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EFT works nicely for a skeptical smoker

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Note how Tim Watts from the UK achieves success by collapsing his client's links to smoking. This is a good idea with many uses.

Hugs, Gary

By Tim Watts

Kate rushed in through the clinic door, late and flustered having just sucked on what was to be her last cigarette.  She sat down, made a call to her office to say she'd be out for the afternoon, dusted herself down, rearranged her bag, her suit jacket, her hair, and then was finally ready to begin the session (we had conducted the initial consultation by phone prior to the session).  I guessed she was pretty anxious from the way she entered and asked her if she was ready to stop smoking, her reply:

Kate:  I don't know; I just don't believe that a whole load of tapping can make me stop.  It just isn't scientific enough to me.  Can you explain more to me?

Tim:  We will be working with your meridian system, much like an acupuncturist does, to balance you out, if you like, whilst focusing on the topic of smoking, so that by the end of the session, any unconscious cravings will be removed from the body or mind and you won't feel the need to smoke in certain situations.

Kate: No, you don't understand I need science!!

Tim:  Do you want to stop smoking?

Kate:  Yes

Tim:  Right, well let's give it a go, if it doesn't work, I'll not charge you for this session. OK?

Kate: Fine

We were both a little flustered by this point so I began the session with the Collar Bone Breathing Technique.  Not only was this taught to me to use with any addictions session, but also I find that I am very connected to the client after this, like a very good rapport builder.

As I've been taught, we begin by picking out situations that Kate could remember smoking (starting with most recent), rating the level of craving at the time, tapping through very basic set up statements such as:

Even though I have this pool table and smoking feeling… (Kate could vividly picture smoking heavily in her local pub playing pool).

Even though I have this alcohol and smoking feeling… (Kate regularly smoked when she drank alcohol)

We tapped the full sequence many times, and then I asked her each time to bring up the memory she had of smoking in each scenario, and much to her surprise she could not access the same image or feelings at all.

I started to laugh, remembering a scene with Dr Carrington in one of the videos where Gary says something like, "Can you handle that PhD!?" … after she was trying to work out the costing of paper for handouts/booklets.

Kate was looking very confused, and also started to laugh, repeating things like "How!?" and "That’s not possible!"  We continued the session till the end, keeping the sequences very basic until we had covered past incidents and also future incidents that she could bring up where she felt she would smoke, and collapsed each individually.  This lasted just under 2 hours.

It is worth noting that by the end of the session, the lines on her face seemed to disappear, she looked fresh, relaxed, contented.  Something's working, I thought.  Kate left the clinic with homework to tap on any cravings that came up, and to tap in: I choose to be a joyful non-smoker, each day.

Two weeks later Kate came back for her follow up appointment.  I could not get over the change in her appearance, her skin was radiant, hair shining, her eyes were this beautiful blue colour.  Colleagues had noticed the change too!  WOW!  And yes, she hadn't even thought of picking up a cigarette. 

Kate would often go outside with clients to smoke during a court case, to bond with and get any other info that may be helpful in court, and she feared that it may affect her success at work if she could couldn't do this … she still goes outside with them, but just doesn't feel the need to smoke with them to bond.  Kate was blown away by the treatment and is still a Joyful Non-Smoker!

So, even though I had a very skeptical Kate to work with, EFT still worked for her!  Truly remarkable, I'll never forget that session with her.  I am so grateful to have learned this simple, effective healing tool.  Any newcomer to EFT reading this, I urge you to buy the DVD's, study them hard, and get involved.  You have found something that really works when nothing else will.

Tim Watts


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