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Angie Muccillo emphasizes the value of tapping on childhood events

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

To clear our emotional baggage we must include all that "stuff" we collected during childhood. It is usually foundational and is often behind our current issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Angie Muccillo

Hi Gary,

I recently ran an EFT workshop and received some interesting feedback from one of the participants that I thought might be worth sharing, especially for newcomers as it relates to the importance of tapping on specific childhood events.

Before the workshop, this participant, I will call her Sarah, was tapping almost daily on her present conditions, stresses and worries, getting some relief but not making a lot of headway with her level of anxiety.  In her email to me after the workshop, she says that:

"For a week or so after the course I was making more headway on my anxiety but life was still not much fun!  I did have a new feeling of calm but it was still hard work getting through most days.  I was tapping all the time on my anxiety and other present conditions as I had been since Xmas and making somewhat slow progress.

Then last week I finally heeded the words to tap on childhood events and suddenly everything started changing.  It just hadn't seemed like it would help so I wasn't wasting my time on this old stuff when I had so many present problems!  The childhood events didn't look to me to be anyway related to present anxieties so I would never in a million years have tapped on these.  If I'd had to try and choose some past events to try and "cure" my anxieties I probably would have gone for teenage stuff but the stuff I was tapping on was very early - about the age of five - but I guess that set the stage for my responses later on!"

Sarah's belief that "tapping on childhood events was a waste of time" appears to have presented a major block to her progress.  It wasn't until she decided to tap on early childhood memories that she started making more significant progress.  During the workshop Sarah worked on and successfully cleared a past trauma involving the death of her cat using the Movie Technique. She states:

"It was great going through the Movie Technique in the workshop about Purrgus (the cat) because I started to use this on childhood events."

To me this points out three important things:

  • The value of attending workshops.
  • The importance of tapping on specific childhood events.
  • The importance of persistence.

Tapping on specific childhood events using the movie technique is a fundamental EFT concept.  Present day anxieties are often replays of our past childhood dramas/traumas and will continue to create the same patterns in the present until they are resolved.

Until Sarah started tapping on these childhood traumas, her present day struggles were not resolving as effectively as possible.  Now that this has clicked for her, it seems that she is getting much better results.  She is also dedicated to doing the work and is reaping the benefits.

"I still feel like I've only touched a very small amount of the big stuff before the age of 10 but things have changed hugely and everyday just seems to be getting better.  Even though I've got a long way to go I have a sense of joy now that I can't remember feeling for a very long time.  And the first serious relief from always-present anxiety for 8 years!!  Thanks so much for running the workshop.  The day really inspired me not to give up with EFT."

I wonder how many others out there share this belief that "tapping on childhood events is a waste of time" and are not making use of the personal peace process and tapping on specific events? These setups may help:

Even though tapping on all that old childhood stuff is A WASTE OF TIME and I've got better things to tap on…

Even though up until now I haven't found the need to tap on childhood events…

Even though up until now I haven't understood the significance of tapping on all that childhood stuff…

If you are not getting results with EFT it may be worthwhile to check into your beliefs around what you think does and does not work and tap on any beliefs that says "this is a waste of time".  If we are convinced something will not work or is a waste of time, we do not try it and consequently miss out on important opportunities to heal.  Sarah found the key to healing her present day anxieties when she heeded the words to "tap on childhood events".

Thank you again Gary for this wonderful technique, it is such a pleasure and honor to teach it.


Angie Muccillo


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