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EFT newcomer successfully uses EFT for her abused dog

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Here's an interesting "animal EFT" case from Mandy Momberg of South Africa. Note how well she communicates with her dog. Although this may seem unusual to some readers, I have many reports of people being able to "speak" with their pets in this way.

Hugs, Gary

By Mandy Momberg

Hi Gary

I initially bought your DVDs because I have a young dog who is absolutely petrified of small children and big dogs, and I have tried various other treatments to get through to her – all with limited success.  But with EFT we had such a wonderful breakthrough.

Senka is an indigenous African dog who was handed in to CLAW (Community-Led Animal Welfare) by some children who didn’t want her anymore in Soweto outside Johannesburg.  When Senka was about 8 months old we were out walking, and heard some children playing in a garden.  She couldn’t see them as they were behind a wall, but at the sound of their shouting and laughter she bolted!  Fortunately I had her on a lead, so was able to control her.  I have an ability to tune in to animals so, when we got home, I sat down with her and asked her why she was so afraid of small children.

She replied sulkily “…you don’t know what THEY can do!”  I said, “So, tell me.”  She replied firmly “I don’t want to think about it!” and that was that.  I proceeded to tell her what would happen if she ever did bite a child, and I realized that although she understood me on a logical level, her emotional response when she saw, or even just heard small children was automatic panic! 

She goes berserk, and I can feel her fear.  She’ll rush straight up to them, barking viciously, causing them and their parents to panic.  I realized that if she is surprised by small children under 6 or 7 years old she “reacts” straight away to past memories (blockages), and doesn’t respond appropriately to the current situation, and I was very concerned that she wouldn’t outgrow this behaviour.

I took her for Reiki treatment when she was about nine months old, and also for clicker-training and TTouch.  She is much better with small children and will let them come close and even touch her when I’m there.  Her confidence level has improved tremendously and she has blossomed into a beautiful dog, but she remains fearful of small children and bigger dogs.  Needless to say, we’ve both learned a lot through this process, and we’ve both experienced tremendous personal growth over this time, but in spite of this she built a wall around her ‘previous life’ and would just ‘not go there’.

About a month after I received your 5-Star DVD set through the mail, I got out of bed early one morning and I was extremely stiff and sore.  I decided to do a quick EFT round on myself for stiffness and rigidity in my back and neck and also my approach or attitude to life in general.  But Senka was particularly persistent in her demand for attention, so I asked her if she wanted the EFT and started tapping her, Even though I’m sacred of big dogs and little children...

After about three rounds of the Basic Recipe she sighed and settled down, and I thought her session was over.  I asked her how she was feeling, placed my hand on her chest and felt her heart begin to race.  So I tapped for her racing heart and anxiety.  She then got quite restless, almost agitated and started pawing gently at me and whining so softly. 

And then I 'saw' it - her ‘video-stream’ of what had happened with the children when she was little.  Senka asked me to keep it confidential (she doesn't want the whole world to know), which just tells me that there is still more to uncover and release before she is totally comfortable and ‘dis-ease free’.  So I tapped Senka for:

Even though I'm scared of the children...

Even though they won’t listen...

Even though they are hurting me...

Even though no one came when I called, no one heard, no one listened...

Even though I was so scared, so anxious...

She calmed down and sighed.  I realized that there was a big knot in my stomach and asked her if it was her knot or mine, and placed my hand on her tummy.  We tapped for “our knot”.  Senka licked my hand softly, as if to say thank-you.  We had been sitting on the floor of my bedroom for about 45 minutes, and I realized that I was going to be late for work.  So I encouraged her onto the bed and tucked her in, and thanked her for trusting me enough to share her ordeal - that was when she said 'just keep it between us'. 

I decided to put some anti-inflammatory cream onto my neck and shoulders, as I didn't get to do any EFT on myself.  When I rubbed the cream in I realised that there was no soreness; the tension and stiffness were gone.  This must be what ‘Borrowing Benefits' is all about (I haven’t worked through that DVD series yet).  The amazing thing is, I cannot sit on the floor for 45 minutes and not feel sore, due to fibromyalgia, yet I got up fluidly without even a thought of stiffness or pain.

I believe that after the first three rounds of tapping, Senka’s residual intensity had come down sufficiently for her to be able to “talk” about it - something that none of the other treatments had done for her.  I also believe that Senka knew intuitively that EFT would work for her issues, and knew that the time was right for it!  She has seen me use it on a traumatized cat, and myself.  I certainly hadn’t set out that morning with the intention of asking her about her ordeal.

My poor dog has been through so much, at such a tender age.  But, at least now we have something to work with.  I look forward to helping her chop down the many aspects in her past, so that she can truly be the happy carefree dog she wants to be.

Kindest regards,

Mandy Momberg

p.s. I told Senka that I wanted to write to you, but that I’d leave out the detail – and she was OK with that.


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