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EFT for a suffering dog, test anxiety, needle fear and death transitions

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to peruse our Free Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tutorial™ for a more complete understanding.

Hi Everyone,

In EFT sessions of 30 minutes or less Karen Hanys makes solid progress for people with many issues. She includes some insights that are worth your investigation.

Hugs, Gary

By Karen Hanys


I recently became interested in EFT.  I am spreading the word everywhere I can.  I currently teach a special education class at a nearby college.  In that class I teach the students how to do a simple round of EFT.  My goal is to train teachers so that they can use this great gift with their students, especially special education students.  I have two school principals interested in having their teachers trained.  We are working out the logistics.

I use EFT on everything as you suggest.  Procrastination; getting assignments completed is a great one.  I collectively tap on my class for this national epidemic! Here are examples of EFT usage that worked in under 30 minutes:

1.  My dog came in from outside very nervous, moving constantly, fear in eyes, absolutely could not be still.  I turned her over and she was covered with raised very large red welts on her belly and sides.  I began tapping on her just as I do on a two legged person, then moved on her back down her spine.  She was able to calm enough to at least be still.  I could tell that the itching sensation was unbearable. 

I then moved to surrogately tapping for her.  I tapped on her fear, not suffering, how loved she is, even though we didn't know what caused it, how this was not serious.  Within 30 minutes of alternately tapping on her and on myself, she was free of the itching and pain and the welts were not raised, just a little red.  She was able to lie down and sleep.  In the morning, all signs had disappeared.

2.  I tutor students (adults) when they have to take the State Mandated Test to acquire their state license for teaching.  Some have taken the test 5 times and failed.  Some fewer times, but all are quite anxious. Some of these students are quite open to being shown EFT, some are not.  For those who are not open to the idea, I surrogately tap after I get home from the tutoring session. 

I tap for fear of success, fear they are not smart enough to pass, fear they will let family down, fear they can't pay the bills, not good enough, made another wrong choice, anything that intuitively comes up .  All have passed the test on their next try.  One individual even ordered the wrong test, discovered it after the first 10 minutes, and even passed that test!  One could say I am an expert instructor, if they didn't think the EFT worked, but in this case, I didn't tutor this student on that particular subject.  EFT wins again.

3.  The next case I worked with a colleague over the phone on speaker.   She is a young woman in her late twenties.  At the time she was pregnant and had to have a substantial amount of blood drawn due to some complications.  Her whole life she passed out at the presentation of a needle.

We tapped on her fear of needles, fear of getting infected from the needle, fear of needle breaking off in her, fear it would hurt, fear she would bleed to death after the removal of the needle and then intuitively I asked if she could remember anything someone had said to her to make her fearful.  Bingo, Her mother had been less than kind to her as a child.  We only had time to do about 3 rounds on that core issue before the session ended.  Later that day the blood was drawn and for the first time in her life, my client did not pass out.

I followed up a few weeks later and she was very proud of herself, but was not interested in using EFT - really didn't think it worked all that much.  About 7 months later, this same person who passed out from needles and who doesn't think EFT is that wonderful said she thought she would go get a flu shot!

4.  A way I have used EFT on myself is to download  from the internet a list of 100's of emotions.  I muscle test, or intuit which emotion might need work.  I begin by removing the psychological reversal which might be present by tapping on the karate point and then just going through the sequence repeating the emotion.  Most of the time I will remember a situation and tap on that which often leads to another and another.  This has proven to really collapse those table legs.  I find this works better for me in self use then actually writing down specific incidences. I encourage my clients to list incidences which works quite well.

5.  I have also used EFT on 2 different individuals making their transition. I very gently tapped on the individual (I was able to use all points with one and with the other individual I just used her hand) saying things like: This is your very special time.  It is a time you can be selfish and only pay attention to yourself.  You don't have to be a mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, friend.  You only need be You (and I said the name of the person).  This is a time to find courage, a time to not be afraid.  You are safe, safer than ever before.  It is a time that you can decide for yourself without worrying about the outcome.  Then I tapped on peace, comfort, absence of pain, happiness, any positive thought that intuitively arose. In both cases, the patients passed gently, gracefully, quickly.  One, within 24 hours and another in 4 hours.

Gary, I want to stress that I had the permission of the relatives.  In fact, they asked me for help as their mothers were suffering and seemingly having a hard time letting go. At death it is my belief that the person and their "in charge person" whether God, Buddha etc., will ultimately be in control.

EFT just eases those fears and emotions getting in the way of complete peace. I don't believe it is I making the change.  I just tap with complete love and get out of the way.

Thank you.

Karen Hanys


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