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Tapping on your own "chain of worry" before tapping on your pet's problem

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Pet owners will find many useful insights in this helpful article by Susanne Peach. Note how she uses surrogate tapping for her dog and admits beforehand, "I have told others that sometimes it’s too difficult to tap on our own animals, as we can’t be objective enough.  But then I realized that maybe that is my own limiting belief."

Hugs, Gary

By Susanne Peach, EFT-ADV

Hi Gary;

I’m sending you a story about tapping on my own dog that taught me lots of lessons, including tapping on my belief that I “couldn’t successfully tap on my own dog,” and breaking the “chain of worry.”  This isn’t one of those one-minute miracles.  It’s a lesson on persistence, imagination, aspects and patience. 

First let me explain what I’ve coined the “chain of worry.” I believe is one of the keys in successfully using EFT on animals and it would probably help when tapping on human loved ones.

Most pet lovers are very close to their animals.  And this often translates into worrying and stressing about their pet whenever they (the humans) believe the animal is in pain, in distress or just unhappy. 

Over time, I noticed a certain pattern developing in this regard whenever I would tap for other people’s animals.

If EFT was able to clear the animal’s issue, the person often times would still be concerned.  What if this pain comes back?  What if something else happens to my pet? And the pet would pick up on this, as many pets are empathetic, therefore getting worse again.  The human would notice and then would stress over it again. This, in turn, would make the pet worse, and so on and so on.  What helped break this “chain of worry” is to tap on the person first, using some of the following sample phrases:

Even though I’m so worried about Rover and his health…

Even though I’m terrified Rover won’t recover from this illness and I can’t imagine a life without him, I choose to try and put aside my worry for Rover’s sake.

Even though I’m still so concerned about Rover, if I choose to let go of this concern for him it would really help him, it wouldn’t mean I’d stop loving him…

While tapping on the points:  I’m so worried about Rover … I don’t want anything to happen to him … I can’t imagine life without him … I’m trying to do everything for him … Yes, I know he’s probably picking up my worrying … But it’s hard for me to let it go … But maybe I can try and let it go because it would help him … I choose to let go of my excessive worrying about Rover … I choose to appreciate all the wonderful things about him … I choose to trust that he will be healed … I choose to try and relax because it would help Rover, and I want to do everything possible to help him … So if I can let go of this worrying, Rover can let go of his worrying and we’ll all be happy.  Rover is safe … I’ll love and care for him always … Rover is safe … It’s safe for me to let go of this worrying … I choose to appreciate all the great things about Rover … When I look at him I’ll see how wonderful of a companion he’s been, and how much I love him … When I think of him, my heart will be filled with a gratitude for all that he’s given me.

With this as a background, here’s the story I’d like to share with you.  My younger dog, Guinness, now 6 years old, was extremely submissive when we adopted him as a puppy from a rescue organization.  Unfortunately, at the age of one, he was attacked by another dog and was attacked again a year ago.  These 2 incidents have produced a fear-based aggression in him that’s been horrible.  He’s so afraid of other dogs that whenever he sees one, even hundreds of yards away, he’ll bark, lunge and frantically start chewing on his leash.

We had taken him to several dog trainers after the first attack, but at the time couldn’t afford the numerous sessions it would take him to overcome this aggression.

I had tried tapping for him - I do all of my animal tapping surrogately - but didn’t seem to get anywhere.  I have told others that sometimes it’s too difficult to tap on our own animals, as we can’t be objective enough.  But then I realized that maybe that is my own limiting belief.  So I started tapping on myself:

Even though I’m too close to Guinness to objectively tap for him, I choose to release this limiting belief.

Even though I love Guinness too much and am too tied to the outcome for EFT to work on him, I choose to get myself out of the way.

Even though I’m not sure I can tap on Guinness without my own feelings getting in the way, I choose to try anyway, as it’s the best thing for him and it doesn’t mean I love or care for him any less.

And while this helped some, it didn’t help as much as I would have liked.  I was still too attached to him to tap objectively and I knew I had to break my own “chain of worry,” as well as overcome my own fear of what happens when we see other dogs.  I used the following phrases:

Even though I’m so worried about Guinness and I know this worrying isn’t helping the situation… 

Even though I’m anxious that we’ll never resolve this issue, and that our walks will always be stressful, I choose to release my worry in order to help Guinness.

Even though Guinness used to be a calm dog, but due to no fault of his own has become aggressive, I choose to know we can work together to find that calm, happy personality.

Even though I’m afraid we’ll run into other dogs on our walk and I won’t be able to handle Guinness, I choose to let go of this anxiety and know I can handle anything that happens.

Even though I’m worried I’ll be so busy focusing on Guinness and the other dogs that I won’t use the right EFT phrases, I choose to believe in myself and my ability to let the proper phrases come to (through) me to help me maintain a calmness for myself and Guinness.

Then I did tapping for Guinness and first, while tapping the Karate Chop point, I repeat My name is Guinness, My name is Guinness, My name is Guinness so I can surrogately tap for him.

Even though I’m so afraid I’ll be attacked again by another dog, I choose to let my Mommy be the pack leader and be in charge and I deeply and completely love and accept myself and I’m a great dog.

Even though I don’t want to be hurt again, I choose to try and remain calm whenever we see other dogs, as my pack leader would not let anything happen to me.

Even though I didn’t do anything to cause those dogs to attack me, so other dogs might attack me for no reason at all, I will try and forgive the really mean dogs and become calm.

Even though it’s still scary for me when we see other dogs and I used to try and attack them before they hurt me or my pack, I can now turn the job of pack leader and protector over to Mommy, as she’ll make sure nothing happens to us and I will trust in her completely.

Gary, it’s been amazing to see the transformation.  We have made so much progress.  Is Guinness completely calm around other dogs?  No.  But he doesn’t get riled up until they are within 15 feet, a huge improvement from before.  And even at this close range, he doesn’t get as angry or chew on his leash as he used to.  One other thing I’m still doing that helps is that whenever we do see a dog, or if he hears one and I see his body go on “alert,” I start tapping my collarbone, saying “I’m safe and secure, safe and secure, Mommy is the pack leader, I’m safe and secure.”  Yes, it’s still an ongoing project, but life is so much better for everyone.

With love and gratitude,

Susanne Peach, EFT-ADV


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