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Serious Diseases

Multiple Sclerosis

Improving a serious case of Multiple Sclerosis

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Here is evidence of remarkable improvements with a very serious, advanced case of Multiple Sclerosis. Anila Harrington from Scotland and her client, Walter, are to be congratulated for their creativity and persistence. Newcomers to EFT may find some of the terminology and methods unfamiliar. If so, our affordable DVD set, The EFT Course, should give you the proper perspective and background. Please consult physicians for serious medical conditions like this.

By Anila Harrington

Dear Gary,

I would like to share this with you and other EFT'ers, in the hope of encouraging people with long standing conditions to persevere.

My client Walter was diagnosed with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis 35 years ago. He sits in his electric wheelchair approx. 3-4 hours daily - otherwise is on a ripple bed supported by back rest to read or eat. Sometimes lying almost flat, being turned regularly.

Walter can use his right arm & hand freely and can move
his head voluntarily. He has no voluntary control of the rest of his body
which is mainly under the control of painful spasms.

The condition is managed with antispasmodic medications and carer management. Being a good humored man, Walter is a very animated person & not the statue one would expect from the above clinical description. He likes nothing better than having his family & friends around him, when he can tell his wealth of stories & jokes & sometimes sings for them.

He is a farmer who has led a rich physical working life until he was only able to do the supervisory & office work.

Walters wife 'Daisy' has been his main carer and manager from the beginning. As a trained nurse (retired), I have been her co-carer for almost 4 years. In the past I have used Feldenkrais Techniques to help facilitate assisted movements of the limbs & prevent muscle loss. I have used Reiki to relax & give some pain relief.

On Neurological testing, Walter is vague about where any parts of his body are being touched, pinched or pricked. He has the hearing & vision problems associated with M.S. I know the medical history & I have the clients permission to touch.

I have explained & demonstrated the EFT procedures & Walter is keen to go ahead. I do the Tapping on Walter as he is unable to do it for himself. He can Rub the Sore Spot & Highlight the problem & together we Formulate the Statement & Reminders using Walters words.

Intensity ratings 0-10 or/& Pain - less pain - pain free.
Or/& - cant move - difficult to move - easier to move - voluntary movement.

We agreed to work on Walters Left Arm & Hand as he has been unable to make any voluntary movement of this limb for approx. 2 years, since just before he changed from his Manual Wheelchair to the Electric one. (The fingers are clenched into the palm.)


With support there is painful, minimal movement when the Left Arm & Hand are moved towards the Mouth. Lying in bed with backrest support.

Intensity -10.- No Voluntary Movement
There is no pain on resting the limb.)

Setup Statement while Walter rubs the Sore Spot x 3

Even though I have Pain in my Useless Left Arm & Hand, I truly accept myself.

Reminder Phrase - Walter - This Pain in my Useless Left Arm - while I did the full round of Tapping On Walter, including the Gamut & KC. X 2 rounds.

Deep breath in & out. Tested - Intensity - 6 - Less Pain & Easier to move (arm supported)

Even though I Still have some Pain in my Useless Left Arm & Hand I deeply accept myself.

Tapped 1 Round - Intensity - Zero --- No Pain --- Easy to move. (arm supported).

Good progress is being made with the Eye movements - which in the past caused headaches.

We next Changed the TEST -

With support there is painful, minimal movement when the Left Arm & Hand are moved towards the ear. Lying in bed with backrest support.

Intensity - 10. No voluntary Movement.

Setup Statement while Walter rubs the Sore Spot x 3

Even though there is Still some of This Pain in my Left Arm & Hand, I fully accept myself.

Reminder Phrase - Walter - Still some of this Pain in my Left Arm-while I did 2 full rounds of Tapping on Walter.

Tested-Intensity -8- Less Pain -Slightly easier to move
(arm supported).

Walter I want to be completely finished with this Arm Pain & I Profoundly accept myself

Reminder Phrase - Completely finish with this Left Arm Pain

While I tapped 1 Full Round on Walter.

Sigh. Tested - Intensity - 2 - some pain Easier to move
(arm supported).

A further full Round of Tapping - Completely finish with this Arm Pain NOW

Deep Sigh - Tested - Intensity - Zero - No Pain - Easy to Move. (supported).

The hand was more relaxed & less clenched.

3 days later I asked Walter to move his Left hand towards his Mouth. He said I cant

note* I was asking him to move his Left Arm voluntarily & without support.*

He was lying in bed with backrest support.

I suggested that we Tap on I cant. Walter agreed & we Formulated the Statement.

Even though I Cant move my left hand to my mouth Unaided & Without Pain, I Truly & Profoundly Accept Myself. & Rubbing Sore Spot. X 3.

Before he finished saying it the 3rd time, Walters Hand Moved to his Mouth Unaided & Without Pain.

(It was a jerky movement & his head moved slightly down to meet his hand. He was shocked & elated & moved it again another 5 times, exclaiming "Do you realize I said I CANT move my hand. hat is negative. Now I am going to try that trick on my Right knee.

I Tested it again 5 days later when Walter was in Hospital on Respite for a week.

He said he couldnt move it, he had tried, but it had not worked. He rubbed the Sore Spot & only said I cant move my Left Arm & it moved. On investigation, I discovered that Walter had tried to move his Left Arm while Lying on his Left Side. Not an easy move for any of us to try.

Walter then always just said I cant move my arm & it worked, though still a jerky movement.

A week later, he was showing his trick to one of the Carers while he was sitting in his wheelchair. I suggested that he start using his hand to help himself & not just keep it as a novelty trick.

Oh no, she wants me to do things for myself. I like having people look after me.

We immediately did an EFT session on that & finished with Walter saying I always want to do things for myself really.

He used the Left Hand to brush his hair & said I am being made so much better that everyone will think I am a Fraud. I suggested we work on that in the afternoon session.

Almost 2 months after the first shift in Moving the Left Arm supported &
almost 1 month after the second shift to Moving the Left Arm without support, I decided to try another shift. Walter agreed & we formulated the Statement.

Walter rubbing Sore Spot X 3.

Even though I dont need a smoother movement of my Left Arm, I deeply & profoundly accept myself.

Tested Left Arm - still jerky movement.

Reminder Phrase - Dont need a smoother movement of my Left Arm

I Tapped 1 full Round on Walter, who was lying in bed supported by backrest.

Deep Breath in & out..

A smooth, natural, pain free movement of Left Arm, stopped just below Throat, without Head moving forward to meet it. Very useful.

I Tested this movement over the next 2 days & shall go on Testing & Encouraging & where possible, Refining.

To put this in context - I have been working holistically with Walter & his condition. Here, I am just pinpointing the Left Arm for this article.

Best wishes,


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