a lady phoned me from Denmark and my travelling there for the treatment would have been very expensive and time consuming since I live in Germany.  So I suggested using surrogate EFT over the phone and the lady, call her Susanne, agreed to give it a try even though she had never heard of EFT or surrogate tapping before.

Susanne phoned me because her mare Sarah was afraid of getting onto and staying on a trailer.  She did not like men at all, would fight against the blacksmith and not allow anyone to touch her hooves.

The horse had had more than ten owners and when Susanne saw her she immediately fell in love with her.  Sarah must have had some really bad experiences in her lifetime as her multiple fears and her overall behavior indicated.  Susanne and I set up our first telephone appointment for surrogate tapping.  I invited her to imagine a safe place where we could sit together and invite Sarah to join us.  After that we tapped a few rounds and I said, Dear Sarah, please allow me to tap for you – I am doing it to help.

When Susanne got the OK from her horse we identified ourselves with Sarah, by tapping while saying, “I am Sarah.”  After two rounds I asked Susanne what she would like to work on and she decided to work on the trailer fear.  We tapped.

Even though I am afraid to get onto the trailer I know that I am a good horse and my Susanne loves me and I am safe with her.

Susanne was so touched by the setup phrase that she could not speak.  This led me to believe that her horse was really longing for love and acceptance from her human caretakers.  When Susanne had calmed down again and felt relieved I asked her about any messages she got from her horse which led to more tapping.

Even though I am bewildered and wonder what is happening, I know I am a good horse and my Susanne loves me and I am safe with her.

Somehow I got the notion that we should also include John, Susanne’s husband in the setup phrase:

Even though I fear the trailer I know I am a good horse and my Susanne and John love me and I am safe with them.

Both Susanne and I felt a strong startling response, a sense of disbelief coming from Sarah.

Even though I cannot believe John loves me and that I am safe with him I know I am a good horse.

Sarah maintained that men are very dangerous, they hurt you and since John was a man he could not be trusted at all.  So we tapped.

Even though John is a man and men are dangerous I know I am a good horse and safe with my Susanne and John.

Even though men hurt you and John is a man and I can not trust him I know I am a good horse doing the best I can.

Even though John is a man and men are dangerous I can learn to distinguish between good and bad people and I am safe with my Susanne and John.

Sarah calmed down a lot and seemed to accept the possibility that John might indeed be a nice person.  So we continued tapping about the dangerousness of getting onto the trailer until Sarah did not feel any more fear.  I encouraged Susanne to frighten herself and Sarah about the trailer and we tapped until no apprehension was left.  At the end of our first session Susanne felt energetic and happy and she saw Sarah standing at the gate waiting for her.

When we spoke again a few days later Susanne told me that Sarah had been waiting by the gate just as she had imagined it, which Susanne found very surprising.  She reported massive changes in Sarah´s behaviour, most of all regarding John.  Sarah has really taken to him, likes him a lot and will not enter the trailer unless he is there with them.  Remember, she would not have anything to do with him before and avoided him as best as possible.

Apart from that she seemed to be a lot happier.  Before the EFT session she seemed depressed most of the time, with her nose on the ground a lot.  Susanne said, “I often thought I owned a dog instead of a horse - now she carries her head like a normal horse with her ears pricked up she is very interested in her environment.”

John remarked that Sarah seems to be a completely new person.  Her fear of the trailer was not completely overcome but in the next session she revealed to us another reason for her fear so we could work on it.  She indicated to us that she had terribly hurt her hoof once on one of the trailer bars which explained why she would always be very upset when she saw one of these bars.

Susanne remarked that now she understood the recurring image of Sarah looking down at one of her feet when she had been tapping for her the previous week.  Suddenly she was able to understand where Sarah´s hoof injury had come from.  Shorty after they bought Sarah they had noticed a very bad injury on the side of her right hoof.  No one knew how this could have happened since it was in a place a horse would not usually injure itself.  So we tapped for the pain of her hoof being injured and her fear of the trailer bars.  One major worry was the noise of metal touching metal and we also tapped for that.  Sarah felt much relief and became more and more relaxed.

Susanne reports further improvement in Sarah´s behaviour and a lot less fear concerning the trailer.  I just got an email from Susanne.  She tells me that she´s exposed Sarah to the trailer for the first time after our last session which is now five days ago.  Sarah was absolutely calm and ate her carrots on the trailer.  Susanne showed the dreaded bar to her but Sarah just looked at it and took no further notice.  Before the last session she had been very frightened by it.

Susanne does not really know what to say because Sarah stayed calm and relaxed even when she used the bar to make a lot of noise!  Sarah´s treatment is being continued with telephone sessions once a week plus daily tapping by Susanne following the sequences I send to her by email after our session.

In my experience surrogate tapping works wonders for horses even when being done over the phone and it gives their owners great opportunities to help their animals.  Since I love horses, dogs and all other animals I am so happy we have EFT because now we can really help our animal friends on a soul level.

Best wishes from Germany


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