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The dog that used to chew everything

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

This is for those with open minds. It is a fascinating example of using EFT surrogately for animals and generating impressive success. To add to the unusual nature of this article the author, Laila del Monte, has developed the ability to communicate on a profound level with animals. She does this professionally. She can often resolve behavior and health issues with animals through her "discussion" with them. However, when that resolution doesn't occur, she turns to EFT. Please pay particular attention to the Setup phrases used in this case and how animals, like humans, have important core issues.

By Laila del Monte

I'm writing to you about a case where EFT worked very successfully on a behavioral issue with a dog.

I am an animal communicator so people call me constantly with behavioral; issues: urination, jealousy, aggression, lost cases, death and dying etc.

In this case LC (initials only for privacy purposes) called me about her male dog, Pebbles, who was chewing everything in her house: carpets, linoleum, plants, furniture stairs and stair spindles. She was at her wit's end and very upset when she called me. She had to lock him up when she was out and was considering returning him to the pound. Now she was a very caring and nurturing animal rescuer so I knew she was at her wit's end.

So she sent me a photo and I did the communication. I had no other information to go on other than his name and age and that there were two sons living with her. I found out deep emotional issues with her two sons which I cannot convey here, jealousy with the other dogs, especially one of them and a need to chew because his gums were itchy and an overall state of extreme anxiety, restlessness and hyperness which I couldn't really explain. He seemed to be always frantic and almost out of body. His thoughts jumped from one to the other and he couldn't keep a consistent thought process. It seemed like a case of doggy ADD.

Even the issues going on with the sons were not enough to cause all of that. I also found that he had changed homes before and had a big fear of abandonment.

So I called her up and she validated everything I told her and then I thought: "surely it will stop now, he will calm down". Usually the communication itself and some Healing Light does the trick. But not in his case, the next day, he was still chewing.

So I tried again in the form of more talking and healing. That always worked!

No, still chewing. I tried for a whole week and nothing happened. We were both very discouraged. I was totally ready to give up! I was tired of trying and he was so hard to speak to. Couldn't keep his attention in one place! As I was talking with her and felt how upset she was all of a sudden I thought the magic words: EFT!

It worked on people so why not give it a try?

I told her I had one more trick up my sleeve and that I would try it. Give me another week.

I went back in communication and started the session. I explained to him what I was about to do and asked if it was ok. I know that to most people this sounds crazy but to me it is normal. I can see the animal and talk as if he were right there, in front of me. It is hard to describe the actual session because the words were coming so fast. I would tap for one thing and then another one would surface right away.

I tapped on Pebbles in my imagination. No proxy. I did the set up (on his sore spot) and the whole sequence. I had him rolling his eyes and singing happy birthday (which was hysterically funny except that he was upset and having a hard time with all of that). Usually one full round of tapping would bring it down to a zero and then something else cropped up. Very fast. And we tapped again. I tapped until I didn't hear anything and felt a sense of calm. I asked him if he was done and I got a yes. SO I stopped.

This is an example of what we tapped for not necessarily in this order:

Even though I like to chew because it makes me salivate and my gums feel good, I deeply....

Even though my gums are itchy....

Even though I love the taste of that wood, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and choose to chew only toys

Even though I hate that dog (name)...

Even though she (the dog) wants me out of here...

Even though they (the other animals) get everything they want and I don't....

Even though she (the guardian) is angry at me and will give me up and I'll be all alone....

Even though I heard her say she will bring me back (pound)....(crying at this point. Some tapping about the pound but very brief)

Even though I 'm scared of being alone...

Even though I'm bad....

Even though they always leave me.... Even though nobody loves me because I'm bad....

Even though the boy doesn't like me

Even though he pushes me away....

Even though they yell at me and I'm bad and I know it but I can't help it and what will happen to me... Even though I will have to go back to that place (pound) and I don't care....

Even though I don't care because nobody wants me...

Even though I know she is going to leave me...

Even though I can't remember what it feels like to be loved because they never like me and I'm not good enough...

Even though I'm not good enough for anybody and nobody will want me and I will just die and I don't care

The next day, Pebble's guardian called and told me the chewing stopped.

She was only chewing on her toys. And the dominance with the other dog stopped too. I couldn't believe it! I didn't dare to believe it! I knew Gary said try it on everything but this was too good to be true! So we waited a few weeks (I was cautious) then a month and still no chewing. This is about 9 months ago. Since then I have used EFT in communication form on cats with urination problems, dogs, show horses and even two parrots! Always with good results! I try it when the communication is not enough. I am now exploring it with animals who are not responding to healing. I have discovered that the short form is enough, no need to have them rolling their eyes! (I did enjoy that though!). Also finding the gamut point on a hoof is too hard and the cats did not appreciate the finger/claw points!

I am convinced that this can be done without being a communicator. I would recommend closing your eyes, imagining that your pet is in front of you and tapping for everything that crops up in your head. The short form is enough. Use your intuition! It's faster then with people, they really want to please. The key is not to tap them for what you want ( ie: stop stealing the chicken, going on the sofa, scratching your privates in public...) but to find the underlying cause for what's going on. I have found that clients that are connected to their pets already really know what is going on. In the case of show horses EFT is very useful for anxiety or fear related to performance as with people performers. The key here is to listen with the heart and tap! I'm pretty sure you will be amazed to see how they respond to you.

Laila del Monte


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