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Rescuing Mellie the cat from death's door

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Mellie the cat was so sick and withered that the veterinarian recommended that she be "put down." Mellie's owner, Glenn, was devastated by this and asked his friend Andy Bryce to visit with the cat. As you will see, Andy used EFT on Mellie (mostly in surrogate form) and, within an hour, her healing was evident. This includes the restoration of a collapsed lung.

By Andy Bryce EFT-CC

Hi Gary,

I have attached a letter from a friend who called me when I got home from your recent workshop in Stamford, CT. He had been told to put his cat down by his Vet and he was very upset. I went to his house and spent an hour with Mellie, his cat. I tapped on myself and a little bit on her, I visualized cool blue light and then white light filling her lungs while I was talking to her. I told her that if we could get her lungs clear she would be strong enough to heal the rest of her problems.

I spent some time tapping on myself as if I were Mellie. I said, "Even though I can't get enough air and my lungs are not working properly I know that I can be strong enough to get well when my lungs are working. I now see my lungs drying up and filling with cool blue light. I see the light changing to a powerful white light and I now feel my lungs filling with light and air."

I held my hands on her for a while and just visualized life force filling her while I spoke to her about getting well and strong. I also imagined tapping on her while repeating positive affirmative health statements like "I am in perfect radiant health" and "My lungs are clear and working perfectly"

At that point she could not walk more that a few feet and had not eaten and was just skin and bones. A few minutes after the treatment, which was only an hour long, she staggered into the kitchen and Glenn hand fed her some chicken. I got this note from him about three and a half hours later. Glenn says that Mellie continues to thrive several months later.

Andy Bryce EFT-CC


Letter from Glenn to his friends

Hi All,

Well what a week with my angel, from being told she was dying last Monday and that I should euthanise her till today, when she is much more her normal self again.

I asked my long time healer friend Andy Bryce to come and see her. He came here this afternoon, and since his session with her she is breathing sooo much better, and the collapsed lung on the one side is now once again working. I am really ecstatic that the lung inflated once more, as breathing was a chore for her.

It still appears as though her lungs are lower in her abdomen than they should be, but this does not seem to be bothering her one bit. She is in the kitchen asking for food 6 times a day, and is using her litter box often and never stops purring.

Tonight, a few hours after Andy left, she even PLAYED with a little ball like she used to, by rolling on her side and grabbing it with her front paws.

I am very encouraged, and am very thankful for all of the good vibes sent to her over this last week.

To think that she would have been LONG GONE if I'd taken the advice of the vet last Monday afternoon really rips me up.

I'm so fortunate I did not listen to him and brought her back home as I did.




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