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Two first class uses of Surrogate EFT for Sarah Rushton's cat

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Our successes with surrogate EFT are growing impressively for humans and animals alike. I know conventional scientists have a hard time with this sort of thing because it just doesn't fit nicely within "accepted thinking." Nonetheless, the reports keep coming in. I think the worldwide implications for this phenomenon are huge. Accordingly, Sarah Rushton's article should be studied carefully as a possible model for your own use. Sarah is from the UK.

Hugs, Gary

By Sarah Rushton

Dear Gary

Thank you so much for the wonderful gift you have brought to the world.

I spent 27 years working as a nurse in both western psychiatry and general medicine, but at the same time, independently researching more effective methods to help people get well without causing them further harm.  This is why I love EFT, as it is so rapid, efficient, painless and safe.

I have now left nursing and assist people to have amazing success with EFT and use it daily with my human clients.  I also work with animals, occasionally tapping on their points, but mostly on myself as a surrogate.

I wanted to share a couple of EFT successes I've had with my own cat.  When I arranged to have her spayed (neutered) I gave her a couple of hands-on healing sessions, the day before and again shortly after her operation.  She came through surgery well, and acted very playfully as if nothing had happened.  Within 3 days her wound had completely healed and I was delighted with her progress.

However, over a period of weeks, I noticed that every time I stroked her gently from head to tail, when I touched the area where the surgical incision had been, her whole body would shudder.  She had no other signs of ill health, infection or swelling, just discomfort over the site. (This post surgery energy disruption is also common in humans.)

One day I decided to tap for her surrogately.  Using my own sore spot to attune to her, trying to imagine aspects, which she may have associated with the surgical procedure. I then did a Setup on the karate chop point.

Even though when mum touches my side my whole being wants to shudder, it makes me feel horrible, uncomfortable, ticklish, reminds me of that scary trip to the Vet, being kept in a cage, being given an injection that made me drowsy, losing control, of being cut into, of having part of me taken away and feeling sore, I'm still a beautiful cat, a lovely person…

I continued with reminder phrases in a full round, including the 9 gamut.  I checked her by stroking over her whole body, and in only one round, the reaction had completely disappeared. This was definitely a One-Minute Wonder!

My cat is now two years old and has always disliked the noise of the vacuum cleaner.  Even as a small kitten, she would dash and hide behind the sofa whenever it was switched on.  I began to notice that this fear seemed to be getting much worse, almost to phobic proportions and to the extent that she would become panic stricken, cry and howl loudly at the door to be let out, even if I went near the store cupboard where the vacuum was kept.

One day, as I went towards the cupboard to get my vacuum, she became very disturbed, howling and banging her head against the window.  Normally, I would have let her out, but realised that the situation had gotten so bad, it needed to be sorted out.  Much as I couldn't bear to see her in so much distress, I also thought that it would be an ideal time to do some EFT as she was obviously already well "in touch" with her issue!  I tuned into her using my sore spot and tapped a set-up on the karate chop point.

Even though I'm so scared of the Hoover, I hate it, the thought of mum getting it out of the cupboard fills me with dread, it's so noisy…  I then tapped one round of reminder phrases on the short-cut points.  I observed her reaction.  She had stopped howling but was still unsettled.

I did another short-cut round.  Even though I'm still frightened of the Hoover, I still hate it, I hate the sound it makes, it's much too loud for my sensitive ears, it sounds like a vehicle which I need to run away from, it's too powerful, I'm scared I might get sucked inside…

I checked her reaction again; she was sitting by the door still wanting to go out, but appeared much calmer.

I decided to up my game, to test her by switching the machine on and Hoovering in the room adjacent to her with one hand and using the other to tap another short-cut round on myself.

Even though I still don't like the Hoover, it's noisy, it's got a flex that looks like a snake, it makes a hissing noise and vibrates, I hate the sound, sight and thought of it, I chose to accept that mum has to use it to help keep our home clean, and that benefits me too, even though I don't like it, I might be able to accept it, and I'm doing the very best I can to cope with it.  I still deeply and completely love and accept myself as being a wonderful cat anyway.

I left the machine running and went to check her again.  She had a leisurely stretch, wandered nonchalantly around the kitchen and appeared to have forgotten all about going outside.  She now relaxes quietly whilst I go about my vacuuming, and I often have to ask her to move!

Thank you again for sharing EFT with both human and animal kind.

Warmest regards,

Sarah Rushton


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