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Stunning physical healing in a baby goat

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Animal lovers should take great delight in this example of "animal EFT" by Mandy Momberg of South Africa. Please notice Mandy's use of intuition and persistence.

Hugs, Gary

By Mandy Momberg

Hi Gary

I'm not sure how to narrate this story, as I'm not sure I truly understand it, but here's what happened...

When I work on tame or semi tame animals I often start by doing TTouch down their bodies to get them used to the human intervention, and I tell them I am going to tap around their eyes.  I've found that if I do it this way they settle down a lot quicker, accept being tapped on the head and don't shy away.  I then tune into their pain to find their setup, tapping, and follow-up phrases.  With wild animals I simply tune in and do surrogate EFT.

I walk my dogs near the local riding stable, which also has an extended farmyard.  When the goats were lambing there were a few casualties amongst the kids.  The first little goat (about two weeks old) broke its left front leg and two medical doctors who ride at the stables, put the leg in a plaster cast.  A second kid was born with its front wrists twisted in, so the doctors used lengths of garden hose as splints and bandaged the legs.  Every afternoon, after our walk, I'd look in on the pediatric ward and offer TTouch and EFT to the animal patients.  The splints came off several days later and the cast was removed after a few weeks and both goats are absolutely fine.

The goatherd then showed me a third kid, completely lame in her hind quarters.  She was born the day before and apparently one of the other goats trod on her and it looked like her back might be broken.  I do animal communication, but all I could get from this little mite was that she was in so much pain.  I was slightly lost with what to do, so I simply did TTouch on her to relax her and I did surrogate EFT while tapping on myself as she was almost too small to tap on.

Even though I'm in so much pain, I'm a great kid.

I called her Bokkie.  On my second visit to Bokkie the goatherd dragged the mother goat closer so that Bokkie could drink, and Mom gave me a very suspicious and concerned glare, watched me tap on Bokkie, but avoided me completely.  The next day, when I arrived at the goat-pen, Mom came forward on her own and called all around the structure until she located Bokkie, then called me over.  On the following day Bokkie, herself, called me from under the structure when she heard my voice.  

At this point she could put weight on her hind legs for a minute or so before losing her balance.  She still couldn't stand up on her own and had to be picked up - we tapped for Even though I can't stand on my own...  She really was a pathetic sight, and although both doctors said the most humane thing was to put her out of her misery, nobody had the heart to destroy such a small creature.  So I just kept doing EFT (tapping for whatever intuitively came up) for about half an hour every day, and asking her if she wanted to go.  She kept insisting that she was here now and wanted to stay. 

So I told her she had to work with me, and that her healing ultimately was her own choice and her responsibility - I could just offer help.  At this stage I didn't think her spine was broken, as she was able to wag her tail at the irritating flies.  But I was able to 'see' bone fragments when I asked her to show me what was wrong - so we also tapped for Even though my legs won’t work, I choose for all the bone fragments to join together again so that I can walk on my own.

I noticed that Mom didn't have much milk, probably due to the infrequent feeding (Bokkie could only feed while someone held her up).  By this time, Mom had become quite tame and stood quietly for her own EFT.  I praised Mom for being so concerned and taking such great care of Bokkie and told her that Bokkie really needed the goodness of mother's milk to get better, so we tapped for this.  To my delight over the next few days I saw that Bokkie was able to feed for longer, and it wasn't necessary to hold Mom (as the goatherd had been doing) so I assumed it was a lot less painful for her too.

When I next arrived at the farmyard I saw Bokkie lying out in the open amongst the other goats and I wondered how she got there.  As I stood trying to fathom it all out I saw her get up on her own, and hobble after Mom, who had come over to me.  I noticed then that she'd lost her umbilical cord (which happens at about 10 days old) - I just stood there completely stunned, when one of the doctors came past, followed my gaze and asked in an incredulous voice whether that was Bokkie.  It was nine days later, and she was walking!

Looking down Bokkie’s spine I could see her hips twisted or swiveled under to the left.  The doctors assumed her pelvis must have been broken, and the hips grew back askew.  So, in my ignorance, I told Bokkie if we had tapped for the bone fragments to grow back together, and they did, we could also tap for ... my hips to grow straight again, so that one day I can have little kids of my own, without complications.  We also tapped for Even though my hips are frozen... because she could only hobble.  

The next day, when I arrived at the goat-pen I thought Bokkie was standing at the gate, but when I opened the gate the little kid gave a goat-leap and skipped ahead of me, so I thought I'd made a mistake and went looking for her.  I went through the whole pen, returned to the gate and realized that it was indeed Bokkie!  I hadn't recognized her because her whole look had changed; from being subdued, to skipping around with an air of lightness and freedom.

The daily EFT sessions became EFT two-or-three times a week and I tap on whatever intuitively comes up.  Bokkie is about two months old now and she only has the slightest stiffness in her hips, her pelvis has straightened (with the right hipbone being only marginally lower than her left one) and her left hoof still drags slightly - so we keep tapping!

One afternoon when I arrived at the stables a goat was calling quite insistently.  I went over to see what the commotion was all about and saw Mom standing on a vantage point calling me.  I went in to check on Bokkie, who was doing absolutely fine, so I asked Mom what the problem was and it came out that she was very concerned that something may go wrong again with her new little one on the way.  I didn't want to tap on a pregnant lady so I just visualized the tapping, and lightly touched the points for guilt, fear, worry and a healthy strong little one to care for.  It's so amazing that Mom actually wanted to tap for these issues.  She is completely relaxed with humans now and will let anyone pet her.

Gary, I'm not a formally trained healer, and don't really know what I'm doing, and I think it's often a case of ... fools rush in where angels fear to tread, but as I tell the goats and the horses I can only show them the bucket of water, I cannot make them drink from it.  And what a bucket EFT is!!!

I've been having so much fun doing EFT on many people and animals, and have seen some small miracles - but this one has truly amazed me!!!!  Again I say: it's so AMAZING what EFT can sort out, and so quickly!!!

Gary, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sharing EFT with the world!

Love and light to all,



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