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Surrogate EFT and Surrogate Muscle Testing resolve horse's bucking problem

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

To many, it seems strange that someone could "tune in" to an animal or another person and come up with core emotional experiences to address with EFT. Nonetheless, I believe anyone can do this. It's simply a matter of giving it a try and developing the skill. Colleen Flanagan did this and then applied both surrogate EFT and surrogate muscle testing to generate an otherwise "impossible" result. Muscle testing, for those unfamiliar with it, is a skill that some practitioners learn. I rarely use it myself but support those who do. I prefer using straight intuition.

Hugs, Gary

By Colleen Flanagan, EFT-ADV

Kelly, an experienced horse trainer and riding instructor, asked me to visit her barn to resolve her Thoroughbred-Appaloosa gelding's bucking problem. She'd adopted Outlaw, an abused and frightened horse 9 years ago. Through lots of love and proficient training, he'd become a wonderfully obedient trail and dressage horse. Last year, Kelly became very ill and had to let another family keep him until she became well enough to care for him again.

Immediately after Outlaw returned to Kelly's barn, the bucking problems began and worsened until Kelly could not ride him. The adoptive family told her that he'd refused to be ridden by them for the entire five months they'd kept him.

A veterinarian found no physical problems with the gelding. Kelly then consulted several experts. All gave her no hope for reversing Outlaw's bad attitude. She refused to give up on her beloved gelding and contacted me to try Equine EFT.

While working with animals or people I often feel their emotions and sometimes see a mental picture of what is causing their distress. I use surrogate muscle-testing (SMT) as a diagnostic tool to uncover core issues and verify the visions and feelings I receive.

SMT identified a fear of rejection at an intensity level of 10. A picture flashed in my mind of Outlaw, filled with grief and disbelief, being led into a horse trailer and taken from Kelly's property, his big heart breaking. I tapped on myself as I focused on him standing in his corral:

Even though I can't believe my mommy is sending me away after I trusted her...

Even though I know Mommy was sick, I can't believe she couldn't find a way to keep me home...

Even though my heart still feels like it's breaking and I'm so sad...

Even though I want to trust Mommy again, I'm too afraid to trust another human...

Even though I know I've been a bad boy and I'm afraid Mommy will send me away again...

Even though I feel hopeless, helpless and worthless because Mommy rejected me...

When Outlaw's fear of rejection reached 0, I identified a 10 fear of failure to be safe that started 15 years ago. I saw a mental picture of a man tying Outlaw to a stake in the middle of a corral then beating him with a large piece of wood. Tears stained my cheeks as I felt Outlaw's terror and confusion about the beating:

Even though the bad man beat me because I didn't understand what he wanted me to do for him...

Even though I felt afraid and I was never safe for many years...

Even though I can't forget when the bad man hit me and I never felt safe until Mommy loved me...

Even though I thought Mommy was sending me back to the bad man and I haven't felt safe since she sent me away...

Even though I'm so afraid I'll never be safe again and I can't let Mommy or anyone ride me...

After that fear of failure to be safe was at a 4, SMT identified that Outlaw had released his fears from his first owner and had fears from his second owner. I saw a flash of a dark-haired woman whipping the horse with the reins and angrily pushing him because he would not obey her. Kelly explained that she'd bought Outlaw from a woman who ran a ranch for wayward boys. I began surrogate tapping on his remaining fear of failure to be safe:

Even though I felt safe with my second owner but she hurt me, too...

Even though I thought I could trust that woman but she hit me just like the bad man did...

Even though I still don't feel completely safe sometimes and need to buck off my mommy...

After a good hour of tapping, Outlaw and I both felt quite relaxed. SMT indicated that all his fears were at 0. I then tapped in positive affirmations:

I'm safe now and I can completely trust Mommy.

Mommy and I can now ride together like the good old days.

I know my mommy loves me and she will keep me forever.

Now that I released all my scary feelings, I can let Mommy ride me again.

Kelly saddled Outlaw and led him to the arena to ride. Although he shied away for several minutes (as if from months of habit), he finally relaxed and allowed Kelly to mount and ride him for the first time since last year.

What a beautiful, elegant horse and rider team! Kelly commented how Outlaw had previously been "a ball of nerves" but now he seemed laid-back and confident, like his old self! Months later, Outlaw and Kelly continue to enjoy their trail rides and dressage.

I'm still awed by the power of EFT and its continued success with my human and animal clients!

Colleen Flanagan, EFT-ADV



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