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EFT for the child who hates math - was math really the problem? "Mom, you're my hero!"

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to peruse our Free Gold Standard (Official) EFT Tutorial™ for a more complete understanding.

Hi Everyone,

Does your child hate math or any other subject? Chances are there's a reason behind it that has little or nothing to do with the subject itself. Study Michelle McKinney's article for a solid approach to this hidden opportunity. She says, "I am grateful for the gift EFT has brought to myself and my children.  Think of all the childhood scars that can be healed in the moment!  What an opportunity we have." 

Hugs, Gary

By Michelle McKinney

Dear Gary,

Here is a reference to an EFT session I had with my 9 yr old daughter who came home one day and announced she hated math!

My daughter sat down at the kitchen table to do her homework.  She was fine with practicing her spelling and reading until she came across a math worksheet.  She pulled out a worksheet that was designed to help the children learn how to add three columns of numbers and do carry-overs. This was not a totally new concept to learn as she had added two columns together before.

She immediately became very distressed and upset when she showed me the sheet.  It was obvious to me that something happened for her to react in that manner!  I asked her why she was upset and she said “ I’m not good at math and I hate it!”  I wasn’t buying in to this, I knew in my gut that something else was going on.  She explained to me that the teacher asked all the children to “stand up” beside their desks when they had completed their worksheets. My daughter said “ All the kids were standing up and I wasn’t even close to being finished!  I can’t do math and I hate it!” 

I knew what I had to do for her.  I immediately took her hand in mine and started tapping on the karate chop point.  This isn’t new to her as we often do EFT together.  So, I proceeded, tapping each setup three times.

Even though I was the only kid in class today that didn’t stand up because I wasn’t fast enough to finish the math sheet, I’m a great kid anyway.

Even though I felt really stupid (her word) because all the other kids were standing up and they could see that I wasn’t done yet, I’m a great kid anyway.

Even though this made me feel sad (her words), I’m a great kid anyway.

We then did a full round of tapping inter-changing the phrases … I was the only kid not standing up … I wasn’t fast enough and I felt stupid … I felt really sad.

Taking in a deep breath, I then asked her if there was anything else while still tapping the karate chop.  Right away she blurted “ I was worried.”  I asked about what?  “ I was worried that the teacher would get mad at me because I didn’t know how to do the math like the other kids did.”  

I felt that this was the core issue for her.  The problem for her was being rejected in some way by her teacher.  I think her level of intensity went up here for sure as she began to cry.  So, I started tapping with her, again saying the setup phrase 3 times.

Even though I was worried that (teacher’s Name) would be angry with me because I didn’t know how to add the three columns, I’m a great kid anyway.

One full round of the reminder phrase:  Worried ( Teachers Name ) would be angry with me

We then did a full round changing the reminder phrase:

I was the only one that didn’t stand up

I felt stupid

What would ( Teacher’s Name ) think?

I was so embarrassed

I felt worried ( Teacher’s Name ) would be angry

I was sad that I couldn’t add three columns

It was scary (her words)

What would the other kids think?

I don’t want  (Teacher’s Name) to be angry with me

I just wanted to do my best.

She calmed down quite a bit so I felt this was a good place to interchange the negative with some positives. While tapping on the Karate chop:

Even though I was worried (Teacher’s Name) would be angry I really only wanted to do my best and I’m an awesome kid anyway.

Even though I had a hard time adding three columns of math, I will remember that learning something new takes practice, and I can practice any time I want.

Even though it seemed hard to add three columns together I can always ask for help because asking for help shows how smart I really am.

Two rounds of Positives Statements

I want to do my best in math

Learning something new takes practice

I can always ask for help

With a little practice I can do anything

Mom says I can do it

I am smart

I can do it

I’m a good student

I like doing math

I like doing math and I’m awesome!

I then showed her step by step how to add the columns and carry over.  She was in a much better state of mind to learn.  We had some extra practice sheets at home so I gave her one and asked her to finish it.  She did in record time.  When she was finished I said “Now you can stand up” and gave her a “High Five”.  She was just beaming!  Afterwards she hugged me and said “ Mom you’re my Hero.”    WOW!  How good did that feel!

I am grateful for the gift EFT has brought to myself and my children.  Think of all the childhood scars that can be healed in the moment!  What an opportunity we have.  By the way I haven’t heard any negative statements about math or any other subject at all since this session! 

I can’t thank you enough Gary for sharing this incredible healing technique.  The world really needs EFT!

Michelle McKinney


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