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Fears And Phobias


A birth trauma was the core issue behind this phobia

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

When EFT "doesn't work" it's almost always because the true issue has not been found yet. Such was the case with Deborah Donndelinger's "upside down phobia." The problem faded, but only after EFT'er Stacey Vornbrock helped her locate a birth trauma issue.

Hugs, Gary

By Deborah Donndelinger

Hi Gary,

I wanted to share this recent experience.  The body sensations I experienced while tapping were quite amazing to experience.

All of my life, I have not been comfortable with being upside down.  Anything involving my feet leaving the ground makes me nervous.  So as a kid, I never learned how to dive in a pool, never did rolls or cartwheels, etc.  I never considered this a phobia, but on reflection, it would seem to be just that -- an irrational fear of a somewhat normal activity.  Luckily, I could avoid most situations involving being upside down – and while I did miss out on things as a child, it’s not a huge loss.

But now, as a 40 year old mother, I am studying Taijutsu, a form of Martial Arts, with my 8 year old son.  When I started as a white belt, I ignored the fact that I would have to do rolls at a higher belt color.  Well, the time came and I had to try rolls.  The first time I saw them being taught, I completely froze. I got all teary inside and very tense and felt like I was underwater, in a fog. 

I couldn’t absorb anything being taught and there was no way I could try the rolls.  I ended up in the locker-room in tears.  I was tapping as much as I could but didn’t get much relief (even though I’m an EFT practitioner myself).  I decided to get extra help and contacted someone who has written for you here - Stacey Vornbrock.

When Stacey asked me if I remembered falling or something happening as a kid, I couldn’t remember anything significant.  Then I remembered as a child getting tumbled in the ocean and not knowing which way was up.  I was quite frightened at the time.  I completely lost my orientation and bearings and remember being upside down in the water and confused about which way was up.  I saw light and sand and turbulent water in every direction and I didn't know how to right myself.  I don't remember how I found myself out of the water and on land and I don’t remember being comforted or even if anyone noticed that something dangerous had happened.

So Stacey led me through her tapping protocol (she uses a thorough protocol where she names each part of the body’s system – she’s written about it here before) on being tumbled in the ocean.  Then she asked me about my birth, which I was already thinking about.  (She’s got great intuition).

Obviously I don't consciously remember my birth but I do know some of the details.  My mother was heavily drugged (which meant I was as well.)  Being drugged meant I, as a baby, couldn't use my body fully.  I couldn't be born of my own accord, directing how fast to be born and knowing how I was oriented in the womb.  So Stacey helped me with tapping on the birth trauma.

What was absolutely fascinating to me is that when we tapped on the birth trauma, I experienced all sorts of body sensations.  Part of me felt paralyzed as if I couldn’t breathe.  (I also knew that I was getting air so I wasn’t scared.)  My body curled up and felt incredibly tense around the back.  It was a body sensation I’ve never experienced consciously before.

We probably tapped two or three rounds and it released.  Then we tapped on the imprint of the birth medications.  Again I had an amazing physical experience – I felt sleepy and drugged and talked really slowly.  We tapped two rounds and it released.

I wish I could say that I am flying across the mat in karate.  Not so.  However, I am discovering a new curiosity as I move my body and roll.  It feels now that it’s just a matter of learning how – it’s no longer a matter of not having a choice.   I’m also enjoying swimming much more and am having a blast rolling forwards and backwards underwater.

Who knows how this will impact me overall.  I do know that the work I did with Stacey has to have huge implications – for that much trauma to be stored in my body and now to be released – another great example for me of how EFT works for anything!


Deborah Donndelinger


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