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EFT helps Nell's godson learn the times tables

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Emotional issues often get in the way of our ability to learn and, subsequently, make us feel limited or inadequate. Note how Nell Thayne from Australia gives her godson freedom in this regard.

Hugs, Gary

By Nell Thayne

Hi Gary,

Last summer holidays my godson from New Zealand, who was nearly 13 years old, came to stay with me in Perth, Western Australia, for a few days.  During that time I taught him the 7 times tables using EFT.  I got the idea after reading an article on the EFT website by Steve Wells, another Australian, who taught his son the times tables using EFT.

Since my godson had tried for years to learn his times tables without success, he was very impressed when, to his astonishment and delight, he not only learnt the 7’s but continued to easily remember them a year later.  So when he came to stay this summer (now nearly 14 years old) he was keen to try the 8 and 9 times tables.

Using exactly the same procedure as before, we first tapped for all the negative feelings he had about tables and his ability to learn. Some of our setups are shown below.

Even though I feel 'Oh No Why do we have to do tables', I am still a great kid

Even though Mum gives me a hard time because I can’t do my tables, I am still OK

Even though I am not confident in math because I don’t know my tables, I am still a great kid

Even though I don’t want to do math…

Even though I’ve tried and I can’t, I’ve put in lots of effort and they don’t stay, I’m still a great kid

Even though I’m afraid I’ll forget my other tables when I learn my 8s, I accept myself completely

Even though I get the answers mixed up and my brain gets muddled and my memory gets it wrong, I am still a great kid and I do my best

Even though there’s something wrong with my brain and something wrong with me…

Even though it’s easy for some kids but not for me, I’m an awesome kid

Even though my brain doesn’t work properly…

GC COMMENT: It might also be helpful to do EFT on SPECIFIC EVENTS underlying the child's inability to learn. Perhaps times when was pressured, ridiculed, etc.

After we had mostly cleared his negative feelings, I wrote 2 x 8 = 16 on a sheet of paper and had my godson simply read it.  From now on we tapped continuously, sometimes just the hand points, sometimes the shortcut points on the head and body.  I first asked him to close his eyes and make a picture of 2 x 8 = 16.

When he had that I asked him to read it to me a couple of times, change it to red, then blue, then to look at the picture in his mind and read the number sentence backwards as this indicates whether he has a good picture or not.  (Thanks to Don Blackerby)

When he was confident he had a good picture of 2 x 8 we passed on to 3 x 8 and so on up to 12 x 8, repeating the visualisation process with each one.  Next, we laid the tables out in a circle on the floor and he walked round the circle one step at a time saying each one.  He did this 2 or 3 times.

Then we folded each sheet so the answers weren’t visible and he again walked round the circle slowly, saying each one out loud.  He hesitated on a couple so we tapped for that and finally after going around three times, he felt confident.  He celebrated by saying the 8 times table through faultlessly a couple of times and then we gave it a break, had dinner and went to bed.

Next morning as soon as he awoke, he tested himself out.  He got them all right – no mistakes!  All that remained was to give him some random tables questions every day for a fortnight to get them into long term memory.  So that was the 8’s taken care of in 2 days.

Normally I would not try to learn another set so soon, not for at least one week or preferably two, but my godson was very keen to do his nine times tables before he returned to his home in New Zealand.

This time I suggested he do the process as if he was by himself, to give him some practice.  He began well but after he had done 3 or so, he encountered strong resistance which took the form of feeling depressed, discouraged and very tired and sleepy.  He could hardly keep his eyes open!  It took a while to tap through this using setup phrases like

Even though I feel so tired and sleepy…

Even though I can’t do this by myself, it’s hopeless…

Even though it’s too hard for me…

Even though I’ll never learn my tables…

Even though I feel so bad…

Even though I just want to give up…

Finally he was once again ready to continue, feeling OK.  Together we tapped through the remaining tables, occasionally addressing any doubt, anxiety or fear which came up. 

After a night’s sleep, he could still remember the 9’s and the 8’s … and the 7’s!  Of course we had to tap a few times for …

Even though I’m afraid I’ll forget the ones I know if I learn new ones...

Even though I’m scared I’ll get them all mixed up…

What a proud, pleased, empowered and happy boy he was at the end of that!  I was grateful for and awed by this beautiful child who had the willingness to take on a challenge and to persevere through some tough times and come out victorious.  And grateful for EFT, such an elegant, simple, useful tool that WORKS!

Even more wonderful than the tables learning is the experience of expansion that my godson has had of seeing that he is not as limited by his feelings, thoughts and past experience as he believed he was. And what applied to the tables can be applied to anything in his life.

In gratitude,

Nell Thayne


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