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Otto, the puppy had car sickness--but there was much more

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

This case by Martina Becher from Germany at first seemed to be about a dog's car sickness. But, as it turns out, Martina's intuitive approaches also provided benefits regarding family dynamics and limiting beliefs.

Hugs, Gary

By Martina Becher

Otto, a seven month old puppy, suffered from terrible nausea in the car.  He had vomited several times when his owner took him out in the car and by the time I was called me for help, Otto would not get anywhere near it.  He even avoided getting into the garage and refused to come near his owner if she wanted to put a collar and lead on him.

Tina, his owner, has three young children, the eldest being 7 years old, the youngest 3 years old.  When I first met Otto I was taken by his charm and puppy love.  As he was all over me licking and showing his affection I noticed the sadness in Tina´s eyes.  She explained that the motion sickness was his only problem so I made a note in my head about her sad eyes for further investigation when the time would be right. Then we started tapping for Otto´s sickness.

Even though I am afraid of the car because it makes me ill, I know I am a good dog doing the best I can and I am safe with Tina.

After a few rounds of tapping on these lines I got the notion that Otto felt very unhappy in himself, as if he was wondering what might be wrong with him.  I sensed a great loneliness in his heart and got the message that he did not feel at home at all in this family.  I shared my impressions with Tina who said that he loved everybody but her.  Otto would not come to greet her in the morning, would not sit and cuddle with her in the evening whilst he enjoyed playing with her husband and their children.

Talking about her relationship with Otto Tina told me that she would never allow him to lick her nor the children - which is almost impossible for a puppy.  If he tried licking her she would simply turn away from him, ignoring him – a method she had learned from her dog trainer.  When I informed Tina that licking is a very important way of expressing adoration and affection she suddenly understood why he had begun to almost compulsively lick himself.  So I asked her why she was so strict on this – her mother had told her that dogs pass on infections and worms to people when licking.  So we tapped surrogately:

Even though Otto is passing on worms and infections in his saliva I know he is a good puppy doing the best he can.

Even though dog worms cause great problems and I hate them…

After a few rounds of tapping on infections and worms and mothers not allowing dogs to lick, Tina had a massive shift, saying, “I am not really particular about this, I don´t really mind, I am not overly clean or fussy.”  Tina continued to tell me that she often felt overwhelmed by looking after her children and the puppy and more than once had thought about having to give him another home.

She had also been very strict on him, saying she was stressing him because she wanted him to be obedient and no danger to her children.  So we tapped on her need to control her pup which, as it turned out, originated from her own childhood experience when the family dog had more than once severely bitten her sister and could never be trusted.  After taking the history we decided to treat Otto´s motion sickness first and her traumatic experience as a child later.

When we resumed tapping on the car sickness surrogately, Otto watched us closely and then went to sleep.  The next step took us to the car to test the result.  Otto walked up to it and even allowed me to lift him into the car where Tina was already sitting.  We continued tapping there until Otto calmed down, stopped drooling and went to sleep.  This session was finished by a short ride in the car with Otto panting a little but not drooling at all.

Our next session started off in the car, Otto being fairly calm and did not seem to mind.  Again, we tapped for him surrogately and took him for a short ride together with my own dog.  Otto who enjoyed the company of the much older dog was neither sick nor nervous whilst I was tapping for him.

On our third meeting, Tina told me that Otto had been out on a ten minute ride in the car, all calm and collected.  He had not tried to avoid the garage and had allowed Tina to lift him into the car which had been impossible before the treatment.

To advance even further, we tapped on his remaining motion sickness and went for a 15 minute ride to go for a walk with the dogs.  Otto was calm, neither panting nor drooling.  Whilst walking in the forest, Tina and I started working on her issue.  I instructed Tina to tell me about her experiences with her childhood dog, using the Tell the Story Technique.

After all her distress about her sister having been bitten by mother´s dog and her mother not doing anything about it had gone  Tina realized that she had treated Otto harshly because she was afraid that he would turn against her own children.  We tapped for a few rounds on:

Even though I am afraid that Otto will bite my children one day and then I´d have to give him up… and I choose to see Otto´s real character.

Even though I have not allowed myself to really love Otto in case he might turn against my children and I would have to give him up I choose to give him a fair chance.

Our walk ended on a very happy note with Tina allowing herself for the first time ever to really feel her love for Otto.  Otto in turn was quite content to get back into the car; he was well and happy all the way home.

A few weeks later, Tina phoned me to let me know that she and Otto had become a great team, and Otto´s car sickness and nausea had never returned.  Imagine how happy I was to hear about this.  Thanks to EFT, this wonderful puppy´s life had taken a complete turnaround. 

Martina Becher


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