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A "one minute wonder" rape release.

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

by Gary Craig

Hi Everyone,

In my recent evening workshop, I asked the 15 participants to pick out a "bothersome memory" and rate the intensity on a 0-10 point scale. As I went around the room asking for their numbers, most of them reported intensities in the 6 to 10 range. "Mary," who was seated in the front row to my left, ranked hers at a "9 or 10."

Then, of course, everyone applied a round of EFT to their specific issue.

I had no clues about what they were tapping for, of course. Everything was being done in the privacy of their own minds (they were instructed to hum the Setup and Reminder Phrase if they didn't want anyone else to overhear their issue). After tapping, I went around the room again to assess how their 0-10 numbers may have changed.

Mary's intensity dropped from a "9 or 10" to a "2 or 3". The rest of the participants had varying results and so I stopped to visit with some of them to discuss aspects, core issues and other important features of the EFT procedures. This is my way of teaching the process--using live circumstances to drive important points home.

Then we did a second round of EFT, after which Mary reported a zero. So did a few others. I continued to work with those who still had some leftover intensity (all the while using their experience to point out some fine points about delivering EFT).

Mary sat quietly during a workshop I was teaching. She participated when asked but basically just blended in. At the end of the workshop I took her aside and, out of curiosity, asked about how well her issue did during the group tapping sessions. She said, "It was a rape which has haunted me for years. I just can't seem to bring up any intensity about it now and it really feels freeing."

Knowing that rape often (but not always) has several aspects to it, I asked her to go into a private room by herself and bring up the whole memory in vivid terms. This was a test. I wanted to see if there were any remnants left so I could help her complete the release (if necessary). Thus, I asked her to exaggerate the sights, sounds and feelings and literally try to get herself upset. If she did get upset, of course, she was to stop and let me know which part (aspect) of the event was still intense.

I closed the door, leaving Mary by herself, and visited with audience members who were staying after the workshop. At least 5 minutes went by before I remembered to check on her. I opened the door and there she was, sitting peacefully in a chair with her eyes closed. I stood in front of her and said, "How's it going in there?" She opened her eyes and said, "It seems to be gone." She had vividly imagined every instant of the rape and could not bring up any intensity whatsoever.


The total time she spent actually tapping for the event (not counting all my explanations in between) was about one minute. Thus a "one minute wonder"--a rapidly released rape event that would have taken months or years using conventional techniques (if, indeed, there would have been any movement at all). Further, I didn't even know what the event was until AFTER it had cleared. Other participants had similar experiences. They almost always do.

This process is often extraordinarily simple.

Hugs, Gary


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